12 Easy Fixes When Apps Not Downloading On iPhone

Sometimes you are trying to download an application on App Store and cannot do so. However, sometimes there may be cases wherein certain applications in the App Store are either unavailable in your region or not compatible with your device. 

apps not downloading on iphone

Regardless of the reasons for the issues, there are several ways that you can fix them.  You can check a few methods mentioned below and see whether they will help you resolve the issue or not. 

Why are apps not downloading on iPhone?

As mentioned earlier, there may be several reasons why applications are not getting downloaded on your iPhone. One of the main reasons why users cannot download applications is because of slow or unstable internet. 

If your iPhone is not connected to data or Wi-fi, you won’t be able to download any application on your phone. Even though the application might be available in the App Store, a poor Wi-Fi network will hinder the installation process. 

Another reason the applications are not getting downloaded could be insufficient storage space on your device or iCloud. However, other issues could be directly related to the App Store and iOS servers. 

Even though there are many reasons for this issue to arise, here are some ways that you can resolve the same. 

How to fix apps not downloading on iPhone

  1. Update Your Software
  2. Check your Internet Connection
  3. Restart iPhone
  4. Change Time and Date
  5. Check your storage space
  6. Disable VPN
  7. Check Payment Method
  8. Sign out of the App Store
  9. Check the compatibility of the App
  10. Pause and Resume Download
  11. Turn off Privacy Restrictions
  12. Contact Apple Support

1. Update Your Software

Updating the operating system for your iPhone or any other device is integral. Most software updates tend to fix glitches and other bugs within the system. This is why those glitches and bugs might also obstruct you from downloading applications from the App Store. 

update your software

You can check your phone’s settings for new iOS updates regularly. However, you can enable automatic notifications instead of manually checking for updates. 

Navigate to Settings and then to General. After that, select Software Updates. Turn on the Download iOS updates and Install iOS updates options from the Automatic Updates menu to change the settings.

update your software

2. Check your Internet Connection

To install applications, you must have a stable internet connection. You will not be able to receive instant notifications if your reception is poor. 

Instagram notifications may not be working due to a bad WiFi connection. Workplaces or schools may restrict access to various websites or applications. 

As a result, you are unlikely to install applications when those applications are prevented from operating on public networks. While using public wifi, ensure that your connection is stable and that there are no restrictions.

3. Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone can help you resolve the issue of applications not getting installed. Restarting your phone is considered one of the best options for refreshing all applications at once and fixing glitches. 

Typically, restarting your phone resolves such issues. Slide across the power of the bar while pressing the power and volume up buttons at the same time. After a few seconds, you can restart your iPhone by long pressing the power button.

4. Change time and date

If your phone does not have the correct date or time, there is a possibility that it is stopping you from installing applications. Most of the time, it is necessary to check the time and date of the phone along with the App Store; syncing it is integral. 

Change time and date
Change time and date

The easiest way to fix this issue is by going to your iPhone Settings. Click on General and then Date and Time. If you have turned on the option of Set Automatically, it will become much easier for you, as your phone will sync with the App Store itself. 

5. Check your Storage Space

Another reason none of the applications is getting installed on your iPhone could be due to a lot of storage. Most of the time, if your iPhone doesn’t have much storage, you will be notified repeatedly. 

You can check your iPhone storage in the settings itself. This will also largely depend on the iCloud drive as well. However, if there is no space in the device itself, you will have to uninstall or delete a few files to install the other application. 

6. Disable VPN

Connecting to a VPNmight make the internet connection slightly unstable. App Store might prevent you from installing certain applications unavailable in the region; the VPN has been set. 

Disable VPN

Going to settings and disconnecting from the VPN is one of the simplest ways to turn off the VPN on an iPhone. The VPN configuration status is in the general settings; to disconnect, turn off the toggle and slide it.

7. Check Payment Method

You must have a proper payment method linked to your Apple ID to download apps from the App Store. It makes no difference if you only intend to install free apps; a payment method is required to download free and paid apps.

If you don’t have that or if the card you linked has expired, you’ll need to link another one before you can download apps from the App Store.

8. Sign out of the App Store

Another effective yet easy way to fix the issue of apps not downloading on your iPhone is by signing out and in of the App Store. This method is relatively easy, and it might help refresh your account and application as well. 

You can follow these steps to sign out and sign in to the App Store. 

  • Open the Settings and click on iTunes and App Store. 
  • Click on the Apple ID. 
  • Select Sign out. 

After you get signed out, you will have to log in again. Enter your Apple ID credentials and sign in again. Open App Store and search for the application that you want to download. You can try and install it again and check whether the issue is still there. 

9. Check the compatibility of the App

You will have to make sure that the application works with your iPhone. Sometimes, the application you want to download largely depends on the software and hardware of the phone. 

Hence, if you have slightly outdated software or model, that could be one of the main reasons you cannot download it. Due to this reason, you might want to check the information section of the application and see whether or not it will work on your iPhone. 

However, if it is just because of the software, you can easily install the update and download the application. This way, the bugs and glitches in the software will also be removed, and you will be able to download the required application smoothly. 

10. Pause and Resume Download

If an app becomes stuck at a certain percentage during installation, pausing and restarting it may help restart the download. Go to your iPhone’s home screen and tap the app to pause the download. Long-press the app for 2 seconds to bring up the 3D touch shortcuts menu, then choose Pause Download.

11. Turn off Privacy Restrictions

Certain settings on your iPhone might restrict you from installing applications or downloading suspicious files. This is why they specifically have privacy and content restriction settings. However, you can download the other applications if you turn them off. 

You can follow these steps to turn off the privacy restrictions. 

  • Go to Settings and Click on Screen Time. 
  • Select Content and Privacy Restrictions. 
  • Turn off the Content and Privacy restrictions and click on iTunes and App Store Purchases. 
  • Click on Allow to enable installing apps. 
Turn off Privacy Restrictions

Once you do this, you can install the applications without any obstructions in terms of content and privacy. 

12. Contact Apple Support

If you can still not resolve the issue, you can also contact Apple Support. This will directly give your professional help and help you through this issue. You can either contact them online or visit the local Apple Store itself. 


Due to several reasons, you may not be able to download apps on your iPhone. However, there are numerous ways to fix it as well. Most of the time, this happens because you do not have enough storage space or there is too much cache on your App Store or device. 

You can also update iOS to remove the software bugs, which could be why you cannot download the application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My Apps Stuck On Installing iPhone?

If your apps are stuck installing, you must check apple’s servers or reset network settings. Most of the time, it could be because of your unstable network, but at the same time, The device settings should also be checked in case of anything additional stops you from completing the download.

Why Are My Apps Not Downloading On My iPhone?

There may be several reasons your apps are not downloading on your iPhone. You might have to reset all settings and check the apple id payment method if you can’t download apps on your iPhone. Certain phone and App Store settings can be why you can’t download apps. 

Why Can’t I Download Apps From The App Store?

Excessive app store caches or an unstable network can prevent you from downloading applications on the App Store. Apart from this, you may not be able to download the apps because of the glitches and other restrictions within the App Store. You can also check the low-level settings and either transfer or reset the iPhone. 
​However, if you are still unable to download apps from the App Store, you can download them from iTunes on your Mac or PC.