6 Fixes For The Avast Web Shield Won’t Turn On Windows

Avast Antivirus software brought you Web Shield, an integral part of online security. The web shield keeps your online connection and internet browsing secure.

It scans your data transfers and prevents any malware from infiltrating. Even if you’re accessing suspicious websites, you will have the reliability of Avast. That’s why, when the Avast web shield won’t turn on, it means problems.

As it is a vital feature, you will have to fix this error to keep your computer protected. You might have tried to turn them on manually, but that might’ve not worked. There could be countless reasons for this error. You might have turned it off before. There could have been a malware infestation, among other reasons.

But don’t you worry. There’s no need to alarm yourself. This guide will help you diagnose and fix the issue. You will get a well-compiled list of solutions to fix Avast web shield won’t turn on error.

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How To Turn Avast Web Shield On/Off?

Avast Protection settings

Generally, it is pretty easy to turn the Web Shield or any other shield on or off. You can try this if your Avast mail shield won’t turn on. Follow these steps:

  • In the Taskbar, find the Avast icon and double-click on it to launch it.
  • Then go to the Menu and find the Settings.
  • In the Protection tab, you will find the Core Shield option.
  • This Core Shield option will list all the shields available for you.
  • Find the Web Shield from the list to turn it on or off. You can also do the same for other core shields in the list.

Reasons To Turn Web Shield Off

The primary reason to turn Web Shield off is to prevent website blocking. Avast is known for blocking almost any notorious website. If it is suspicious of a website, it will warn you or block it. It means that you can’t access these websites through typical means.

So, by turning Web Shield off, you can access the blocked websites. It also allows you to access many other platforms. Avast Web Shield can cause problems for authentic websites, as well. That’s why users prefer to turn it off and then turn it on later.

There are risks of turning the Web shield off for too long. So, temporarily disabling the web shield or any other core shield is a good idea.

Some users also disable the core shields, like Avast mail shield, or web shield, to save CPU and processor. Often, these shields consume more RAM and Processing power than needed. This also applies to Behavior Shield. Ergo, people prefer to disable these.

Solutions For Avast Web Shield Won’t Turn On Windows

  1. Relaunch Your Avast Service
  2. Use The Admin Permission
  3. Repair Avast Program
  4. Ensure The Latest Version
  5. Reinstall Avast With A Clean Boot
  6. Visit The Official Avast Support

Fix Avast Web Shield Won’t Turn On

1. Relaunch Your Avast Service

System services in the Windows Services page

A service on Windows 10 PC is not the same as Task. The task launches when you launch an app or select a feature. Meanwhile, services always run in the background, ready to provide you with what you need.

One of the best ways to diagnose and fix the error is restarting the Avast provider service. This can help you pinpoint the potential issue with Avast. How? Let’s find out:

  • First, go ahead and launch the ‘Run’ program. For this, you can press Windows + R. Then type services.msc in the Run command line and hit enter. You could also try to use the Search box to open Services.
  • Find the service ‘Avast Antivirus Service’ or something with a similar name. Then, right-click on it and select properties from the option. Make sure that the service is running (Started). If not, then make sure to turn it on.
  • If it is already running, select the stop button for the service. There shouldn’t be any hindrance to prevent you from stopping the service.
  • When you open the properties, check the Startup Type. It should be set to ‘Automatic,’ not Manual or anything else. You might get some dialogue prompts. Typically, if you launch Services As Administrator, you will prevent many of these prompts.

Now, wait after you’ve stopped the service for a minute. Then, right-click on it and select Start the service. See if you get the following error:

Windows could not start the Avast Antivirus Service On Local Computer.

Error 1079: The account specified for this service differs from the account specified for other services running in the same process.

Follow these steps to fix the issue:

  • Once again, launch the Services option. If it is already on, then select Avast Antivirus Service. Go to the properties and find the ‘Log On’ tab. There, you will find a Browse button. Click on it.
  • There will be a new field – ‘Enter the object name to select.’ Type the username of the account that you’re using. Then, click on Check Names.
  • Once the PC finds your name, click OK. You might get a password prompt if it is a password-protected account.
  • This will alter and fix all the possible permission issues with the Avast Antivirus.

So, in short, if your Avast web shield won’t turn on Windows 10, it could be a permission issue. There’s another way to fix it, but that might not always work.

2. Use The Admin Permission On Avast

Administrative Tools directory in the Windows File Explorer

This method is similar in comparison to the first one. But, you don’t need to go in-depth with the services and such. All you need to do is launch Avast as an Administrator. For this, you can make sure of the following:

  • Find the Avast launch Icon on your PC. It could be the Shortcut, through Start Menu or anywhere else. Right-click on it and select ‘Run As Administrator.’
  • This won’t work if Avast is already running in the background. So press CTRL + Shift + ESC to open the Task Manager. Find Avast in the list of tasks and right-click on it. Then, select End Task.
  • Now, repeat the first step and see if you can launch Avast As Administrator.
  • Once you do so, go ahead and reactivate the Web Shield. See if this option works.
  • You can also grant Avast admin permission permanently. All you ought to do is right-click on Avast Icon and go to properties. You will find the ‘Run this program as Admin’ option in the compatibility tab. Check it on and Apply, then OK to save changes.
  • Now Avast will always run with Admin permissions. This could save you from other errors.

But, remember, granting Admin permission to Avast means it can make changes to files. This goes for system files as well. So, use it only if it fixes the problem.

3. Repair Avast Program On Your PC

Avast antivirus setup window

You might’ve tried to relaunch and toggle the Web Shield. But, still, the Avast web shield won’t turn on permanently. It means that there could be some problem with the files.

The error could’ve gradually grown more significant with time. You could always try to uninstall and reinstall Avast. But, if you want to save yourself the hassle, Avast’s restore option is a viable option.

  • Go to the Start Menu and search for the Control Panel. Now, click on it to launch it. Then go to the Programs option. You will see the ‘Uninstall a program’ option right below it. You can select it right there.
  • You can also go to the Settings of the Windows and select Apps. The purpose of both the Control Panel and Apps is the same.
  • Now, find Avast Antivirus in the list of programs that your PC has. Select it, and you will see an option to Modify/Change.
  • Click on this option, and there will be an entire Wizard that will launch. Follow through, and you will come to a couple of choices.
  • These choices will either Update, Repair, or Modify the tool. There will be an Uninstall button at the bottom. So, if you want to uninstall, you can do that.
  • If not, then select the Repair button. Follow through with the wizard and let it repair your files. If this works, there’s no need for you to do anything else.
  • You can restart the PC and relaunch the Web Shield in Avast to see if the settings stick. If not, then follow the same steps to modify Avast.
  • This time, select the Uninstall option and completely remote the tool from your PC. Download the latest version and install it. See if that fixes the problem.

4. Ensure The Latest Version For Avast

Update settings in the General settings tab

Often, components and add-ons of Avast will stop working if they aren’t up to date. This could be due to an incompatibility issue. Maybe the web shield problem was too severe, and they launched an update. So, keep it up to date to make sure that you have Avast Antivirus in the best condition. For this, you can follow these steps:

  • Avast Antivirus comes with an automatic update option. But, at times, it might fail. So, you might have to do it manually. For this, open the Avast user interface.
  • To launch Avast UI, you need to find it in the system tray of your Taskbar in the bottom-right corner. Double click on it to launch it.
  • Click on the Menu and Settings. There, you will find an Update tab. Access it and check the two buttons. One update option will be for Virus Definition. Another will be for the Antivirus. Click on both of these to keep Avast up to date.
  • Avast will find updates after connecting to the server if there are updates. You have to go ahead and follow through with the download and installation wizard.
  • Once done, restart the PC and see if the Web Shield is working now.

5. Reinstall Avast With A Clean Boot

Reset and Restart now options in the Recovery settings

As mentioned earlier, you can go ahead and reinstall Avast. Did none of the above-given solutions work for you? If you’ve tried to avoid it so far, it is time for you to do it.

Reinstalling Avast thoroughly could help you fix a lot of issues and errors. It is one of the best methods to keep the Web Shield On, among other things. Just make sure that you don’t download additional components or add-ons. They could hinder your PC’s performance. With that being said, here is a complete process:

  • You can first visit the official Avast Antivirus website. You will find a button, ‘Download Free Antivirus.’ Go ahead and install it. You can activate the premium version once you’ve downloaded it. Also, only use Avast if you want premium services. Your Microsoft Windows Defender is a well-versed tool if you wish to free services.
  • Now. Go to the Control Panel and Programs to Uninstall A Program. Find Avast and click on the Uninstall option. Once you follow through with uninstallation, disconnect the internet. Go to the following directory: C > Program Files > Avast.
  • Delete this entire folder to make sure no traces of Avast remain.
  • Now, check the Services, Task Manager and other options. Make sure that Avast doesn’t exist on your PC anymore.
  • Now. Press Windows + R Key and type ‘MSCONFIG’ in the bar. Press Enter. This will open a System Configuration window.
  • Go to the boot tab and check on the ‘Safe Boot’ button.
  • Now, restart the PC in the Safe Boot and follow the installation. If your Avast Installation requires an Internet connection, comply.
  • This will enable the Avast Antivirus to install without any hindrance.
  • Now go ahead and change the boot mode from Safe Mode to a standard one. Restart the PC and see if Web Shield works now.

6. Visit Official Avast Support

Avast support page

If none of the above-given solutions worked, you could approach the official support. Avast offers a well-versed support system. You can find Avast Premium Security and Avast Free Security support. There is support for various other Avast products as well.

All you need to do is visit this link. There, you will find a search bar for you to browse solutions. If you scroll down, you will also find product-specific guidance.

Conclusion – Avast Web Shield Won’t Turn On Windows 10

Now you know how to fix the problem with the Avast web shield. Whether running the Avast repair or test system, access properties window or the services window, you have it all. Make sure that your browser, like Google Chrome, isn’t causing the problem. Check for the software update in the Antivirus settings.

Don’t end the firewall programs for too long. With that being said, go ahead and solve your Avast Issues.

There’s no doubt that it is still one of the best antivirus protection available. As long as you keep these points and solutions in mind, you will have an easy time fixing them.

FAQs – Avast Threat Protection Shield Not Working

How Can I Fix The Avast Web Shield Not Turning On Problem?

First, you can try to access the settings and see if you can toggle it. If that doesn’t work, relaunch the service, or grant admin permission. Make sure that no third-party app is interfering with the settings. If everything is fine so far, reinstall Avast as the final process of fixing the error. 

Why Avast Web Shield Is Not Activated?

You might have deactivated or toggled the Avast web shield off. If you didn’t do it, some third-party app did it with permission. So, you will have to find that program if it keeps turning the web shield off. Uninstall the program and then solve the web shield issue. 

How Do I Disable Avast Antivirus On Startup?

The Avast Antivirus Home Free Version, or any version, comes with a settings option. In the settings and General, you will find the Startup settings option. You can go ahead and either choose delayed start-up or toggle startup off. Go to the Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) and the Startup tab if that doesn’t work. Disable Avast in the list. 

Why My Avast Behavior Shield Keeps Turning Off?

Avast Behavior Shield is responsible for background scanning. It can consume too much CPU and RAM power. So, it is better to keep it turned off. You can use it from time to time. But, if you want to keep it on, make sure that some cleanup tool isn’t interfering. Otherwise, that would turn the behavior shield off. 

How Can I Fix The Avast Web Shield Won’t Turn On Android?

You will have to go to your Android device’s Settings and App permission. In there, you will find the Avast app and check for its permission. Make sure that Avast has the full permission to operate correctly. Only then will it work to the best capabilities. 

Why Avast Mail Shield Won’t Turn On?

There’s no need to turn the Mail Shield on if you use the famous Email platforms. Most email companies have incorporated built-in scanning options. Avast Mail Shield also scans the mail. So, there’s no need to turn it on. But, if you still want, you can use the same solution as the Web Shield one’s to solve the issue. 

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