Top 10 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

What Are Applicant Tracking Systems?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) helps you monitor the entire recruiting and recruitment process. It aids in the management of candidates and the reduction of time to fill. An ATS maintains track of all activity in the recruitment department, from advertising the position online to making the online job offer.

Applicant Tracking Systems work by automating the organization’s recruiting and staffing processes and lets you monitor the end-to-end recruitment marketing process from sourcing to recruiting.

Why Do You Need Applicant Tracking Systems?

Companies have been using the right applicant tracking software to help them identify and recruit better applicants. In the last two decades, applicant monitoring systems have progressed along with technology. Get educated on the following ten reasons why you should use applicant monitoring software.

  1. HR application tracking system, preferences, and processes are Configurable and customizable.
  2. Increase the number of eligible candidates in your pool.
  3. Enhance the organization’s reputation
  4. Increasing Employee Retention
  5. Integrate with job board, career site, and social media
  6. Reduce the number of candidates in the pool
  7. Costs in Hiring are Reduced
  8. All of the applicant’s information and hiring information should be gathered in one place.
  9. Avoid Making Interview Errors
  10. Reduce the Hiring Process’s Time Consumption

Benefits Of Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking software (ATS) solutions are computer programs that simplify, streamline, and improve the recruiting process. 

  • Save Money: It saves recruiters hours of work by automating manual tasks.
    • An applicant tracking system will guide you to where you can find the best applicants.
    • It accelerates the selection process to the final stage: interviews with a few top applicants.
  • Get Valuable Insights: Every phase of your recruiting process, as well as every one of your applicants, will be automatically tracked and measured by applicant tracking systems.
  • Streamline The Hiring Process: Applicant tracking systems (ATS) will help you coordinate your entire hiring process and bring all of your recruiting activities and resources together in one place. It also makes team coordination easy. 
  • Save Time: By automating certain activities that previously involved manual labor, applicant tracking systems save recruiters a substantial amount of time. ATS allows recruiters to automate contact with applicants without losing the personal touch.
  • Ensure Legal Compliance: The use of ATS reduces the risk of human error and prejudice, ensuring that all legal laws and regulations governing recruitment and hiring are followed.

How To Beat Applicant Tracking Systems?

  • Use Keywords Customized For The Job Board: The keywords are the part of your CV that the ATS is most interested in. An ATS’s primary role is to read your CV and compare its content to the applicable job description to find the best fit.
    • This section includes your work title; however, One should keep your resume keywords to a minimum.
    • The skills section, where you enlist your competencies and abilities, is an excellent place to put keywords.
    • You can also be less brutal if you use an ATS application.
  • Use Standard Section Headings: New ATS uses headings to navigate the CV, allowing the details in and section to be accurately parsed and understood.
    • The ATS will sort your content into four groups, according to Skillings:
      • Education
      • Work Experience
      • Skills
      • Contact Information
  • Keep Resume Simple: It’s important not to get the Applicant Tracking Systems mixed up. The ATS should be able to quickly navigate your CV without getting tripped up by any complicated formatting elements.
  • Check Your Spelling And Grammar: An ATS would have no idea what you’re talking about, unlike a person who can deduce your meaning from a misspelled phrase. A little proofreading can mean the difference between an application being rejected and being accepted.
  • Use Acronyms And Titles: Your ATS resume must be as simple as possible to comprehend. Incorporate both the full title and acronyms in your resume to be safe. Anything from tags and businesses to business jargon is covered.

Key Applicant Tracking Features

The major objective of an ATS is to simplify the entire recruitment procedure by tracing and organizing applicants in a single database. Although different ATS have different features, they all have the following in common:

  • Career Page Hosting: The ATS makes it simple to get started, enabling you to upload images, logos, details, social sharing buttons, and more to help market your job openings.
  • Onboarding Tools: Onboarding with a Candidate Monitoring System will reduce the time it takes to recruit and fill your open role.
  • Receiving and Sorting Applications: One of the key benefits of using an ATS is that all of your applications would be accessible from a single site, making it easier to stay coordinated and compliant.
  • Job Distribution: Using your applicant tracking system, you can post your work on several job boards and track which applicants come from which boards, enabling you to fine-tune your distribution strategy.
  • Social Sharing: Many candidate monitoring systems are developed with this in mind because social media can be a powerful tool during the recruitment process. It helps more potential candidates to see your job posting and apply directly from their desktop or mobile device.
  • Resume Storage: When someone applies for a job at your company, their resume is saved in your applicant tracking system. All applicants will be kept in the ATS, ensuring that you never lose track of a great candidate.
  • Interview Schedulers: Messaging applicants can be further assisted by using a recruitment chatbot to ask screening questions and answer their job-related FAQs.
  • Team Collaboration: ATS allows the team to collaborate during the recruiting process. It encourages the recruiter to understand the whole team and make them participate in the selection process.
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List of 10 Top Application Tracking Software 

1. Pinpoint 

Application Tracking Software - Pinpoint

Pinpoint is new ATS software for companies with 100 or more employees who want to reduce their dependence on recruiting software and don’t believe work boards have sufficiently qualified candidates. We will help you identify, pick, and hire more of the best applicants while lowering recruitment costs and streamlining administrative tasks. 


  • Attract features: The team is looking for exceptional candidates. Pinpoint will assist you in locating them.
    • Branded Careers Website, Job postings Marketplace
    • Employee Referrals, Recruitment Agency Portal
    • Programmatic Recruitment Advertising, Online Job Forms
    • Sourcing Extension, Multilingual Candidate Experience
  • Hiring Process features: Hiring process features to include automating time-consuming procedures and making informed hiring decisions.
    • Hire overview, Job Requisition Management, Talent acquisition, job application, Candidates Profiles, Video Interviewing
    • Candidates Communication Management, Blind Recruiting software
    • Candidates Scorecards, Performance Management, Team Collaboration
    • Recruitment Workflow Software, Multilingual Candidate Experience
    • Candidates’ Experience Surveys, Custom Report Builder
    • Recruitment Analytics Dashboard
  • Retain Features:
    • Spend less time hunting down paperwork and more time coaching the new hires to succeed.


  • Pinpoint ATS pricing starts from $5000/year/feature.
  • For more information on features and pricing details, contact Pinpoint.

2. Manatal 

Application Tracking Software - Manatal

With Manatal applicant tracking systems (ATS) software recruitment SaaS, finding candidates is easier than ever. Its cloud-based recruiting software is designed for you, whether you work for a recruitment firm or as human resources (HR) professional.

Manatal comes with a complete CRM (customer relationship management) framework as well as an easy-to-use, customizable career page builder, enabling users to start advertising job posting right away.


  • Easy-to-use Pipeline: On a simple GUI, you can access all candidates, positions, users, agencies, and client information.
  • Holistic Candidate Profile: Throughout the recruiting efforts, compile records, messages, and reviews for each applicant or job opening.
  • Quick Search: With our fast search tool, you can transform keywords into valuable results. In a flash, you can access your employers, candidates, offices, and businesses.
  • Resume Formatting: Build new resume PDF documents using the ‘Custom Resume’ feature based on a structured and customized template.
  • Outlook/Office 365 & Gmail Integration: You can use our career site to send and receive emails as well as sync your calendar.
  • Email Marketing Integration: Synchronize and export candidate contact details to Mailchimp or other service providers with ease.
  • All Languages Supported: Manatal is a multilingual organization. The ‘All language help’ feature takes pride in catering to multilingual agencies and departments.
  • Complete API: The open API of Manatal makes it simple to integrate our platform with other solutions used by your company to build your interconnected ecosystem.


  •  Manatal new (ATS) provides three plans.
    • Professional plan: $19 per user per month
    • Enterprise plan: $39 per user per month
    • Custom plan: contact Manatal
  • To learn more about the Manatal tracking system, an applicant can visit Manatal

3. Ceipal 

Application Tracking Software - Ceipal

CEIPAL modern applicant tracking systems are Saas and HR software that automate recruitment software front- and back-office operations. An integrated workforce and relationship management framework, candidate monitoring system, and human resource information system are all included in the tool (HRIS). 

CEIPAL’s overall user interface is smooth, tidy, and easy to use for all users. Users can tailor the app to provide all of the features that are most beneficial to their processes.


  • Recruitment Marketing: For effective recruiting, utilizing the latest modern technologies to hire smarter.
    • AI Applicant Ranking, Business Intelligence, 
    • Managed Harvesting, Two-Way Email Sync
    • Background Checks, Paperless Onboarding
  • Human Resources Automation: Boost productivity with the leading talent acquisition tool in the industry.
    • Work Authorization, Time Sheets, QuickBooks Integration
    • Employee Self Service, Absence Management, People Analytics
  • Security Features include: 
    • SOC2 Compliance: First ATS platforms to achieve SOC2 compliance, which ensures that all of our internal processes and controls comply with existing security standards.
    • Data Encryption: All confidential data is encrypted in the database and only decrypted by approved users using industry-standard encryption algorithms.
    • Security: It has One-time passwords for technical support, optional 2-step authentication, and IP restrictions to ensure user authorization.


  • Ceipal applicant tracking systems offer three kinds of plans. For five recruiters and ten employees, prices are as follows.
    • Ceipal ATS: $120/month
    • Ceipal Workforce: $110/month
    • Both Platforms: $230/month
  • For more prices and applicant tracking systems features visit Ceipal.
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4. ClearCompany 

Application Tracking Software - ClearCompany

Customers who use ClearCompany’s applicant tracking system (ATS) have a high rate of customer retention. This is due in part to excellent customer support (as reported by customers we spoke with), as well as a comprehensive feature set that includes video interviews, scheduling, a job postings portal, referrals, and more.


  • Passive Candidate Sourcing: Import social media data directly through the ClearCompany modern Applicant Tracking System to reach more high talent management.
  • Job Board Management: All of the recruitment networks should be controlled, streamlined, and reported on.
  • Beautifully Branded Sites: Beautifully branded job sites that effortlessly feature all of your open requisitions will help you put your best foot forward.
  • Multilingual Applications: Create work application forms in any language you need.
  • Mobile Apply: Our ATS was created to provide a consistent mobile app experience so as not to miss a single eligible candidate.
  • ClearText: Using our Applicant Tracking System, you can easily text job seekers one-on-one to create rapport and momentum.


  • ClearCompany applicant tracking system offers variable prices as per the employees’ requirements.
  • ClearCompany is a free ATS for a limited trial period.
  • To know more about the ClearCompany applicant tracking system or to request a price quote, visit ClearCompany.

5. Recruiter Box

Application Tracking Software - RecruiterBox

Recruiterbox is a small business recruiting program and candidate monitoring device. Recruiterbox makes it easy and predictable for rising firms to employ. It recognizes that the best way to hire is for people to cooperate and make educated decisions together. Recruiterbox is the best recruiting software on the market, with many resources to make the hiring process more effective.


  • Easily Management: With these applicant tracking features, you can easily manage every step of your hiring process:
    • Candidate profile management
    • Application status tracking
    • Recruitment workflows
    • Applicant search
    • Centralized hub
    • Job openings archive
  • Candidate Sourcing: Candidate sourcing from Recruiterbox allows you to quickly post to job boards, social recruiting platforms, and other sites.
  • Schedule Interviews: With email and calendar integration tools, Recruiterbox’s interview scheduling program helps the team manage emails or phone calls, busy schedules, and interviews.
  • Management: Recruiterbox’s real-time bid management program will help you streamline the recruiting process and increase candidate satisfaction.
  • Recruiting and Hiring Reports: By specifying a date range in Recruiterbox, you can produce various reports.
  • Collaborative Hiring: Applicant tracking software (ATS) keeps you on top of the recruiting process and in contact with your hiring managers at all times.


  • Recruiter Box Applicant Tracking Software pricing is variable according to services subscribed.
  • To learn more about Recruiter Box applicant tracking aspects and to request a quote, visit Recruiter Box.

6. Workable 

Application Tracking Software - Workable

Workable is a recruiting CRM that guides you through the hiring processes from job posting to offer letters, including the instant job posting to 200+ job career sites. Workable is also simple to use for monitoring job requirements and requisitions, and it provides a feature for scheduling candidate interviews.


  • Languages available: With native language options available in six languages, you can translate every step of your hiring process.
  • Centralized hiring dashboard: Workable, user-friendly job board shows users what’s new, what’s next, and what’s left to do.
  • Branded careers pages: No coding is needed to build a fantastic jobs page. Each page is mobile-friendly, with built-in search, filtering, and auto-fill features.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: With automated reports, you can see and share the data that matters right away. Workable blends with your favorite BI software, so you can go further on your own.
  • Other ATS features include:
    • 200+ free and premium job boards, Convenient schedule interviews, 700+ job description templates, Offer letters, and approval workflows
    • Email and calendar sync, 400m searchable candidate profiles
    • The top-rated mobile app, GDPR, CCPA & EEOC/OFCCP compliance
    • AI-powered candidate recommendations, Hiring manager’s rights and roles, World-class security.


  •  Work applicant tracking systems include different plans and features.
    • PAYGO: $99 per job per month
    • Core: A cost-effective option for small businesses looking to expand.
    • Growth: It has a comprehensive forum for businesses looking to recruit large numbers of people.
    • Premier: A robust approach for organizations searching for top-notch support.
  • For more insights about applicant tracking systems and other aspects, visit Workable.

7. Avature

Application Tracking Software - Avature

The Avature Applicant Tracking System is a cloud-based recruitment software solution, thanks to its powerful automation capabilities, which can handle executive, technical, and hourly hiring efficiently and effectively.

Avature’s one-platform strategy offers the most complete recruitment solution on the market right now. It streamlines compliance by making it easier for recruiters to prepare, consolidating key applicant data, and making it easier for recruiters to comply.


  • Recruiter Mobile App: By empowering stakeholders to perform important hiring activities, Avature will provide an end-to-end mobile-optimized user interface.
  • Analytics Feature: In a single and efficient analytics module, recruiter effectiveness, vendor data, D&I metrics, and hiring manager activity reports are all integrated.
  • Innovative Screening: Using weighted questions or third-party evaluations easily incorporated into the application process automatically scores applicants.
  • Automatic Interview Scheduling: The auto-scheduler operates similarly to a bot, matching multiple participants’ availability and automating the scheduling and sending of invitations.
  • Strategic Semantic Search: Since recruiting databases often contain large quantities of candidate data, talent acquisition teams are becoming increasingly reliant on successful searching.
  • Job Creation and Management: Create work from scratch or use Avature job templates to save time. Seasonal recruiting is supervised, and evergreen vacancies are filled from a variety of talent pools on standby.
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  • Avature Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) pricing is variable according to services.
  • A free trial may be provided on request.
  • To learn more about Avature job applications tracking features and to request a quote, visit Avature.

8. Bullhorn 

Application Tracking Software - Bullhorn

Bullhorn includes an applicant tracking system (ATS) solution and a customer relationship management system (CRM) with email integration to resume parsing in PDF or Word Document format, add notes and create new tasks and appointments based on your inbox.


  • Email Integration: Bullhorn for Email is a Gmail and Outlook add-on that effortlessly combines the Bullhorn applicant tracking systems and CRM.
  • LinkedIn Integration: It integrates with the LinkedIn Social media Recruiting system, an applicant tracking software to streamline a recruiter’s workflow, minimize clicks, and provide always-up-to-date details.
  • Dashboard Reporting:  ​Its reporting and analytics capabilities allow you to turn the data from your team’s recruitment operation into business intelligence.
  • Mobile Recruiting: Bullhorn mobile recruitment app allows you to access placement data, make notes, and display and edit applicant records from any computer at any time.
  • Passive Activity Tracking: The device automatically monitors and updates all email activity associated with a specific candidate record in real-time.
  • Bullhorn Sourcing Accelerator: Recruiters save time by reaching candidates ahead of rivals and the placement rates by having the most up-to-date candidate data delivered directly to their screens. Bullhorn Sourcing Accelerator helps teams develop and improve their talent communities.


  • Bullhorn applicant tracking systems (ATS) offer four plans.
    • Team: Request Quote
    • Corporate: Request Quote
    • Enterprise: Request Quote
    • Enterprise Plus: Request Quote  
  • A free trial may be provided on request.
  • If you need to know more information on Bullhorn applicant tracking systems, visit BullHorn.

9. TurboHire 

Application Tracking Software - TurboHire

Recruitment is a combination of detective work and sales. To Hire Faster, Hire Better, build an insightful recruiting process with augmented intelligence. TurboHire uses cutting-edge talent intelligence to find, screen, and evaluate applicants. TurboHire will help you with SMART Recruitment.


  • Applicant Tracking Features: 
    • Hiring Plan: In TurboHire, you can create and maintain a successful hiring strategy.
    • Job Description Pipelines: Build flexible job pipelines for various positions.
    • Resume Parsing: The resume parsing software extracts the data so it can be sorted and searched.
    • Offer Letter: Use custom templates to build an offer letter.
    • Roles and Privileges: Use roles and privileges to construct an organizational framework that gives users permissions.
  • Candidate Relationship: 
    • Personalized emails: Make use of technology to personalize your mass mailings.
    • Direct SMS: To communicate with candidates, use the built-in SMS feature.
    • Document Collection: Gather all relevant documents and keep them in one place.
    • Automated Reminders: Remind candidates about critical tasks such as filling out paperwork and attending interviews automatically.
  • Reporting Features: Rich reports may be used to monitor progress and provide insight.
    • Candidate Engagement: Measure the success of the email campaigns with candidate engagement.
    • Recruitment Activity: Recruiter Efficiency Measure and increase the productivity of the recruiters.
    • Source Reports: Recognize the importance of sourcing from a variety of sources.
    • Custom Reports: Customizable reports document events in your chosen formats.
    • Integration: Use the TH APIs to link your recruitment data to your preferred recruitment platform.


  • TurboHire applicant tracking systems provide three plans as follows.
    • Basic: Starts at $45 /month 
    • Pro: Starts at $60 /month 
    • Enterprise: Starts at $115 /month 
  • A free trial may be provided on request.
  • If you need to know more about TurboHire applicant tracking systems, visit TurboHire.

10. JazzHR 

Application Tracking Software - JazzHR

JazzHR is an ATS-enabled human resources management platform that allows users to rate, monitor, and discuss the best applicants and top talent while also creating a personalized workflow for each job opening. JazzHR is a powerful, easy-to-use recruiting software that helps you scale your ability to find and hire top talent.


  • Employer Branding: To improve your brand, have a more consistent candidate experience, personalize your process, and build personalized properties.
  • Candidate Sourcing: With a single click, JazzHR’s job board capabilities will help you handle your applicant pool and source from top networks.
  • Applicant Tracking: Avoid using antiquated processes like spreadsheets, remove busywork, and hold it in one place.
  • Collaborative Hiring: With all members of the recruiting team, manage, rate, register, and discuss candidates more effectively.
  • Offers & E-signatures: Avoid letting great hires fall through the cracks due to late paperwork. Automate new hire onboarding by digitizing the bid management process.
  • Compliance & Reporting: Boost efficiencies and remain compliant by leveraging custom reports’ power to improve how you employ.


  • JazzHR ATS offers three plans, as summarized below.
    • Hero: $39/month 
    • Plus: $229/month 
    • Pro: $339/month 
  • For more insights on JazzHR ATS software, contact JazzHR.


Finding a job or employee is difficult and finding a suitable job is more complicated. Using the best applicant tracking systems helps connect job seekers and job providers with very little hard work to streamline this cumbersome process. One should compare different ATS software and their aspects to choose best from many ATS software.

Make sure to use any of the best applicant tracking software as mentioned in this article. You will be able to connect job seekers from a vast market.

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