Attachments uploaded do not save to Service Manager

In some cases a tailored format appears to prevent uploaded attachments from saving to Service Manager. This problem is sporadic and appears to be exclusive to the Web Client and not the Windows Client. If encountered the steps taken to see the problem are to upload the attachment and save. When the record displays the attachment is not present.

Upon further examination it might be seen that there are multiple attachment widgets on the affected format using Visible Conditions to determine which one is displayed to the user.

In scenarios where this has been seen the solution was to modify the format so only one attachment wizard was present. For example, in one case there were two Notebooks each with its own attachment widget. The solution was to tailor the format so that only one attachment widget was needed since both attachment wizards were – in essence – uploading to the same target. The updated format – using the single attachment widget displayed to all users – no longer experienced the problem with attachments not saving.

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