Top 10 Best Business Phone Service Providers (VoIP)

What is a Business Phone Service Provider? 

A Business Phone System is a framework in which organizations use several phone systems in an integrated manner that facilitates characteristics such as call handling and transfer, conference calling, call metering, private and shared voice message boxes, etc.

Usually, these services are provided by business phone service providers, which primarily deal with telecommunication and other business phone services.

There are also small business phone services specifically for small business operations. We also have some open-source call center services that are easy to use. For people, without a physical office, can make use of virtual business phone services. Another option is the cloud call center software that can be useful for someone who wants to use it with their cloud services.

Features of a Business Phone Service Provider? 

Multiple business phone service providers offer various services, but some standard features must be in any of the best business phone services. Some of those features are:

  • VoIP Business Phone:  VoIP Business Phone systems are typically less costly than conventional business phone systems. By removing out-of-date finite physical infrastructure, an IP Based Business Phone System saves money. Maximize incredible cost savings and cut out the waste. SIP trunking with an IP-based phone system is preferred.
  • Conference Phones: Conference bridge is a highly advanced service where a small business may arrange a virtual community conference. With the conference bridge’s assistance, you can host a video conference or a voice call conference.
  • Auto Attendants: For small business telephone networks, an auto-attendant has all sorts of advantages; a professional greeting, call routing to mobile devices, and voicemail to email. Auto attendants for small business telephone systems would save money, allow sophisticated call routing, and provide 24/7 customer support.
  • Call Accounting / Call Recording: Companies can reach the elusive degree of comprehension by analyzing the minute specifics and complexities of client conversations. Call recording and accounting functionality will increase the overall customer experience and inspire your workers to be better at their work.
  • Remote Workers/Multi-Site Linking: A new international, empowered economy is now free from conventional infrastructure constraints rather than empowered by the cloud’s versatility. Employees have access to all of the facilities and features that your business needs, regardless of venue, to remain efficient.
  • Custom Hold Music or Messages: Project a professional image through a personalized welcome or custom on-hold music. It’s been proven that callers can hang up just before they hit 40 seconds without audible signals. For nearly all VoIP-based telephone systems for small businesses, this feature is available.

Types of Business Phone Service Software Provider

There are two types of best business phone services.

  • Voice over Internet Protocol: By far the most advanced method, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), helps a prospective buyer and a receptionist connect even though they are in different nations. It requires the use of both the internet and a computer to function. However, since the expense is dictated by the number of workers who need to use the device, it is often the most expensive. The significant edge of this methodology is that it allows users to control all functions via a computer.
  • Private branch exchange: The private branch exchange system (known as PBX)  is more advanced than the KSU and KSU-less structures, and it has more characteristics as a result. It makes use of programmable switching devices to route incoming calls automatically.  Because it’s a much more automated system, this type of business phone system is best for companies with more than 40 employees. Another significant benefit of the PBX system is that it includes an uninterruptible power supply, which allows a business phone to continue operating even when there is no power.
  • Key system units: The key business phone system, which employs the key system unit(KSU), is the most basic. Due to the restriction of the number of business phone lines incorporated into it, this type of phone service for small businesses is best, with approximately 20-40 employees working as phone operators.

It’s a simple system comparable to another phone system in terms of ease of use. It has all of the essential features that a business requires, but it lacks portability and adaptability. It employs a central switching device, known as the critical system unit, to select the phone line manually.

Applications of Business Phone Service Provider

Due to low cost and portability, business phone systems have numerous applications in various sectors. Most of the sectors are those that deal with a large number of clients. 

  • Healthcare: With modern and reliable cloud communications, you can boost patient and member experiences while lowering costs.
  • Contact tracing: Safe contact tracing, based on the most trusted cloud communications framework, will stop transmission in its tracks.
  • Retail: Connect with customers online, in-store, and in between using a single communications channel.
  • Education: Put together students, faculty, and campus groups in one safe space. With one-click on any browser, you can welcome students to your virtual classroom.
  • Financial services: Link with clients in a safe manner and through divisions.
  • High tech: With modern business communications and customer engagement, you can put your teams together.
  • Government: It’s easier to get things accomplished when you’ve all of your communication resources in one place.
  • Nonprofits: With team messaging, video meetings, and a business phone, you can engage donors and inspire volunteers.

How to select the right Business Phone Service Software

While choosing a business phone system, few things are kept in mind before making a final call. There are several aspects of any business phone system that need to be thoroughly studied. Some of the critical points are:

  • Phone System Features: Other advantages of using a VoIP phone system include the ability to integrate the business phones with technology platforms such as:
    • CRM applications
    • Email facility
    • Enterprise Resource Planning.
    • Conferencing over the phone or video conferencing
    • Employee education
    • Faxing over the internet
    • Collaboration apps
  • Cost of Business Phone System: Every expenditure you make on your business phone will ultimately impact your company’s other expenses. Consequently, it is essential to ensure that your business expenses do not adversely affect your cash flow. Most of the business phone providers charge monthly, annually, and on a per-hour basis.
  • Business Phone Needs: A reliable phone service provider should be available to provide your business with the necessary support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and recruiting one would help your company to prosper. Always select the phone system as per the need of the business to prevent extravagance.
  • Business Phone System Security: Fraud, malware, and malicious software by organizations providing VoIP services with hidden agendas should not disturb you because they are part of the problems that both small and large businesses face today. It is essential to invest in business phone services with a high-security framework.
  • Scalability: A modern cloud phone system’s scalability refers to the ability to easily add users and pages, as well as the ability to delete user accounts that are no longer in use.
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Top 10 Best Business Phone Service Software/phone system

Choosing a small business phone service provider is a very passive task and requires a tremendous energy amount. Simplifying this tiring task, we have sorted some best small business phone systems with their small business owners’ features.

1. Ooma Office

Ooma is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider

The Ooma Office is built especially for small businesses. It can be operated in seconds by anyone. No, IT expertise is required. Ooma Office stands out from the competition because it provides both a completely cloud-hosted alternative and a hybrid system that uses on-premises equipment and allows companies to use any phone they want. We suggest Ooma Office as the best small business phone system for all given reasons. The software is easy to run and set-up.

Key Features:

  • Mobile and Desktop apps: Ooma Office Pro develops a simple desktop app to use your small business phone system from your computer and mobile devices. Be part of ring groups, extension dial, and more. Do almost all you can from a desktop phone.
  • Video Conferencing: Experience a virtual meeting room that is more intuitive and well-designed. Ooma Meetings enhances collaboration with features like Simultaneous Screen Share and a convenient dashboard. 
  • Backup internet service: Clever routing Intelligent dynamic call flows direct callers to the appropriate agent without asking them to go through a series of complicated or redundant queries.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Customize your multi-level IVR quickly to ensure the correct agent, team, or department is guided to each caller.
  • Call Blocking: It instantly scans all incoming calls to more than 2 million identified and confirmed robocall numbers against a complex database. If a match is there, the call is automatically blocked and won’t ring your phone.
  • Virtual Receptionist: For small business phone systems, Virtual Receptionist provides many advantages that include crucial details in a simple, descriptive, and friendly manner. Callers can easily dial the extension they need, have more professional and polished customer service.
  • Multi-Device Ring: One of the most common Ooma accessibility features is the Multi-Device Ring. When an Ooma Office consumer is named, a Multi-Device Ring enables several devices to ring simultaneously.
  • It has technical features like:
    • Mobile App
    • Call Park
    • On-Hold Music
    • Caller ID
    • Call Forwarding
    • One FREE toll-free number
    • Easy installation
    • SMS/MMS Messaging

Pricing Policy:

  • For small business phone systems, Ooma Office provides two plans.
    • Ooma Office: $19.95/month/user
    • Ooma Office Pro: $24.95/ month/user
  • Both the plans have a variety of programs and up to 35 features.
  • For more information and aspects of plans and services, visit Ooma.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider

RingCentral Office is a powerful, cloud-hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (business VoIP phone service) unified communication system that provides small businesses with all they need in a phone system, including unlimited calling, video conferencing, and messaging all in one location. RingCentral also offers Centralized Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), which means it can provide even small businesses with enterprise experience. 

Key Features:

  • Cloud PBX: For your small business, the RingCentral cloud phone solution redefines your business phone system with various business functions, including integration with your essential applications. Cloud private branch exchange(PBX) systems are less expensive than conventional PBX.
  • Secure VoIP service: RingCentral offers a safe, dependable voice over internet protocol(VoIP) business phone service that allows your employees to make and receive calls to any place having an internet connection.
  • Visuals Voicemail: You can monitor your voicemails in your online account, on your PC or Mac, and even on your mobile device with the RingCentral app.
  • Business SMS:  Send messages to friends, customers, and divisions from your business phone number.
  • Conferencing audio and video: Enjoy unlimited video and audio conference calls worldwide with up to 500 people in a meeting. With one-click screen sharing from your laptop, tablet, apps, websites, files, and more, you can maximize your team’s productivity.
  • RingCentral small business phone service also has features like:
    • Multi-level IVR
    • Music on hold
    • Dial-by-name directory
    • Number porting
    • Multi-site management
    • Automatic call recording
    • RingCentral Cloud-Connect
    • Caller ID
    • Team collaboration

Pricing Policy:

  • Price plans vary according to organization size; for small business phone services, RingCentral offers four programs.
    • Essentials: $29.99/user per month, Up to 20 users only
    • Standard: $34.99/user per month
    • Premium: $44.99/user per month
    • Ultimate: $59.99/user per month
  • All the above prices are for monthly billing; extra discounts are available for annual billing.
  • For more details, visit RingCentral.

3. 8×8 Communications

8x8 Communications is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider

Calls, conferencing, collaboration, and a call center are available via the 8×8 cloud-based All-in-One Communication platform, which has various service levels. 8×8 has all of the functionality that small businesses need in a phone system. It’s a dependable, cloud-based unified communications system that’s quick to use and filled with proper calling, collaboration, and mobile resources. Since it is easy to use and offers outstanding customer service, 8×8 is the best small business phone system.

Key Features:

  • Call Handling features: To handle incoming and outgoing phone calls effectively, equip the teams with all the resources they need.
    • Do Not Interrupt, Caller ID, and Blocking
    • Forwarding Call & Transfer
    • Waiting Call & Parking
    • Calling in Three Directions
  • Call Management Features: Efficiently distribute incoming calls, encourage consumer conversations and improve efficiency for employees.
    • Group Ring 
    • Calls Monitoring
    • Call Queues
  • Core Productivity: Link with your team and clients on any device, from anywhere, at any time.
    • On Hold Music
    • local number Port
    • Overhead Paging
  • Easy Administration: Single administrative interface for user system, management configuration, and provisioning, 
    • Multi-Site Support
    • User Provisioning
    • Cost Center
    • Role-Based Access Controls
  • Auto Dialer: 8×8 Auto Dialer is an automatic dialing solution that boosts link rates, increases the number of completed calls, and speeds up the project list’s handling.
  • Virtual Agent: Virtual Agent is a conversational virtual assistant that assists contact centers by providing personalized self-service to customers.

Pricing Policy:

  • 8×8 small business phone system provides three plans as given below: 
    • 8×8 Express: $12 per user/month
    • X2: $24 per user/month
    • X4: $44 per user/month 
  • All the prices are for monthly plans; an extra discount is applicable on annual billing.
  • For more information and aspects of each plan, contact 8×8.

4. Nextiva

Nextiva is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider

Nextiva is a cloud-based business phone service that can be deployed from one central platform through several offices and stores and therefore is managed. It is quick to use and highly secure and allows employees to receive business calls on multiple devices. Small business owners don’t need an IT team to deploy or manage this device because it’s hosted in the cloud. VoIP providers like Nextiva make calls on VOIP systems, making it the best VoIP business phone system. 

Key Features:

  • Toll-Free Numbers: Offer consumers the opportunity to speak to an actual human being by giving them a toll-free number to answer their inquiries faster.
  • VoIP HD Phone Service: Nextiva provides a business-friendly high-definition VoIP phone system and a wide variety of connectivity features to provide consumers with several ways to connect with their company.
  • PBX Hosted Phone Device: To provide your company with everything you need for a VoIP phone system, the Nextiva Hosted private branch exchange(PBX) system utilizes the cloud.
  • Advanced Calls Monitoring: It gives your company the ability to route, block, and keep calls and provides each phone call a high functionality and efficiency.
  • SIP Trunking: SIP enables multimedia sessions to be created, updated, and terminated by your company. It handles the audio, video, and messaging apps you’ll need to connect with the customers.
  • Conference Bridge: A conference bridge helps you to enter a phone call with a group of people. Employees may use this function to listen to instructions and share their opinions.
  • Nextiva’s small business phone service also has features like:
    • Nextiva App
    • Free Toll-Free Number
    • Auto Attendant
    • Voicemail to Email
    • Call Park
    • Call Transfer
    • Nextiva Softphone
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Pricing Policy:

  • Nextiva business phone service offers four plans. For 5-19 users, plans are:
    • Essential: $25.95 per line per month
    • Professional: $30.95 per line per month
    • Enterprise: $40.95 per month
    • Ultimate: $65.95 per month
  • All the prices are for monthly;y billing; save up to 30% with annual billing.
  • Visit Nextiva to know more about plans, features, and other aspects.

5. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider

With Grasshopper, the revolutionary phone system for small businesses and entrepreneurs, you’ll sound more professional and stay connected. Grasshopper works similarly to a traditional phone system but requires no hardware. Its desktop and mobile apps allow you to communicate from wherever you do business, whether it’s on your phone, at work, or home. 

Key Features:

  • Wi-Fi/VoIP Calling: When mobile coverage is low, use your internet connection to make and receive business phone calls.
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps: On your laptop, iPhone, or Android smartphone, use Grasshopper to stay connected.
  • Calls Forwarding: Company calls should be routed to your business phone or another member of your team.
  • Incoming Calls Control: Callers are screened, calls are blocked, and custom schedules for your business hours are set up.
  • Ruby Receptionist: Live receptionists in the United States can assist you with your Grasshopper calls to manage efficiently.
  • Voice Studio: Grasshopper delivers trained voice talent to make our customers feel more professional and worry less about how they sound. Clients can register greetings in English, French, or Spanish.
  • Virtual voicemail: Digital voicemail is a cloud-based voicemail service that allows you to access your messages through an essential mobile app or online. You can remain updated and attentive even when you’re away from the office because your automated voicemail box isn’t linked to a conventional phone system.

Pricing Policy:

  • Grasshopper business phone system has three programs.
    • Solo Plan: $26 per month (package includes three extensions with and single phone number)
    • Partner Plan: $44 per month (package includes six extensions and triple phone number)
    • Small Business systems Plan: $80 per month ( package includes unlimited extensions with five phone numbers).
  • All the given prices are for annual billing prices and may vary for other billing services. To know about different billing plans and aspects, visit Grasshopper.

6. is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider is one of the best business phone services for small enterprises that provide some of the most basic and straightforward business VoIP phone plans available. It requires just a couple of minutes; you can sign up and get started.

Anyone, regardless of technical ability level, can easily create and operate their entire business phone system from the interactive interface. With, it becomes easy to save money with one of its budget plans if your calls are relatively short and infrequent. It is the best business phone service for small businesses and entrepreneurs with a tight budget.

Key Features:

  • Live Receptionist: Your company will have its live answering service with Live Receptionist and, giving it more versatility, convenience, and reliability, regardless of its scale. Lice receptionist features:
    • Appointment Scheduling
    • White-Glove Service
    • Live Call Answering
    • Block Spam Calls
  • IP-Enabled Desk Phones: Business VoIP providers like enable companies to make calls over IP-enabled desk phones. They offer multiple phone systems like Desk Phones, Cordless Phones, Accessories, Conference Phones, Faxing.
  • Business Phone Numbers: Business owners may select a premium, easy-to-remember local number or a toll-free number to give their company more credibility.
  • Video Meetings: brings the advantage of first-rate audio, video, and online conferencing that enables them to connect from any device from anywhere. Features include Instant meetings, Enhanced Productivity, Brand Promotion,  Privacy Protection.
  • Mobile Apps: The mobile apps incorporate all cloud networking functionality with the added advantage of making calls on your mobile devices.
  • Other business phone service features:
    • Account Management
    • Audio Conferencing, Call Forwarding, Call Screening
    • Call Transfer, Caller ID, CRM Integration
    • HD Voice, Hold Music
    • HIPAA Compliance, 
    • Unlimited Calling, Video Conferencing

Pricing Policy:

  • business phone system offers three plans with multiple features, which are:
    • Basic Users: $12.99 per user
    • Plus Users: $19.99 per user(includes features of the basic plan)
    • Pro Users: $29.99 per user(includes features of the Plus plan)
  • All the given packages are billed monthly. Extra discounts of up to 20% can be applied on annual subscriptions.
  • For more information on pricing and other aspects and policies, visit

7. GoTo-Connect

GoTo Connect is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider

GoToConnect is an all-in-one business phone system that is flexible and cost-effective. GoToConnect uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to send and receive calls. VoIP is a system that enables voice calls to be routed over the internet rather than via conventional landline wiring. Users can log in to the apps using any compatible computer since the service is cloud-based. The software is also trustworthy. For improving efficiency, calls and video conferences are prioritized over other internet traffic forms and routed to the nearest data center.

Key Features:

  • Video Collaboration: Each license comes with HD video conferencing. Plus, with one easy application, you can merge your list of communication resources.
  • Setup and configuration are simple: It’s as simple as ordering lunch to get your machine up and running. In a visual editor, easily configure all of your call routings.
  • Voice features:
    • Cloud PBX: Incoming calls are redirected, calls are passed to other extensions, and all of your phone system’s requirements are stored here.
    • Custom music on hold: Allow your clients to enjoy music while they are waiting to connect.
    • International calling: Goto Connect allows calls globally using the cloud-hosted VOIP Service.
    • Call Forwarding: Forward calls to other agents without disconnecting the customer line.
  • Call Management:
    • Call routing: In case of unavailability of any service, agents route your call to other agents.
    • Caller ID: Caller id allows agents to get to know about clients and reject any fraud call.
    • Do Not Disturb: While the do not disturb command is online, the application can receive no calls.  
  • Another GoTo connects business phone systems include:
    • Advanced ring strategies
    • Unified communications
    • Pre-call announcement
    • Unlimited call queues
    • Wait time announcement
    • 250 meeting participants
    • Personal meeting rooms

Pricing Policy:

  • GoTo Connect business phone systems provide five tiers of plans according to user number.
    • Tier 1: $29.95 for 1-4 users
    • Tier 2: $25.95 for 5-9 users
    • Tier 3: $23.95 for 10-24 users
    • Tier 4: $21.95 for 25-49 users
    • Tier 5: $19.95 for 50+
    • For 100+ users, contact the team.
  • For more information and to know technical aspects visit GoTo Connect.

8. 1-VOIP

1-VOIP is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider

1-VoIP Residential is an excellent Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solution. It does a decent job of addressing the basics and is reasonably priced. Customers with more challenging needs can choose this business phone service. Though it shortfalls many of the features found in competing solutions, it is still the best business phone service at an affordable price. Apart from the software for small businesses, it also offers calling services for SIP trunk dialing and residential phone systems.

Key Features:

  • Extension-To-Extension Calling: Each of the workers will be given a four-digit extension. Quickly contact other workers by dialing their 4-digit extension from your business phone.
  • Intercom: Intercom directly to an extension and begin communicating with them right away. It means inter-callers don’t answer the phone. Instead, it picks up the call immediately, so you start speaking.
  • Extension Monitoring: The extra phone lines are provided. These three or four-line phones have a purpose. The software may use one of those additional lines to track a particular extension.
  • Auto Attendants: 1-VOiIP will guide your callers based on the details they need. By offering them some choices ahead of time, an auto-attendant will ensure that they are linked to the correct department.
  • Cell Phone Redirect: With this feature, move the call using the same VoIP phone systems to another four-digit extension if you receive the call on your mobile phone. 
  • On Hold Music: Instead of long pauses, all calls put on hold will play music. You can even set your music, song, or message.
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Pricing Policy:

  • 1-VOIP business phone Services for small businesses provide three kinds of phone system plans.
    • Metered: $14.97/month ​per extension or pay per minute @2cents/ minute
    • Corporate::$19.97/month per extension pay per minute @2cents/ minute
    • Professional: $29.97 /month per extension pay per minute @2cents/ minute
  • All the above plans include a phone device, business phone number, local or toll-free number.
  • For other information about the company and plans, visit 1-VOIP

9. FreshCaller

FreshCaller is one of the Best Business Phone Service Provider

When compared to other business phone systems on the market today, Freshcaller is a little different. FreshCaller created this VOIP phone service with customer support in mind. Freshcaller unified communication system does not need any special hardware or software to run. The customer service representatives can access the program from anywhere because it is a cloud-based PBX system.

Freshcaller is also equipped to work with remote call centers. Consequently, the agents don’t have to be in the same geographic place to work; they can use the mobile app from anywhere. Healthcare, travel and hospitality, tech, banking, and financial services are a few industries that use Freshcaller business phone systems.

Key Features: 

  • Local and toll-free Phone Numbers: Purchase local phone numbers in more than 90 countries and make it simple for callers to reach you. Provide callers with a variety of options so they can get your company at any time.
  • On Hold Music: Use this feature to highlight new items, products, or promotions by personalizing hold, queue, or wait time music.
  • Block Unwanted Calls: Automatically block spam calls and disconnect callers from unique regions who are attempting to contact your company.
  • Calls on SIP Phones: Receive incoming phone calls directly on your SIP devices even while providing access to the Freshcaller dashboard for transfers, notes, and other features.
  • Chrome Extension: Call numbers with a single click from any webpage using the Chrome Extension. With the Click-to-Call feature, you can eliminate dialing errors and increase productivity.
  • Call Transferring: Give sufficient background about the customer problem to the new agent when changing a call to ensure a smooth calling experience.
  • Call Notes: Take extensive notes on each call. This application will add this detail to your call history via Freshcaller. Other agents will be able to see what’s going on in the background.
  • Stay Notified: When you receive an incoming call, FreshCaller will automatically notify you via desktop alerts ifFreshCaller will automatically inform you you are working on another software.
  • Virtual Hold: Instead of having your customers wait for an agent or representative to return their calls, give them the option of requesting a callback.

Pricing Policy:

  • FreshCaller business phone services are the best phone service that offers five types of intuitive plans.
    • Sprout: $0 Unlimited agents + pay per minute
    • Blossom: $15/agent/month + pay per minute. Perfect for small teams.
    • Garden: $29/agent/month + pay per minute. Perfect for growing teams.
    • Estate: $45/agent/month + pay per minute. Best value for large teams.
    • Forest: $69/agent/month + pay per min. Made for Enterprises.
  • All the other plans are billed annually. Monthly plans may cost a little more.
  • To know more about other features and plans for new caller business phone services, visit FreshCaller

10. Line2

Line2 is one of the best business phone services providers

Line2 is suitable for entrepreneurs and business owners. The machine provides you with a secondary phone line, as the name suggests. This feature in business phone services helps users quickly differentiate between business and personal calls without buying a separate unit. Line2 enables you to send and receive messages from your second phone number in addition to inbound and outbound calling.

Key Features:

  • Inbound Call Control: With a range of options for handling inbound business calls, you can take control of your incoming calls and never miss a business phone call.
  • Phone Call Recording: Calls are automatically registered both inbound and outbound. You can listen to recordings and archive them at any time.
  • VOIP Service Calling: Switch between your wireless network, WiFi, and cellular data with ease. When there is no cellular coverage, use WiFi to make outbound calls.
  •  Merged Calling: To get several people on a line, combine two calls. Connect up to 99 callers by combining needs.
  • Improved Voicemail: Line2 can access voicemail from your phone, tablet, or computer with ease. Get your voicemails forwarded to your account as well.
  • Local and Toll-free Numbers: Select a local area code so that your customers can contact you without incurring any charges by dialing a local number. With toll-free minutes, your clients can contact you at any time and allow you to reach a broader audience.
  • Other Line2 best business phone systems feature include:
    • Call Forwarding
    • Caller ID
    • Call Queuing
    • Voicemail Recordings
    • Hold Music
    • Call Whisper
    • VM Transcriptions
    • Toll-Free minutes
    • Call Blocking

Pricing Policy:

  • Line2, one of the best business phone services, provides three packages with additional features in every box.
    • Starter: Just the basics $14.99/month
      • Get a Local or Toll-free number.
      • Unlimited calls & texts
      • Basic Call Forwarding
    • Growth: $19.99/month “Expand your horizons” (Everything from Starter plan)
      • Call scheduler 
      • Auto-attendant
    • Business: $24.99/month “Go big or go home” (Everything from Growth pack)
      • Call recording
      • Advanced reporting
      • Voicemail transcriptions
  • All the above packages are billed monthly. Extra discounts are applicable for annual billing.
  • For more information and technical aspects, contact Line2.


All the business phone services are best for small and medium enterprises. All the benefits mentioned above are best in that price range. By using any of the above given best business phone systems, communication will become easy with minimal cost. Make sure to compare all the major features before investing in incorporating any of the best business phone services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cloud-hosted VoIP worth it for a small business call center?

Cloud VoIP systems remove much of the upfront hardware and software requirements, needing only a broadband link to get started. VoIP technology’s innovation and low cost make it an excellent option for small businesses, but corporations should also do their research before committing to incorporate any business phone systems.

What are PBX phone systems for small businesses?

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) for a business is a telephone switching system that handles inbound and outgoing calls for its intra-users. The public phone system is connected to a PBX, which automatically routes incoming calls to specific extensions. All these functions are used in business phone systems to allow agents to communicate within themselves and others. 

Do I need a PBX for VoIP?

To make cloud-based business VoIP work, you don’t need a PBX system in place. A VoIP phone and an internet connection are the only criteria for using VoIP. Without on-site PBX hardware, your VoIP provider will provide you with the most PBX functionality. Also, the PBX systems are costly due to hardware and technician expenses.

Is VoIP cheaper than a landline?

Depending on the device technology and configuration, VoIP systems will cost as little as $10-15 per connection. Since VoIP uses an established internet connection rather than having a new device or external hardware, it is less costly than a landline.

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