Atlassian Confluence Tutorial for Beginners: A Complete Guide

What is Confluence? – Atlassian Confluence Tutorial 

All of your work can be created, collaborated, and organized in one location. Atlassian Confluence is a knowledge base and collaboration workspace for your teams. Dynamic pages allow the users or team to work on any project or concept by encouraging them to develop, capture, and collaborate on it.

Spaces assist the team in structuring, organizing, and sharing work so that everyone on the team can access institutional expertise and the resources the team needs to do their best work. Let’s start the Confluence Tutorial.

Atlassian Confluence Tutorial

Project Status Reporting with Atlassian Confluence

Step 1. Set up Jira Confluence to work together

The project status is compatible with Jira confluence (collaboration tool) projects managed by the company PMO since they all use the same scheme.


Step 2. Add a summary to the update

By developing two custom fields in the PMO Project problem, ASU has also automated filling out the Summary portion of the blueprint. Only those fields were dragged into the Overview table using the Jira macro in Confluence.

Step 3. Embed your Jira report

Use the Jira report macro to reveal all of the organization problems and then make the project leaders change the project key from their own in the confluence.

Step 4. Save this template as your own

After you’ve configured this for the squad, you can save the blueprint in confluence as a knowledge base requiring your project managers to change their project key to get started.

How to get the most out of Confluence

We’ll teach you how to use Confluence like a pro, whether you’re either on training wheels or able to ride on two wheels.

  • Establish well-organized places and rooms.
  • Make lovely pages and meeting notes.
  • Quickly locate facts
  • Use well-known integrations to expedite work.

Using Confluence for documentation 

We will teach you how to use Confluence for documentation through this confluence tutorial.

Create a Documentation Space-Atlassian Confluence makes it easy to build spaces. To begin your documentation, simply select Spaces > Create personal space from the Atlassian Confluence header.

Save time by re-using content- You can generate an expression, phrase, or paragraph once and use it on as many different pages as you want. You may also generate a product version number for different page at the same time.

  • Use page templates
    • Navigate to confluence site > General Configuration
    • From the list on the left, choose Global Templates and Blueprints.
    • At the top-right, click the Add global page template tab.
    • Create your page and then click Save.
Design Pages
  • Create a draft of your work-You don’t want the user to see any half-finished pages, because most paperwork has to be checked before it’s finalised.
  • Use links and anchors– It is necessary in any documentation site to be able to connect from one page to another. You can use the anchor macro to build anchors in your documents that can be connected to from anywhere.
  • Macros are very useful-Atlassian Confluence comes with a plethora of macros, including a few that are especially useful in technical documentation.

Using Confluence for Content Management

Content management (CM) refers to a group of processes and technology that facilitate the acquisition, management, and publication of information in any form or medium. Lets see how your teams can use confluence for content management.

There are three key methods for converting Atlassian Confluence into a content management system and directly publishing material. 

  • Use Confluence default theme-Simply change the browsing approval of the relevant Confluence spaces or websites, and the content is now accessible online.
  • Making use of a theme add-on-This method also allows you to quickly publish content directly from Confluence while providing more customization options – all without the need to invest in theme creation.
  • Use Scroll Viewport-In the same manner as Atlassian confluence does-Scroll Viewport is used to use all of Atlassian Confluence authoring and social capabilities.

Confluence User Documentation

Documentation is just what you think it is: a set of notes. Documentation in Atlassian Confluence site is more technical context is usually text or diagrams that accompany a piece of software.

Types of documentation

  • External documentation
    • System documentation-System documentation describes code, APIs, and other mechanisms.
    • End user documentation-The most visible form of documentation is always user documentation.
  • Internal documentation
    • Team documentation-Team paperwork clarifies the tasks being performed so that people can, well, work as a team.
    • Reference documentation-The corporation benefits from reference documents because it educates us on relevant subjects.
    • Project documentation-Naturally, project documentation is project specific, and it adds much-needed structure to product creation.

New to Confluence Community Group

Grouping users in Atlassian Confluence software is a perfect way for Confluence administrators to reduce the amount of work needed when handling permissions and restrictions. On the other hand, confluence groups are extremely helpful to someone who is a room admin who can add page constraints.

You may delegate a collection of space approval to a category rather than to each particular use if you are a space admin. You may also apply and erase page constraints for confluence groups as a page creator with the ‘Add/Delete Restrictions’ access.


What’s new in Confluence

The material will be split into three main categories:

  • Features that will help you improve in using Atlassian Confluence administration.
  • Features that will assist the staff in delivering the best work possible
  • A double-click into one of our most common features: Confluence tool 6.0 includes collaborative edit.

Why do we need Confluence?

  • Using Confluence on a Company-Wide Scale
  • Atlassian Confluence tools Performs as Planned
  • Atlassian Confluence tools allow you to communicate with peers and readers.
  • Confluence is a web-based technology that offers full clarity when making content.

Getting Familiar with Terminology

  • Dashboard- The Atlassian confluence dashboard is the first screen that a logged-in user sees after successfully logging in. The dashboard provides a short overview of the team’s most recent developments and the user’s most recent updates. Dashboard also displays the Spaces to which the teams belongs.The dashboard can be further be created by editing the global layout format. Dashboard provides teams with all of the resources they need to find websites. 
JIRA Dashboard
  • Spaces- In this tool, spaces are used to arrange the text. There is no set number of areas that must be built. The user can create an infinite number of rooms, each with their distinct intent.
Confluence Dashboard
  • Space sidebar- The room sidebar is a collapsible menu found on the space and pages and is used to navigate between pages. The pages are shown as a hierarchical tree structure.
Space settings
  • Header menu- The Confluence Logo and a standard menu with custom options- Spaces, People, Create, support menu, updates, and personal blog management- are available on all websites. This header menu is editable, and additional menu choices can be viewed if requested by the user. 
Header menu
  • Create functionality- The Build feature is used to create new pages in the desired hierarchical order inside some selected spaces. This feature will be covered in greater depth in the next portion.

How to create and manage your own space and pages

Step 1: Make your space

Pick the sort of room you want to create.


Step 2: Make new pages

You may start with a blank page or choose that is available. As the Parent page, the very first page will be produced. Depending on how you choose to organise your space, corresponding pages may be generated under this parent page or as separate pages.

New Page

Step 3: Formatting options

This platform has a plethora of text formatting and viewing solutions.

Formatting Options

How to get the most out of Confluence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atlassian Confluence used for?

Atlassian Confluence is a wiki networking platform that assists teams in effectively communicating and exchanging information. We may record project specifications and delegate assignments to individual users.

What is the best way to use Confluence?

Use confluence to determine the number of spaces that must be built.
Spend some time describing the page structure.
Make use of website templates.
Use Confluence macros to improve productivity.

How does Atlassian Confluence work?

Navigate to the Confluence site.
Select Build Space from the home screen.
Choose the kind of room you want to build.
Fill in the Space name, Space key, and other related information.
Configure the space’s authorization. 
Choose Create.

What is the difference between Jira and Atlassian Confluence?

Jira is a project management framework used by over 65,000 businesses. It can assist with product creation to wine collection management, and Atlassian Confluence tool is a knowledge base management application that makes it simple to organize written material. 

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