3 Methods To Appear Offline On Discord

appear offline on discord

Because it’s so simple to speak with the locations and clubs you want, switch among groups, and select text or voice messaging based on your inclination, Discord continues to be a popular network.

However, there are instances when you don’t feel like doing anything and want to go unnoticed.

Discord offers various status settings, unlike other chat apps like WhatsApp and Skype, which allow users to appear offline on Discord.

Look no more if you’ve ever pondered how to appear offline on Discord. This step-by-step tutorial teaches about the many Discord status categories and how to become offline on Discord by simply altering your current status in a few clicks.

All Types Of Statuses On Discord 

All Types Of Statuses On Discord 

Currently, there are four different statuses in Discord. These can be seen next to a user’s Username in your buddy list, on a server’s user list, and on their pop-out biography as colored symbols.

The following defines each Discord status:

Online (A Green Circle)

It demonstrates your system activity (not necessarily using Discord). When Discord is open, this is the default state that appears. A green dot next to your avatar indicates that your status is Online. 

People can chat with you when they see your online status. 

An Idle Half Moon In Yellow

Others can tell you’ve been away from your keyboard (AFK) for a while by looking at your idle state. The Idle state is displayed as a yellow dot next to your avatar when it is active. 

The app sets the idle status when you are inactive on Discord for a while. However, you can also manually set it. You should know that the auto-idle status vanishes as you return to the Discord app. 

However, you may manually set the status for an endless time.

A Red Circle Denotes “Do Not Disturb.”

When you enable the Do Not Disturb or DnD mode, it tells people that you are unavailable for chat and should not be bothered. It displays as a red dot beside your picture. 

Additionally, all desktop alerts from Discord are muted immediately when you have this status.

Invisible (A Gray Circle) 

Even while the Discord client is open, the Invisible status causes you to look offline. Your contacts and server users will see you offline if your status is set to Invisible. 

As usual, you can continue using Discord’s features, including texting. While you may still utilize all of Discord’s features, everyone else will see you as being offline.

FYI: Discord also enables you to specify a custom display message for each of the four status kinds, which you may do based on specific situations and for a specific amount of time. This is called a Custom Status

Invisible (A Gray Circle) 

Provided you’re engaged in something genuinely cool; you may give this status whichever name you like to let people know what you’re up to and why you haven’t been chatting.

You can specify how long you want this message to remain visible by selecting the “Clear After” option.

Setting a custom status is another simple approach to sharing your current activity and may be done for up to 4 hours at a time.

Why Would You Want To Appear Offline On Discord? 

Discord is fantastic for conversing, although it occasionally tends to be annoying. What would happen if you didn’t want anyone to know you were online? Or perhaps you have a lot of notifications coming in?

You might choose to appear offline on Discord when performing maintenance for your guild, concentrating on crafting or leveling, or simply wanting some peace without leaving the server. 

Once you’ve selected “Invisible,” you can continue playing games and taking care of your obligations without interruption.

No one will know that your status is invisible, unlike the other available alternatives.

Discord’s “Invisible” status, which allows users to seem offline to others while maintaining full app functioning, is perfect for times when gamers want a little peace but still want to keep informed of any messages being delivered on their servers.

Sadly, there isn’t a mechanism to apply your status per Discord server or friend. This implies that your presence is felt across all servers if you are online.

Keeping privacy while being accessible to your close pals can be a little annoying.

How To Appear Offline On Discord Desktop App?

The instructions below must help you change your Discord status to seem offline irrespective of your platform because the Discord UI is the same on the desktop and browser apps.

  1. Open the Discord site or the original Discord client for Windows, Mac, or Linux to get going.
  2. Check your Discord window’s lower left corner. Your chosen avatar and your Discord name should appear there as an icon. Additionally, a green status light will show you are online and active. Choose your icon.
  3. The second step is when a status menu with various options appears. Choose Invisibly, the option with the grey dot, if you want to disappear from view and no one will be able to see you ultimately.
  4. You will no longer be seen as a group participant right away. You can explore Discord and even send messages to your buddies. You’ll merely appear to be offline.
  5. You still have various alternatives based on how you want to seem offline. If you still want to be there but want to let everyone know you’re not available now, select Idle.
  6. If you’re going to be absentminded for a while or are making an important phone call, this is an intelligent choice.
  7. While Discord may be available, you’re not online now and wouldn’t want to be contacted, so use the Do Not Disturb option to let everyone know. This will conveniently silence any desktop alerts you have enabled on Discord.
  8. You can also create a Custom Status with Discord. This is helpful if you make material or want your Discord friends to know some specifics.

How To Appear Offline On Discord Mobile App? 

Take the following actions to appear offline on the Discord app on a smartphone or tablet:

  1. Open the Discord app on your Android or iOS device, and if you haven’t already, log in.
Open the Discord app on your Android or iOS device
  1. Click the profile picture in the bottom right corner afterward.
Click the profile picture in the bottom right corner
  1. From the menu, locate and select the Set Status item.
select the Set Status item
  1. The Set Status menu will then display at the bottom. Select Invisible from there.
The Set Status menu will then display at the bottom
  1. Your profile icon will show a grey dot after changing your status to Invisible, much like the desktop app.
Your profile icon will show a grey dot

There is nothing further to say. Set your status to Invisible to appear offline on Discord. The server administrators and other users cannot see you when your status is set to Invisible.

How To Appear Offline On Discord For A Specific Amount Of Time? 

You might forget to update your status if you’re as forgetful as I am. As a result, individuals will always perceive you as being unavailable.

You can use a custom status to specify a period during which you will be invisible if you do not want this to occur.

To create a personalized status in Discord, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch the Discord application.
Launch the Discord application
  1. In the bottom left corner, click the profile photo there.
click the profile photo there
  1. Then, select “Set A Custom Status.”
Select "Set A Custom Status."
  1. Here, you may include a personalized message informing them of your status. You can specify when the status will change to “Clear.” 
You can specify when the status will change to "Clear." 

When this period expires, the setting will return to default. Please set it to invisible in the status area to make it appear offline.

How To Spot If Someone Is Fake Offline On Discord – 3 Methods 

While turning on “Do Not Disturb” is acceptable, many Discord users frequently choose to remain inactive even when they are actively using the platform. Of course, you can take offense to it and attempt to figure out why. 

However, you might also take the high road and respect the “Invisible users” who demand privacy by leaving them alone.

It won’t be simple to blow one’s cover because Discord has the “Invisible” status embedded in it for a reason. The feature has not yet received official approval. 

Therefore our efforts may eventually be in vain. You might look for several hints if you still believe you can’t afford to be the better man right now or that you need to find your ghosts.

  1. Keep An Eye Out For The Texts/Typing Indication
  2. Voice Chat Servers
  3. Send A Text Instead

1. Keep An Eye Out For The Texts/Typing Indication.

You might search through the ghost’s many groups or platforms if you join them. Your best chance of catching them in the act is if they use servers to communicate with other Discord members. 

Additionally, keep an eye out for the typing indicator, which displays when a user clicks on a text box or begins to type.

2. Voice Chat Servers

You must also keep records of their voicemails, much like texts. Examine the servers they frequently access to see whether any messages have been lost.

3. Send A Text Instead

Sending a message is all it takes to let someone know you care about their well-being and are thinking of them. They most likely needed to use the “Invisible” option to escape some criminals and weren’t fleeing from you the first time.

Important Facts About Changing Your Status On Discord

  • A worldwide status change has occurred. This means that, for the time being, at least, you cannot choose a server or a particularly nasty individual to seem invisible to.
  • On Discord, your status will appear the same way for everyone.
  • If you forget to change your status from Invisible, Discord will remind you. You won’t have to worry about forgetting because you’ll probably see a pop-up the next time you come back inquiring if you’d like to change.
  • Your status is often synced across devices with Discord. In other terms, if you switch your phone’s state to Invisible, your gaming pals who use PCs will also notice the change. Nevertheless, a delay can vary depending on your network and other aspects.
  • It doesn’t seem possible to have different statuses on your PC and the mobile Discord client.


There you go! You’re all set to explore the numerous features offered by Discord to help you maintain privacy, especially on a social platform. 

Knowing how many status options you have and how each one will help you understand the application better and personalize it to your taste.

We hope this blog helped you clear your doubts about how to appear offline on Discord and its other status options.