Attempt to load a file from the command line results in the errorRTE E ==>Error!! failed to parse command, execution aborted::

Attempting to load an unload file on Windows from the command line can result in an error when the file path contains a backslash ‘\’

For example this command line:

sm file.load c:\clocks.unl NULL NULL winnt

will result in these errors:

RTE E ==>Error!! failed to parse command, execution aborted:
RTE E ‘sm file.load c:\clocks.unl NULL NULL winnt’
RTE E Please examine/correct your parameters, then resubmit the command.


The backslash character is interpreted as an escape character in which the data following the backslash is read as input.


Use a double backslash, \\

sm file.load c:\\clocks.unl NULL NULL winnt

to allow SM to read the backslash as a backslash

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