10 Best Deepfake Apps & Software

In simplest possible terms, DeepFake is the manipulation of visual content. It combines the latest technological advancements – deep learning and AI, i.e., Artificial Intelligence.

Deep learning is a type of machine learning (ML) based on algorithms based on the behavior of the human brain. Today, Deepfake users have sought applications in modifying pictures and videos. The most common application includes the creation of memes, gifs, and viral content for social media.

These visuals can also be fabricated to replace the actual people with someone else’s appearances. At times, the modification is so fine that it becomes tough to point out whether it is deep faked or not.

However, it can also be used to create fake actions, meaning person A did some activity, but with Deepfake, a different person B can be added to the visual. As a result, it appears that person B carried out a task in a video or a picture. Learn more about the best deepfake app.

How does DeepFake work?

Although, you now understand what Deepfake is and what technology drives it. Yet, it is not easy as it sounds. It uses deep learning technology, an application of ML along with AI.

In simplest terms, every image or frame of a video is modified using the process of encoding and decoding the pattern of the selected visual. Since it involves automation, there is the involvement of autoencoders as well.

For Deepfake face swap to work, it requires the visual pattern to be converted to lower latent spaces. Encoders create these common latent spaces for original content. Later, when changes are made, de-encoders reconstruct these common latent spaces to change Deepfake videos and images.

Here, the encoder uses the source of an image and reduces it to a lower-dimensional latent space. So, the decoder has the ability where it reconstructs an image that has a lower latent space.

Given the complexity of the task and it takes a huge amount of time to create these reface visuals. One of the crucial requirements for face swapping is the many images of the source. This ensures every possible angle and aspect is covered to put in place with minimal flaws.

How to Spot a Deepfake Photo or Video

Although it is tough yet, it is possible to sport Deepfake video or photo.

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Further, if the Deepfake is being done in poor quality, it becomes easy to spot it first. But, skilled face swap apps require a closer look, even with computer vision. Moreover, you can check for the following details to spot a Deepfake art:

  • Abnormal skin colors
  • Blurry or misaligned visuals
  • Unnatural movements of the body
  • Bad face swap synchronization
  • Poor lip-syncing
  • Discoloration in the image
  • Misplaced shadows or pieces
  • Digital background noise

Risks of Using Deepfake Apps

So far, the movies have brought forward a positive application of deep fake technology. It has led to a refreshing cinematic experience for the audience. But, certain groups and individuals are using this technology for negative aspects such as financial fraud.

Deepfake technology is experiencing a wide application in spreading fake news. It is also being used to create false narratives about celebrities and even the general audience.

Indulging in such offenses is being treated as cybercrime in several countries.  Moreover, participants are facing severe legal punishments.

10 Best Deepfake Apps

Here are the ten best Deepfake apps that you can try and explore.

1. Deepfakes web β

It is online software that helps in the faceswap requirement of deepfake. It depends on the machine learning algorithm to achieve this.

Once you sign up on the website, you need to be patient with it. The cloud-based high-end GPU takes approximately 4-5 hours to process your images or videos. And then another 30 minutes to apply the faceswap with a watermark in the background.

Since it is online software, it does not offer an iOS or Android OS app. But, you’ll have to incur a charge of $3 per hour spent by the software working for you.

best deepfake app

2. Celebrity face morph

This is another powerful deepfake for face swapping. It utilizes the power of AI along with morphing technology.

You do not need to have any prior photo editing experience to use this app. You only have to upload your photo that you wish to have your face swapped, and the app will take care of the rest.

Its features are automatic face detection, face morphing, face averaging, face warp, and even face mixing. You can select among any celebrities, athletes and also politicians.

Yet, the best part is that all this free of charge. You only have to download the app from the Google play store. However, there is no iOS version of the app launched by the developers.

Celebrity face morph face swapping app with latest morphing technology.

3. DeepFaceLab

Another emerging and successful deepfake app is DeepFaceLab. The app uses novel neural network models to apply face replacement. It creates highly convincing deepfake videos and is heavily used by popular YouTube channels.

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This app has one of the simplest user interfaces with enough demo videos to use the tool. It also has step-by-step guides on to use its custom model weight feature. 

Facebook’s research division has developed it, and the online tool has been free of charge since 2016. You can also download the Android app from the play store.

DeepFaceLab is an open source app for creating deepfake videos and images in the least possible time.

4. Wombo

Wombo is a specialized deepfake video app that revolves around lip sync. As a user, you can upload a photo, generally a selfie. Then use a video song, and the app will sync your uploaded photo to the video.

As a result, you’ll have your singing face in sync with the lyrics and music of the chosen song. You don’t have to use any extra editing features. The app does everything for you.  Although, the resultant video is like an animated video. You can also share this video with your friends.

To use this deep fake video app, you can download it from the Apple store for iOS users and the Google play store for Android users for free.

Wombo deepfake lip sync app for Android as well as iOS users.

5. MyHeritage

This deepfake app has earned a reputation for working well with old photos. It uses the first AI-driven, Deep Nostalgia, to animate old pictures.

By animation, it means that once you upload an old photo, it’ll create a version that has moving lips and eyes. Eventually, it adds expressions that were not originally there.

The best application of the app is to create colorful versions of black and white photos. Additionally, you can recover faded colors and blurry images and remove watermarks using this app.

The mobile app is available for everyone in the Apple and Google Play stores.

MyHeritage deepfake software is helpful in reanimating old photos and creating family tree.

6. Jiggy

If you are interested in full bodyswap or reface a set of GIFs, then Jiggy is for you. It is a suitable app for creating realistic but fake digital stickers and videos. It is also suitable for creating entertaining content.

You can choose from over 100 face morphs and dance moves and swap your face or entire body to re-create the moves as you. It is a complete package for photo animation. The apps are available for iOS and Android both.

Jiggy full body swap deep fake app to create videos and GIFs.

7. FaceApp

FaceApp is a free AI-powered face editor. It is known for using advanced neural face editing tech. For every photo uploaded on the app, you can add hairstyles and makeup, improve or add smiles, and remove or replace the background.

You can also try the old or young filters to generate the older and younger versions based on the uploaded photo. One of the impressive features is the convincing gender swap. The free edition adds watermarks to updated or deepfaked photos as well.

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You can try the free versions using the mobile app for Google and the Apple store.

faceapp is a free app to deepfake selfies and photos in high quality.
faceapp is a free app to deepfake selfies and photos in high quality.

8. Reface app

This is a deep fake video creation app primarily implementing the face-swapping feature. It is available for both iOS and Android software.

The developers have valued that privacy norm heavily while developing the app. Hence, this is another app known for creating comical content for entertainment.

The best part is everything that it offers is free. You can upload an image to create high-quality yet realistic GIFs and videos. Of course, you can use the face swap based on Reface AI, typically known for the great implementation of face swap using ML and AI.

Reface deepfake app for face swapping and creating videos, GIFs and memes.

9. Instagram DeepFake Bot

As the name suggests, It is a product from the social media platform Instagram.  The bot uses image imagination based on the first-order model.

Instagram users can also use the bot to create deepfake filters. It offers a super-fast face detector that helps create quality deepfake photos and videos. Although it is more favorable to regular users of Instagram, it is available for everyone.

It has a simple user interface that is free of cost.

Instagram deepfake bot using 1st order animation and ultra-fast face detector to deepfake images and videos.

10. SpeakPic

If you wish to add voice notes to your modified or deepfaked video, then SpeakPic is all you need. This app allows you to add human speech to your morphed images and videos.

As a result, you’ll be able to see heavy lip movements in the final results. However, there are several features for you to audio of your style.

You can pick different accents, voices of celebrities, and multiple languages and try with different genders. Or you can add a giggle at the least. The app offers a large variety of audio deepfake.

Speakpic an audio deepfake app that allows you to add audio to videos, apps in different formats.


Is Deepfake Artificial Intelligence?

Deepfake is a type of machine learning that uses the complex algorithms of Artificial Intelligence. It is being used to create convincing but fake content. Deepfake technology can also be used on old photos and digital content in today’s world.

Is Deepfake Software Free?

Yes, several Deepfake software and apps are free to use but offer limited features.

Is Deepfake Easy?

Even with the right software, creating a high-quality Deepfake is not easy. It requires a Graphics processing unit (GPU) to create an impressive one. Moreover, this high-end GPU costs a few thousand dollars.

Are Deepfake Apps Illegal?

While there are no hardbound laws for Deepfake, so it is not illegal. If anyone creates or promotes explicit content or targets a particular person, such cases are treated under cybercrime violations.