4 Ways To Use An Animated GIF As Desktop Background On Windows

One of the best ways to make Windows 10 feel more personal is to change your desktop wallpaper to an animated gif as Desktop background. You’ve probably heard about an Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows, but you should think about animating your wallpaper. Most of the tools eat all the RAM

4 Ways To Use An Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows"

An animated desktop wallpaper is not supported natively in Windows 10. There are many third-party methods for safely customizing your background without sacrificing CPU resources or spending a lot of money. To liven up the scene, learn how to set an animated GIF as your desktop wallpaper on Windows 10.

What Is An Animated Gif?

The GIF file format, enunciated gif or jif, was initially designed for graphics, but it is now commonly used for rudimentary animated visuals. Consider GIF as a short looping movie to grasp its functionality.

Because GIFs aren’t “videos,” we refer to them as “Animated pictures.” There is no sound in GIFs. Furthermore, this file format was not created with animations in mind; it just happened to be that way.

When it comes to Animated GIFs, this file format is a simple and effective way to express a vast quantity of data. GIFs are increasingly commonplace on all social media platforms. That is why I feel people are intrigued by the idea of using an Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows.

How To Use An Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows 10 PC

  1. Wallpaper Engine
  2. Plastuer
  3. Bionix Wallpaper
  4. VLC Media Player

1. Wallpaper Engine

Wallpaper Engine

When personalizing your desktop wallpaper, Wallpaper Engine is one of the most advanced options. It allows you to make your backdrops or import films, websites, and other media.

  • Start customizing your desktop after downloading and installing Wallpaper Engine. This software appeals to us because of its inexpensive cost and low resource use.
  • Activate Wallpaper Engine. If you bought the game through Steam, you’d also need to download the Steam launcher.
  • Select which monitor you’d want to personalize. Select the option to clone your wallpaper if you wish to use both monitors.
  • To find new desktop backgrounds, go to the Discover and Workshop sections. Thanks to the various search feature, it’s simple to find animated backdrops you like.
  • Then click the Subscribe button after selecting the background you want to use. You will be able to use the animated background on your computer due to this.
  • You can play with the animation speed, soundtrack, and other parameters in each theme.
  • Play around with your desktop to further modify it and create an atmosphere that suits your needs.
  • Now, you can use an Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows.

2. Plastuer


Plastuer is a program that makes it simple to put GIFs as your desktop background. Additional features include the ability to designate HTML5 websites as your setup’s wallpaper, expanding the possibilities with robust WebGL support.

How to Use Plastuer?

  • The user interface is straightforward, and it guides you through the process step by step. We were pretty pleased with how nicely everything went. Let’s have a look at some examples:
  • Extract all by right-clicking on the downloaded zip file.
  • Select the directory where you want this file to be extracted, then click Extract.
  • To run the software, double-click Plastuer.exe in the extracted folder.
  • We’ll start by choosing which displays we’d like to control with Plastuer.
  • Select the GIF you wish to use as your desktop wallpaper by clicking Select File. You can paste the GIF URL directly into the top bar if you don’t have it on your computer.
  • Navigate to the desired GIF’s location, select it, and click Open.
  • Now press the Save button.
  • Choose a wallpaper layout and a backdrop color for the GIF that may appear behind it.
  • You’ve now chosen your wallpaper.
  • You can now explore and select the wallpapers you wish to add to your playlist, or you can paste a URL, and the program will automatically add the internet wallpaper to your playlist.
  • Remember that each wallpaper you add will require selecting the layout and background color.
  • After you’ve finished making your playlist, click Save.
  • Choose where you want the playlist to be saved, give it a name, and save it.
  • To begin working with your playlist, click Save.
  • Decide whether to shuffle or stay to the sequence of the wallpapers in the playlist and how long they should last. The checkbox can be used to accomplish this. Now press the Save button.
  • Finally, the program’s gallery contains several free wallpapers; if you wish to browse them, go to the main menu and select Browse Gallery.
  • You may now pick from a wide range of wallpapers.
  • That is all there is to it. As long as the application is open, your good-quality GIF images will work fine. Check the bottom-right corner of your screen to see if it’s running. By right-clicking on the icon and selecting Change wallpaper, you can skip the current wallpaper and go straight to the next one.
  • Now, you can use an Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows.

3. Bionix Software 

Bionix Wallpaper

BioniX video Wallpaper Animator is a free tool that lets you create animated GIF backgrounds. It’s a helpful program that allows you to set any GIF or movie as your desktop wallpaper.

It’s highly user-friendly and simplifies an otherwise tricky task.

BioniX Animated wallpaper is a free tool that allows you to manage your wallpapers. For advanced functions use Paid software.

  • Make a playlist of wallpapers to switch between (including GIFs).
  • Decide how often you’ll adjust.
  • Decide whether the order of the wallpapers will be determined at random or following the order you choose.
  • There are many more features, but we’ll concentrate on the ones listed above for this post.
  • Now, you can use an Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows.

How to Use Bionix?

  • Double-click the setup file to begin installing the program after you’ve finished downloading it.
  • Set your installation directory from Browse; leave the default if you’re unsure what to do. Then click Install.
  • After the installation is complete, accept the Licence Agreement by clicking Ok.
  • After selecting the Full user interface, click Close.
  • To concentrate on tweaking your settings, press the Stop button to halt any automated wallpaper changes for the time being.
  • To erase all of the imported media files from your computer, go to the Playlist tab and click the Clear playlist button.
  • Drag and drop the GIF background into the empty playlist now that you have a clean playlist.
  • If you have more than one wallpaper in your playlist, adjust the timing before clicking the Play button to start the wallpaper timer.
  • The backgrounds will not change automatically if you don’t touch the play button. If you wish to be startled by order of the background changes, check the ‘Shuffle mode’ checkbox.
  • There are several options available: you can use the wallpaper in its original wallpaper size or fit and fill it.
  • You can select the maximum enlargement you want if you use the fill option. When enlarging little GIFs, be aware that they may get pixelated.
  • There is a technique to add online wallpaper/s from a specific website to your profile. There’s also a specific tool for downloading Flickr wallpapers. These options are available through the Tools menu, as seen below.
  • Open the Monitor tab, configure each monitor by number, and then click Apply if you want to control which monitor(s) you wish to handle with the application.
  • To begin the process, press the Start button.
  • You’ve arrived. As long as the application is open, your GIF backgrounds will work fine. It’s worth noting that minimizing the application will not close it; however, closing it will.
  • If you want to halt the animation of your GIF wallpaper or reclaim control of the wallpapers, right-click on the BioniX icon and select Close BioniX.
  • Now, you can use an Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows.

4. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

VLC is a media player, but it includes a slew of hidden features that you probably aren’t aware of. The power to set a video as your desktop wallpaper is one of these features.

  • Start the program from the taskbar or notification area and look for a video to use as your desktop backdrop magnification.
  • To open the Run application, press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • Drag and drop the VLC Player shortcut into the newly opened Startup folder from your desktop.
  • Select Properties from the shortcut’s right-click menu.
  • Open a new File Explorer window and go to C: Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC, where you’ll find the vlc.exe file. 
  • Change the Target field to one of the paths below.
    • C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe” –video-wallpaper –qt-start-minimised –no-qt-fs-controller –repeat –no-video-title-show –qt-notification=0 “Video location”
  • Close the window after clicking Apply. Give the administrator permission for the shortcut if required.
  • Double-click the newly updated shortcut. Your animated wallpaper should appear on your desktop right away.
  • Now, you can use an Animated Gif As Desktop Background On Windows.


When you turn on your computer, the first thing you see is your desktop wallpaper, which can select the tone for the rest of the day. Depending on your mood, you might wish to set a GIF as your background, which might be anything related to your favorite movie scene. To make your wallpaper animated, utilize the tools listed above.