2 Best Ways To Archive Facebook Messenger Conversations 

Facebook is a place where we all virtually hang out with our online friends and share our life with our community of followers. Chatting with your friends on Facebook is just an amazing experience where you can share your highs and lows with people whom you even didn’t know before adding them on Facebook but talking with them has now become a very important part of your daily life. Facebook Messenger archive is the end-to-end encrypted social media platform.

2 Best Ways Facebook Messenger Archive Conversations

Sometimes you have to hide the conversations for some reason but you don’t know how to hide them. When you tried to do it by right-clicking it the option for deleting the whole conversation pops but you don’t want to lose those chats forever so the best thing you can do is to archive the conversations.

So in this article, we’ll tell you how you can archive the messages on Facebook or FB and we will also tell you how to find Facebook Messenger archive messages.

How to Do Facebook Messenger archive Messages

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The process of archiving the chats is different for both android and Desktop App, first, let’s check out what is the difference between Facebook messenger archive and Deleting a chat in Facebook Messenger

Deleting a chat on Facebook means erasing all the chat history and you will never be able to get those chats back in any case whereas Archiving a chat on messenger means that your chat history will be untouched the only thing that will happen is that you will not see that particular person when you open the messenger it is hidden. We’ll tell you how you can archive a chat and how to undo that or unarchive the chat again.

Here is how to Facebook Messenger archive a conversation

  • First open up the play store App and Check if there are any updates for the Facebook messenger app or not.
  • If NO, then head to the Facebook Messenger app and If updates are available, make sure to update the app.
  • Now Select the conversation which you wish to archive, Tap and Hold on to that conversation to select.
  • Now a Popup Screen will appear to find the archive button ( most probably it will be the first item on the list )
  • Your Conversation is Archived Now

Here is how to archive a conversation in Messenger: Desktop App

  • Head to Facebook app or website
  • Open the chat box now
  • Open the Facebook messenger site
  • Slide your cursor on your and you will notice three vertical dots at the right-hand side of that particular chat.
  • You will notice the 2nd option which says Hide
  • Click on hide and your conversation is now hidden

How to View Archived Messages in the Messenger Android App

So now you know how to Facebook messenger archive messages both on the APP and WEBSITE, Now We will tell you how to unhide or Unarchive your conversation or how to see archived messages on Facebook.


  • Open Facebook Messenger App
  • Head to the Search bar, Search the ID of the chat which you archived
  • Now send any message to that Friend which you archived earlier
  • Now you can see that the chat which you are archived earlier is not archived now if you wish to hide it again you can repeat the steps instructed earlier.

How to View Archived Messages in Messenger on a PC

Now there are two ways to unarchive a chat on desktop, We’ll discuss both the ways and you can try both of them, any one of them will work for you


  • Head to Facebook app or website
  • Open the chat box now
  • Open the Facebook messenger site
  • Head to the Chatbox
  • Search for that ID of the friend which you archived in the search bar of chats
  • Now send any message to that Friend which you archived earlier
  • You will be able to see the chat in the normal conversation of Facebook Messenger.


What if you don’t remember the name or ID of that person, So now we will tell you how to unarchive the chat if you don’t know the ID or name of that person

Head to Facebook app or website

  • Open the chat box now
  • Open the Facebook messenger site
  • Head to the Chatbox
  • At the top of the chatbox window you will see a settings icon at the right-hand corner.
  • Hover your cursor over it and right-click it
  • A list will pop up where at the 1st number of that list you will see the option of HIDDEN CHATS.
  • You will be able to find the chat you archived earlier and those chats that you might have archived or hidden by mistake.

How to Search Through facebook messenger archive Messages

This will answer your question of how do I find my Facebook messenger archive messages.

Search through the Facebook messenger archive in Mobile APP :

  • At first, Open the Play Store
  • Open the Messenger app after updating
  • Archive the chat by the press and holding by clicking on the ARCHIVE CHAT option
  • Now head to any browser which you use
  • Search messenger.com on the browser
  • Once the website is opened click on the three dots which are at the top right corner of the browser. If you are using any other browser than google chrome then just read the next step.
  • Our main motive is to convert the messenger.com website to desktop mode
  • Once you have converted the website to desktop mode, Log in to your Facebook account by filling in the login credentials.
  • After logging in the Messenger successfully zoom in the page and check for the conversation or inbox Box
  • You will notice three dots at the top of the inbox
  • Click on the three dots and you will be able to see a pop up from there which has a list of many things, Just select the option of HIDDEN CHATS.
  • Now you will be able to see the list of all the people whom you have archived earlier now you can search through the whole archived / Hidden chats and find the person which you were looking for.

What Happens When You Undo Archive and Delete

When we archive anyone or unarchive them the other person will never be able to know that because that is private to you, archiving is just hiding the person from the normal chat-box for some personal reasons.

When we archive the chat it only gets hidden with other hidden chats and the chat history also remains safe however deleting a chat is just totally different from archiving its just equal to erasing all the chat history and you will not be able to recover it ever.


So this was all about archiving and unarchiving the chats on Facebook/FB messenger app and Desktop, We hope now you have understood how to archive messages on Facebook, the difference between archiving and Deleting, How to archive on the app, how to archive on phone and How to search through the archived messages on FB. If you liked the article do leave your comments below and make sure to check our other articles also.


What happens when you archive a text message?

When you archive a chat, it gets removed from your chat list and gets hidden in the hidden chats. You can read the messages which you sent earlier by checking the hidden chats section.

Are archived messages marked as read?

Yes, the archived messages are marked read as when the person you have archived will send any messages, or if you will send any message to the archived chat person it will fall back in the normal chats.

Why do we need to archive messages on Facebook?

This question can not have any particular answer someone may have any personal reasons and some would just do it to avoid that person by hiding them. Most people do it to hide their conversation from others

What to do if you can’t find archived messages on the messenger app?

You can head to the browser and then search for messenger.com in desktop mode, log in to it and you will be able to access the messenger following the steps suggested.