10+ Best Apps To Create And Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

Watch Faces on WatchOS is one of Apple’s most popular innovations. It’s essentially a feature for the Apple Watch that will give it a fresh look. Various third-party app developers offer many strong apps to design faces and establish unique Apple Watch Faces.

10+ Best Apps To Create And Set Custom Apple Watch Faces

These apps offer several Watch Face customization and personalization possibilities. As a result, Apple Watch users clamored for a better WatchOS experience.

Best Apps to Create Custom Apple Watch Faces

  1. Facer
  2. Watchsmith
  3. WatchMaker
  4. Adobe Photoshop
  5. BuddyWatch
  6. StepDog
  7. WatchFacely
  8. Watch FAce Albums
  9. Watch Faces Galley
  10. AppleWatchFaces.io

1. Facer


The ultimate Apple Watch Faces modification platform is Facer Watch Faces for WearOS and Tizen smartwatches. Facer has 100,000 free and premium watch faces from renowned brands and artists to help you customize and personalize your WearOS or Samsung watch. 

You can even create your watch faces and share them with the world using the creation tool. Facer has everything you’ll need to bring your particular style to your smartwatch, so don’t be a default.


  • Create your complications in the Facer app’s CREATE MODE.
  • To display Steps and Heart Rate data incompatible designs, connect to HealthKit.
  • Facer brings you the lovely and dynamic designs accessible by curating selections of the greatest authentic designs from businesses and the outstanding watch face and background photo artists.
  • With our powerful and simple web-based editor in your computer’s browser, you can create personalized watch faces or photo backgrounds for your Apple Watch.
  • You can send comments to facer-support@little-labs.com, and they will respond swiftly, either addressing your complaint or issuing a refund if we cannot resolve your issue.
  • We always appreciate a good review if you enjoy our watch faces and photo backdrops.
  • Facer works with the Apple Watch, Wear OS, Tizen, and other devices.

2. Watchsmith


Cross Forward Consulting LLC has introduced Watchsmith to Apple Watch Faces. With a variety of customization choices, this software will assist you in getting the greatest free Apple Watch faces. This handy tool permits you to customize your Apple Watch complications in various ways.

Furthermore, this program has delivered all necessary resources, such as weather, radar, and maps, to your wrist. You can store all of your photographs even in the gallery.


  • It begins with many fully adjustable complexities, including anything from a date to weather to astronomy.
  • Each can be precisely changed to meet the purpose and aesthetic you choose.
  • This set of complications can then be periodically scheduled to appear on the watch face based on your defined rules.
  • It permits you to create the most of each slot on the watch face without moving between them continually.
  • The Apple Watch app has several tools and functionalities, including a weather app, an exercise app, a timezone converter, games, and a calendar.
  • Watchsmith gives you instant access to the information you require.
  • Apple Health is an optional integration for Watchsmith.
  • The Apple Health app is used to grant Watchsmith access to this information.
  • Only Watchsmith Premium subscribers have access to Tide and Weather-hosted data.

3. WatchMaker


The WatchMaker is another software for creating unique Apple Watch faces. You may use the software to make your own Apple Watch faces. There are two billing methods available: free and paid.

Widgets can also be added to your watch screen. If you are not a creative person and do not want to spend any money, you can look at the Watch faces created by other artists or browse through the app’s pre-existing watch faces.

The disadvantage of this software is the free services’ limits, which limit you to specific functionalities. The app lets you create custom Apple Watch Faces for your watchOS.


  • Collect and share thousands of watch faces with your friends.
  • Create new watch faces or modify existing ones.
  • Create 45 tweening routines to create bright/dim / tap animations.
  • Add a light, outline, or even a flat shadow to your text.
  • OpenGL Shaders – Rendering power for watch segments and radars.
  • Progress bars, rings, and charts
  • Widgets with just one click – including battery (watch/phone) and WiFi widgets.
  • Days until your birthday or Christmas Countdowns
  • Why design a watch if you can build a stopwatch instead?
  • Programmable Watches – Create calculators, stopwatches, countdowns, and more with our built-in LUA engine.
  • Please note that Apple Watch does not support analog hands. With this app, these capabilities are supported on other smartwatches.

4. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

You may also make your Apple watch faces with Photoshop. Essentially, you’ll be making a background image for your Apple Watch. You can then sync this image to your Apple Watch to see the time and two additional complications.


  • Create a new Photoshop project with the exact dimensions of your Apple Watch.
  • Create your custom design on the blank project once it’s been created.
  • You can do this with Photoshop’s features or by downloading photos and adding them to your design.
  • You may also wish to remove the backgrounds from these photographs so that they blend in with your chosen background.
  • Transfer the photograph to your iPhone by exporting it. To sync the image with your watch, create a new album for it.
  • You may also simply sync all of your images, but if you take many photos, this will take up a lot of margin on your Apple Watch.
  • Go to the Watch app -> Photos to sync your new album with your Apple Watch.
  • Long press the watch face of your wristwatch.
  • Scroll down and tap ‘New,’ then ‘Photos.’ Your Apple Watch will now display your synced photo as the watch face.
  • You can also change the complications to include additional information and time.

5. BuddyWatch


BuddyWatch satisfies the needs of wealthy watch enthusiasts. They favor quality over quantity, so don’t be disappointed by the quality. Their library offers a wide range of services.

A popular Apple Watch Faces software tells you which Watch Faces would look best on your wristwatches. The software is simple to install because it can be downloaded and accessed immediately on your iPhone.

The free services and over 60% free watch face downloads are the most appealing features of this Custom Apple Watch Faces app.


  • Check out and download different watch faces.
  • Create a profile for your watch faces.
  • Use categories and compatibility tags to find new watch faces.
  • Find matching watch faces by searching for watch bands.
  • Choose the proper bands for your watch faces.
  • Before downloading watch faces, check the price of the app.
  • Connect your watches for more precise results.
  • Receive personalized recommendations based on your tastes.
  • Change the App Icon to your liking.
  • Other people can see your collection.
  • Discover the store and purchase fantastic Apple Watch accessories.
  • Make new friends and be inspired.
  • Check out suggested watch faces based on the watch band you’ve chosen.
  • Become a Buddy VIP to gain access to special features.

6. StepDog


Instead of monotonous Apple Watch Faces, the StepDog Apple watch faces watch will make you feel like you have an adorable pet dog. This software will assist you to remain on track with your exercise objectives. As a result, fitness enthusiasts will appreciate this excellent Watch face. 

It’s also simple to modify, and it works with both your Apple Watch and iPhone on its own. You may keep track of your counts and live weather data in addition to the mesmerizing cats and dogs avatar.


  • Completing fitness goals will simply unlock humorous features.
  • StepDog is a virtual puppy that resides on your iPhone or Apple Watch and helps you maintain track of how multiple steps you take each day.
  • StepDog will sleep if you walk him daily to meet your daily step target.
  • Your step count is displayed in the app, widget, or watch face. It’s similar to a Tamagotchi for fitness.
  • You can upgrade to see your favorite dog breed walking, running, sitting, eating, and sleeping.
  • Premium members may see live weather backdrops next to their dog and get a morning prediction.
  • They can compete with friends or enter local leaderboards to win a gold medal.
  • This app has a lot of new dog breeds that are ready to be discovered. To receive these pets, it appears that you must accomplish the daily task.
  • This software appears to include a pet cat for cat lovers.
  • A local leaderboard is also included. You can eventually compete with others to push yourself to greater heights.

7. WatchFacely


Watchfacely is a handy app with hundreds of different Apple Watch Faces to select from. But the best aspect of this software is that all of the Watch faces have been designed to be more fashionable and convenient, making them more user-friendly and capable.

Furthermore, this software is simple to use and adds your favorite wet faces. Both elaborate and basic and delicate watch faces are available. It has simplified the process of locating the most popular watch faces. The majority of the Watch faces in the app are free to use, so make use of it.


  • FaceSharing in watchOS 7 allows you to share and download stunning faces for your Apple Watch.
  • With the Watchface iOS and watchOS app and our website, you may access hundreds of faces the Apple Watch community provides.
  • This program is actually easy to operate, and you won’t need any instructions to get started.
  • It allows you to share your favorite faces with others effortlessly.
  • This strong program also has a faster loading time than most similar apps.
  • This amazing program has a “favorite” option for creating a collection of your favorite faces.
  • On it, you can easily create your Watch face. All you require is a favorite picture from the gallery, it appears.

8. Watch FAce Albums

Watch FAce Albums

Watch Face Albums is a free Apple Watch wallpapers software that allows you to download various gorgeous and wonderful wallpapers for your device. All watch faces were found on the internet for free or were permitted by their owners.

I recommend downloading the entire album and syncing it to your Apple Watch. Because it can make the face of your watch more uniform, you can, of course, download a single watch face if you choose.


  • You can see all of the watch faces and backgrounds on your phone.
  • Download the entire album’s images or just one photo by long-pressing it. Then you can count them to the Watch Look “Photos.”
  • They also include Watch Complications such as Watch Sticker, Countdown, Anniversary, Watch Text, Week Progress, and additionally, all of which can be synced to your Apple Watch.
  • Unless auto-renew is switched off at least 24-hours, the subscription will automatically renew even before the end of the current period.
  • After you make a purchase, you can control or turn off auto-renew in your Apple ID Account Settings.

9. Watch Faces Galley

Watch Faces Galley

Watch Faces Galley has a variety of watch faces to choose from, and if you like mechanical, dark themes, this is the app for you. Aside from watch faces, you can obtain animated live wallpapers that show on the screen when the device is touched.

It could be a brief clip of nature scenes, Fractals, galaxies, abstracts, etc. You can browse the app for free, but you must subscribe to access the Watch Face feature.


  • Get a collection of interesting Apple Watch Faces and backgrounds. Faces in Portraits, Live Animated Faces, and Photos
  • Try our fantastic Watch Faces Creator with images, stickers, and a text editor.
  • Weekly content updates and more cool categories: Animals, Animated, Art, Black, Black Lives Matter, Brands, Cartoon, Abstract
  • Your Apple Watch has a new appearance today.
  • Ensure your Apple Watch is connected to the device where you installed this app.
  • Watch Series 3+ is required for portraits and animated faces.
  • Always On must be disabled for animated faces.

10. AppleWatchFaces.io


AppleWatchFaces.io is a website, not an app, with unique watch faces that need your attention. It contains a variety of watch faces produced by users compatible with your watches. It offers a user-friendly interface that makes switching. Watch faces a breeze.

It features several amazing dark, lunar, and modern themes that you may explore with tags. RGB, Mario, abstract, utility, and battery. It is at your disposal at no expense to you.


  • Choose between 1000+ faces for your apple watch.
  • Many of the apple watch faces are free, and some are paid as per the user’s requirement.
  • Apple Watch faces have many genres consisting of nature and continents.
  • It includes Arizona, stripes, coffee, DMT, new york, minimalistic, Paris, numeral, baby, skater, ocean, sand, Uchiha, calligraphy, pure panda, north Africa, perfume, and many more.

Some Of The Best Apple Watch Faces

1. Count Up

Count Up is one of the apps that sportspeople and anyone on a quest to become the fittest version of themselves would find useful.

  •  It allowed you to personalize the Apple screen’s stopwatch. It’s one of the Watch Faces available on Apple Watch Series 4 and later and Apple Watch SE and later.
  • Check out this program for designing personalized Apple Watch Faces because it has customizable features like changing the ring’s color.
  • It allows you to choose four more complications aside from putting a stopwatch on the screen.

2. Modular Compact

Modular Compact is a Watch Face only available on Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch SE. This Watch Face allows you to display many complexities on your watch screen.

  • You may add complexities to a wide variety of features on your Watch, such as an alarm to get you up on time, a compass to prevent you from going in the wrong direction, a calculator, a camera, etc.
  • There are six complexity regions, each with three symbols in the center, that you may convert into common contacts, allowing you to call immediately from the Watch.

3. Solar Dial

Solar Dial is a theory-based watch face available on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later. The Watch Face features a 24-hour watch dial that is both digital and analog.

  • One follows the path of the sun, while the other moves in the opposite direction. 
  • It is highly adjustable, including complications that allow you to monitor your oxygen and heart rate.
  • It allows you to keep track of solar and weather measurements so that you are aware of weather temperature, climate, and wind speed.

4. Unity

Unity is a Watch face designed to celebrate, acknowledge, and fight for the rights of Black people and Black History Month. 

  • With the help of one of the customs of Apple Watch Faces, the Apple firm attempts to promote togetherness among all ethnicities.
  • Because the color combination depends on your personal preferences, it’s more accurate to say that Unity offers color modification options. 
  • The designers ensured that these Watch Faces would look good with a limited-edition Apple Watch strap.

5. Photos

Apple has released another fantastic Watch Face: Photos. iPhones are famed for their visual quality, so using the same images for your Watch’s screen appears less labor.

  • Color, content, and time position are all adjustable options. Set alarms, checking the battery level, setting reminders, checking the heartbeat, and the moon phase is the nicest feature of this Watch face.
  • The Watch face’s automated motion detector adjusts the graphics when you extend your wrist or touch the screen.
  • You may choose how many complications appear on your screen, so that is perfectly great if you only want a few.

6. Gradient

The gradient is a watch face compatible with the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 models. If you don’t like graphical backdrops and prefer strong and believe that simplicity is best,

  • You may program basic alarms, activities, battery life, and reminders and display maps, radio, music, and news on the screen.
  • Setting complications for favorite contacts allows for easy access to contacts.
  • Weather temperature and conditions reports will be available at your fingertips, and many more difficulties can be configured.
  • It’s one of the coolest custom Apple Watch Faces, believing that the ultimate elegance is simplicity.

7. Chronograph Pro

The Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later versions are compatible with the Chronograph Pro. Users can put a variety of complications on the screen, including favorite contacts, find individuals, voice notes, music, timer, sunrise and sunset, and many others.

  • By default, Chronograph Pro comes with a tachymeter, but you may change it to 60, 30, 6, and 3-second timers by customizing the dial.
  • It’s simple to start the dial by tapping and pressing the green button.

8. Meridian

The Apple Face Gallery is integrated with the Meridian Watch Face. The Watch Face has high popularity among other personalized Apple Watch Faces, and its fans love it.

  • The Watch Face is the ideal combination of form and function.
  • Meridian is ideal for users who want to go all out with bold colors and an authoritative atmosphere.
  • It boasts a simple, dramatic design enhanced by four complexities in the dial’s center.
  • It isn’t nearly as excellent as Infographics Face (discussed later), but it is adequate for minimalist users.


Apple Watch is an unusual watch, but it is stunning, particularly because of its display. Although creating appealing watch faces for the rectangular screen can be difficult, Apple Watch does so beautifully. I’ve gathered 10+ “Best Apps to Create and Set Custom Apple Watch Faces” that come preloaded on the Apple Watch for this reason.


Can You Make Custom Watch Faces For Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch app’s Face Gallery is the simplest method to see all available watch looks, customize one, and count it to your collection. If you don’t have access to the iPhone, you can alter the face directly on your watch. See Apple Watch faces and features for further information.

Can I Download More Watch Faces For Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch app’s Face Gallery is the simplest method to see all available watch looks, customize one, and count it to your compilation. If you don’t have access to the iPhone, you can alter the face directly on your watch. See Apple Watch faces and features for further information.

Can I Download More Watch Faces For Apple Watch?

Unlock the App Store on your iPhone or straight on your watch to see what’s new. Look for “watch faces” and download any software that piques your attention. After that, you can choose a face and add it to your watch.

Is There An App For Watch Faces?

Facer is perhaps the most popular watch face app, with one of the greatest libraries of watch faces for smartwatches. Facer has you covered whether you have a Galaxy Watch, an Android Wear Watch, or an Apple Watch.