Top 7 Best Antivirus for Windows Servers

A decent technological environment is a vital normal of today’s enterprises. Since most jobs are performed online or via electronic devices, you wish to make sure that everything works flawlessly.

However, having the most straightforward computers or laptops isn’t enough; your business performance requires a healthy security system and more powerful machines to stop any potential damage which could negatively influence the business. Therefore, the antivirus plays a significant role in its protection.

In this article, you’re going to see the best antivirus for Windows servers.

What are the features of the most effective Windows Server Antivirus?

Even though you will think that you just are surrounded by the safest environment, you should never put yourself and your business in danger, whether or not your server doesn’t interact with the skin world.

The most common threats that may attack endpoints and affect the security of your server are:

  • Malware that deletes or corrupts data: If not protected, all the critical data found on your server is in danger of being attacked, deleted, or damaged by hackers.
  • Zero-day attacks: These attacks can find vulnerabilities in an ecosystem and strike the identical day.
  • Ransomware: These are among the foremost common cyberattacks, which encrypt the info and hold it, hostage until the user pays a ransom. Paying a ransom is mostly not recommended since you can’t care that the attacker will offer you back your data.

These cyber-attacks are part of a bigger group of viruses that may damage your system since the antimalware implementation is strongly recommended to avoid this. 

How to choose the most useful Windows Server Antivirus Software?

If your data is stored on a Windows server, it needs to be protected with strong antivirus. But choosing is very confusing. So, first, install the antivirus software free trial and see how it works. Otherwise, you should purchase it immediately. 

However, you must check out this seven-featured list below:

  • Direct malware detection: The antivirus should back you up with quick malware detection and protection from cyber threats, such as trojans, worms, and other viruses.
  • Sandboxing: This feature authenticates and secures all the processes running on the windows server and blocks out any malicious entities from inserting the system. It protects your computing system against any harm. Unrecognized applications or procedures go under an automated sandbox and run under restrictions. 
  • HIPS: Host Intrusion Protection System (Or HIPS) monitors all the activity on the windows server. It prevents harmful bots from damaging the operating system, personal information, registry keys, or system memory. 
  • Virtual Desktop: This is often a sandboxing environment that allows Internet access and beta-software testing without upsetting the file structure.
  • Rescue Disc: This feature provides the performing of pre-boot antivirus scans, password recovery, detection, and removal of the rootkit, and allows you to remodel the info from the damaged disc to a different drive.
  • Stable performance: Except for quick scans and malware detection, good antivirus shouldn’t affect your system performance.
  • Excellent defense: New viruses arise frequently, and also the task of antimalware is to produce protection from even the most recent malicious attacks, whether or not their name isn’t included within the antivirus record. That said, choose a program that has regular updates.

Top 7 Best Antivirus for Windows Servers 

Choosing the most effective Windows server antivirus is a sophisticated process for people who aren’t acquainted with server protection. There are plenty of various antivirus software products on the market, and every one of them is with more or less the same features. So much confusion, right? Don’t worry; we got your back!

However, you will see the list of the seven most powerful antivirus protection software and its features.

1. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus

Kaspersky must be mentioned when it involves antivirus software. Again, it’s to supply an exceptional cloud-based service that can protect your business server from all potential ransomware and zero-day attacks.

Kaspersky is the most like antivirus software and shows itself in the best light. It comes with essential cloud-based features that permit you to manage your data irrespective of where you’re at any time. The sole drawback would be small business “unfriendliness,” but the enterprises would be quite satisfied with the software.


  • Patch management: Patch management is one of the foremost vital parts of any antivirus, which means Kaspersky automatically downloads and installs necessary patches and updates the software, preventing hackers from exploiting malware.
  • Ransomware prevention: Kaspersky brackets malware and ransomware that could damage your pc or steal your private data.
  • Mobile protection: This Windows server antivirus offers mobile security besides, and by purchasing the package, you get two transferable licenses per user at no cost.
  • Advanced vulnerability scans: Kaspersky comes with a novel tool that will detect and eliminate the vulnerabilities in your system, ensuring you get the proper recommendations on the way to fix them.
  • Not for fewer than ten servers: If you run a little business with, as an example, eight employees, you will not be able to purchase it. You’ll go for a minimum of 10 servers coverage, and therefore the price would be $685 per annum.
  • Weak reporting: Users would love to determine improved reporting capabilities required for software that costs the maximum amount as Kaspersky.


$685.00 for ten devices per year. For the current price, details refer to this page.

2. Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security

Bitdefender could be a leader in providing top-notch security products both for business and residential systems. Alongside, it offers a series of server antivirus programs. Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security is known as one of the leading representative software that provides your server with the very best security level.

Bitdefender GravityZone Endpoint Security is mainly developed for enterprises to perform their businesses without concern about their servers’ safety. This software is supplied with original, sophisticated features, and its only drawback would be the lack of notifications addressed to the user.


  • Fast detection: Bitdefender GravityZone gives quick and significant malware detection and removal without slowing down your device.
  • Command-Line Analyzer: This feature prevents Macro and Script-Based attacks that are perceived as trusted MS Office Macro. As they mostly use PowerShell to run scripts and download malicious code, which results in the attack execution. So, in this case, Bitdefender alerts the admin and blocks the running scripts.
  • Sandbox Analyzer: If Bitdefender detects any suspicious files, it automatically sends them to the cloud sandbox for further analysis so they can’t perform any malicious activity.
  • Exceptional firewall performance: You’ll be able to easily specify whether the firewall is enabled, the type of traffic that’s allowed, and what sorts of devices are often plugged into the system.
  • Low alert options: Many purchasers would love to urge notifications via e-mails or text messages when Bitdefender detects and quarantines malware.
  • Slow scan: Most users said that they’d appreciate a touch quicker scan.


$129.49 per year + Free trial. For the current price, details refer to this page.

3. Comodo Server Antivirus

Comodo Server Antivirus

If you’re searching for the most effective Windows server antivirus, try Comodo – the affordability and exceptional solution for your office server protection. Comodo has a user-friendly platform, and it’s made explicitly for windows servers. So, it is directed to the safety of your primary endpoint.

Comodo Server Antivirus could be a small business-friendly protection software that supplies optimal security to your windows servers. This antivirus software reacts fast and identifies the malware before it provokes any damage within the system. The sole disadvantage would be using some features, but that’s not a big deal since the essential options are pre-installed.


  • OTA enrolment: OTA (Over-The-Air) enrollment allows you to attach and protect mobile devices wirelessly.
  • Host Intrusion Protection System: It has developed HIPS that identifies and prevents the potential damage caused by malicious files. It detects strange viruses and stops them before performing any undesirable activity.
  • Multiple Windows Server OS Support: This antivirus supports the Windows Server OS from 2003 to 2012, including the Small Business edition. It’s available for all business owners as they mostly use Windows Server OS to get their work done.
  • Valkyrie: Being Comodo’s official cloud-based platform, Valkyrie helps you discover and identify strange data. It finds static, dynamic, and human analysis with an immediate 100% verdict of a file. 
  • Tough UI: Not all are computer geniuses. Some end users find it difficult to understand some antivirus features, like Comodo KillSwitch and powerful Task Manager.
  • Slow Loading: Comodo is robust antivirus software, which is why it needs your time to load.


$39.99 per device per year. For the current price, details refer to this page.

4. AVG Digital Computer Business Edition

AVG Digital Computer Business Edition

A windows server antivirus solution that would keep your critical business data safe from the most recent cyber threats, including ransomware, malware, viruses, and phishing, definitely is AVG digital computer Business Edition. It provides excellent value for money, and you’ll be able to always try it before making a final purchase.

AVG Server Business Edition is a sound server antivirus software that comes with advanced protection features. because of its real-time performance, you’ll feel safe knowing that nothing suspicious can jeopardize your privacy. As compared to the ESET, this antivirus is value for money. 


  • Professional email scanning: Most hackers use email as the primary source to spread their malicious activities. That is why AVG provides excellent email defense. It has an Anti-Spam feature that scans and checks all of your emails for potentially malicious content and code, ensuring no threat is inserted into your device.
  • File server security: AVG secures your important business files that are kept online, ensuring their safety and around-the-clock protection. It’ll prevent any unauthorized attempts to modify or delete your files executed by malware.
  • Excellent network protection: AVG digital computer Protection will check every website as you’re surfing, paying particular attention to malicious content that may be found on the location. It comes with Wi-Fi Guard, which will prevent your device from connecting to false wireless access points set by hackers.
  • Financial information security: AVG’s exceptional efficiency keeps a user’s financial information safe from online threats aimed toward stealing it.
  • Lacks Mac support: Despite its untroubled performance on Windows, AVG doesn’t provide enough endpoint protection for Mac users. Some users use Apple’s machines, which is why they’ll consider AVG’s competitors to induce the correct solution.
  • Complex user interface: Most AVG users have a similar complaint, and that is they found the UI a touch complex to use.


$20.39 per device per year. For the current price, details refer to this page.

5. Avira Antivirus Server

Avira Antivirus Server

Avira is one of the leading used antivirus software, not just for home PCs but also for office devices. It’s suitable for each small business, and it provides the server with proper safety, but its price could be a bit high.

Avira constitutes an authoritative source of protection for Windows servers, and it is suitable for start-up businesses. However, it can cause some compatibility issues because of its limited system requirements, and therefore the price won’t be convenient for everybody.


  • Real-time protection: Avira offers real-time protection that makes sure there is no malware sneaking into your systems. The software is usually up-to-date, which is crucial for preventing new viruses from entering the system.
  • Network protection: This antivirus will prevent the foremost common cyber-attacks, hackers, and webcam spies from potential information stealing. Therein way, your company’s data will remain completely safe.
  • On-demand protection: To produce an extra layer of safety, Avira allows you to schedule manual scanning whenever you wish to.
  • Anti-Botnet: Botnet is considered one of the cruelest cyberattacks we all know, but Avira can help prevent them from being executed. It’ll block the communication between your device and the command center, keeping your endpoints safe from malicious intents.
  • Needs update of protection capabilities: Avira sometimes fails to acknowledge malware that might jeopardize your endpoint and permits it to enter the system.


$218 per device per year. For the current price, details refer to this page.

6. ESET Endpoint Protection Standard

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard may be a server antivirus software created specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). It comes with the most important traits, such as e-mail scanning, ransomware protection, remote management, etc. 

ESET Endpoint Protection Standard is a convenient solution for start-up and medium-sized businesses. It has the capabilities to deliver enterprise-level windows server protection but lacks enhanced phishing protection. The free trial helps you to find out whether this antivirus meets your business requirements.


  • Advanced management features: This ESET’s product comes with the Remote Administrator function, which allows users to handle their server, endpoint, and mobile security right from the online browser. It helps you detect all unprotected machines within the network, providing a safer environment.
  • Intrusion detection options: By bestowing ultimate network traffic monitoring, ESET can easily detect any suspicious activity and alerts you about it. 
  • Ultimate ransomware protection: Once activated, ESET’s LiveGrid will instantly inspect and detect any potential attempt of information larceny LiveGrid takes access from a worldwide database of suspicious app samples, ensuring no threat goes unnoticed.
  • Up-to-date reports: To create sure you’re notified about your system’s security, ESET brings the Reporting module, which delivers essential information about the categories of threats, modules used, and the actions taken to stop potential risks that might jeopardize your server security.
  • Inadequate phishing protection: Some tests have proved that ESET lacks more advanced phishing detection qualities. That means it would fail to safeguard your pc from fake login sites that can easily steal your files. 
  • Affects system performance: Many users complained about the ESET Endpoint Protection wouldn’t curtail their systems, which harmed their workflow.


$38 per user per year + 30 days Free trial. For the current price, details refer to this page.

7. Windows Defender AV (Built-In)

Windows Defender AV (Built-In)

If you’re searching for free server antivirus, then the Windows Defender AV is the most suitable choice. Windows defender doesn’t require any installation since it’s a built-in software, and if you can disable it just in case, you wish to prevent using its services.

Windows Defender is an excellent antivirus for Windows Server. It provides the user with strong protection against any virus or malware. It’s built-in, free, and doesn’t require any additional installation, which is beneficial for a median business owner. Yet, the limitation lies within the impossibility of getting rid of the software, but the nice thing is that you can pause it just if you don’t need it.


  • Stronger protection with Microsoft Azure: You’ll integrate Windows Defender to Microsoft Azure; while Azure takes the wheel to control the traffic on your domain, Windows Defender will monitor your endpoint user and strengthen your security. 
  • Easy to disable: If you wish to prevent Windows Defender from running, you’ll be able to disable it by making one click quickly.
  • Multiple devices protection: With Windows Defender, you’ll protect various a more extensive range of devices, servers, and endpoints. Besides, it’ll keep your business data safe from advanced threats.
  • No hidden fees: Windows Defender comes pre-installed on all of its pc. Plus, there is no need to upgrade to paid plans. It comes free of cost, making it suitable for little businesses that have just started their operations.
  • Impossible to deinstall: While you’ll stop it whenever you want, some users don’t support the deinstall function’s dearth. However, if you put in another antivirus, the Windows Defender will pause immediately, but the software will still be there.
  • Needs more customization options: Although it comes with pre-installed features that are entirely satisfactory, users would love to determine more customization options that might allow them to adapt the software to their business requirements.


$199.99 per device per year. For the current price, details refer to this page.


No matter if you’re running a small business or a big enterprise, you need to provide enough shield for your Windows server. If not, get ready to lose all your precious data and information.

The best way to protect all your servers is to install antivirus software. This article has made a list of the seven best antiviruses for Windows servers and how to choose them. Pick one and enjoy your defense.