12 Fixes For “android.process.acore has stopped” Error

A few days ago, we got the ‘Unfortunately, the process android.process.acore has stopped’ error message. Now, we have heard about this issue but we were not expecting to see it.

Right after we saw this message, we weren’t able to use the dial on a Xiaomi 10i android phone. We had to spend quite some time figuring out what the issue is so that we can get rid of it.

While we were at it, we noticed a lot of user queries regarding this and realized that this issue was quite common. So we made a list of all the solutions we tried and put them together in this article with other relevant information about the stopped Android Acore process.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the Android process acore and how to fix it on your android device.

What Does The Android Process Acore Do On My Android mobile?

android.process.acore has stopped error message in a Motorola android mobile

Acore stands for Account Core. This is an android OS process that is responsible for controlling the contacts, a dial pad, and user dictionary on most android devices. This process Android Process Acore can stop on your system because of a number of reasons.

It can be a glitch or cache corruption in the phone. This is not a serious issue for your android mobile. However, you will face some inconveniences while trying to make a call, check your contacts, or use the dial-in on the phone application.

Why Does The Android Process Acore Keep Stopping On My Android Phone?

This Android Acore Process stopping issue is quite common among Android users. It can be caused by one of the below-mentioned factors –

Corrupt Contacts Cache Memory

When the cache memory for your mobile’s contact management application becomes corrupt, you may see the Android.Process.Acore error message. It is difficult for android to work with file damage, and thereby causing difficulties while trying to use contacts-related options.

Syncing Issues

The data syncing feature is quite useful when you wish to backup information to the cloud. But this component, when enabled, can come in the way of the android acore process, causing the error message to show up on your screen. Not only does the phone’s

Malware Issues

Android malware is very common these days. Just like the computer virus, this can also wreak havoc on your device. You could be looking at malfunctioning features, loss of data, and privacy. When a mobile virus attacks, you will have to delete it with the help of an antivirus tool, just like how we do it on a PC.

Insufficient Storage And Memory Space

Without the necessary amount of CPU memory or phone storage, features of the mobile phone may be difficult to access or work with. Some applications may not run on your phone or they will be really slow. The only way out of this is to get rid of unwanted files like documents, images, music files, videos, and especially .apk files.

OS Crashing

If your OS crashes a lot of time and the phone keeps hanging because of that you should be having a lot of issues regarding this. One of them is the android.process.acore which keeps stopping on your android device. You might want to check this with a professional technician if you suspect a firmware-related issue.

Backing Up Your Data Before Implementing The Solutions

There is one other important step that you have to do before using the procedures that should help us remove the android.process.core error message. You have to make backups of the information on your mobile to an online cloud storage unit or to any other storage drive that is safe.

You will need an adequate amount of space on the storage directory. Another additional piece of information that you might find helpful is that if your network has a higher bandwidth, the data upload process can finish quite fast.

Since we are dealing with an android phone, a Google Drive is integrated with your mobile. You can use up to 15 GB of free space in the GDrive account. If you need more space, you can upgrade the drive or use another drive. For storing it in a piece of storage hardware, you can use a USB On-The-Go (USB OTG) drive to back your data up to.

Tips And Tricks To Fix The Android Process Acore Frequent Standstill Issue

We have collected some of the solutions that have helped people fix this android.process.acore situation on their mobiles and made a curation of them. You should be able to get rid of the issue quite fast with the below fixes.

  1. Reboot your android mobile
  2. Update Your Contacts and Messaging Apps
  3. Enable the Facebook application
  4. Uninstall and Re-Install The Facebook and Messenger Apps
  5. Disable Sync for Facebook and refresh the contacts on your phone
  6. Get Rid of the Cache data for the Contacts Application
  7. Clean the Android Device’s Cache Memory
  8. Use an alternative for the contacts application
  9. Change the App Preferences back to default
  10. Log out and log back into your Google account
  11. Update to the latest Android OS version
  12. Perform a factory reset of the device

Solutions To Implement When The Android Process Acore Keeps Stopping On Android

Reboot Your Android Mobile

Rebooting the device is one of the simplest forms of getting rid of bugs on your device. Each mobile phone has a unique interface to switch it off. Usually, there are separate options for restarting the PC. It can either let you restart your mobile or completely switch it off.

We recommend turning the mobile off and setting it aside for a while, before turning it on. This is the simplest workaround for removing the android.process.acore error message.

Reboot and Power Off options for the MIUI

Update Your Contacts And Messaging Apps

The Android.Process.Acore process is interconnected with any application that is used for communication, such as Contacts and Messaging applications. If these applications are out of date, there may be issues.

These applications may not be available on the Google Play Store, therefore we have to use a slightly different method for updating these elements. If you see notifications of these applications having available updates, open them and you will initiate the download process.

If your mobile UI has a unique platform to download updates for the domestic features that come with the device itself, you should be able to see options that offer updates of the system apps for download.

Make sure that your network connection is strong and uninterrupted, to make the download complete smoothly without any disturbances.

Enable The Facebook Application

When you install an application, it means that the application has been downloaded and stored in your device for easy access and allowed to operate in the device. Users have the option to stop this application from being used even when it is installed on their smartphone.

This is usually done to prevent the application from getting permission to access different aspects on your phone. If the Facebook or the Messenger application is disabled from getting permissions, we may be having problems. The acore process error dialog box keeps popping up.

A lot of users noticed that this issue happens right after they disable the Facebook application on their hand-held device. Why don’t we enable it and hope it’ll set things back to normal?

Now, there are several mobile brands in the market which means that there are an equal number of User Interfaces (UI) for users to choose from. Each UI has a different way to get something done through the settings.

However, since the intention is the same for every mobile. The steps and the options to choose should be more or less in the following way –

  • Open the mobile’s settings.
  • Go into the Apps section or any other option associated with managing the Applications and their information.
  • Locate the Facebook application. The apps are generally arranged in alphabetical order or the amount of cache memory they have accumulated in this specific device.
  • Tap on the Facebook menu and use the appropriate option to enable it again.
App info for the Facebook application

Uninstall And Re-Install The Facebook And Messenger Apps

Another option for you to kill the acore process issue is to uninstall and reinstall the Facebook and Messenger applications on your android device. Also, it is a well-known fact that Facebook and Messenger go hand-in-hand.

Uninstalling an application is quite easy. Tap the icon of the application and hold it until it gets selected. You cannot use a shortcut that is on the home screen. Once the app gets selected, drag it to the Uninstall section that is located on any of the top corners of your screen.

To install the application on your android phone, you will need to use the Google Play Store. The search bar can help you find the Facebook and Messenger apps. Touching on the Install button will download them. Since we are dealing with a social media application, you will have to log back into the account in order to use their features.

Note: You will have to look for factors like a download in progress and a decent internet connection before you initiate the download.

Disable Sync For Facebook And Refresh The Contacts On Your Phone

Contacts that you save on your phone get synced/synchronized to your cloud account. If the contacts are also being synced to your Facebook profile, you can expect trouble and the android acore stopped error message.

You can disable this feature for either the Facebook application or the Google account. This procedure can help you turn sync off for the Facebook profile. It is advisable to back up the contacts on your phone to a Google account as they are much easier to access than getting the contacts back from Facebook.

  • Bring up the Settings page on your mobile and go into the Accounts setting.
  • Scroll down to the Facebook application and tap on it.
  • On this page, find the option that says Sync and disable it.
Sync Now option for the Facebook application

Get Rid Of The Cache Data For The Contacts Application

As mentioned earlier, the cached data can become corrupt leading to the acore android process issue. The only option to clear this factor is to actually clear it out. Use the steps given below to delete the cache memory created by the Facebook application.

  • Go into the mobile Settings page.
  • Choose the Apps section.
  • Tap the Facebook option, when you navigate to it.
  • Locate the button that reads Clear Data and touch it.
Clear data option for the Facebook application
  • If there is a confirmation window, agree with it for wiping the cache, that could be possibly corrupt.

Clean The Android Device’s Cache Memory

Getting rid of the possibly corrupt cache memory can also fix the stopping acore process issue on your device. You can start this procedure if clearing the Facebook application’s cache memory did not work for you.

This is a risky process but it is worth not having the Acore Android Process keep stopping on your mobile. Carry on with these steps and be careful while you are at it, as it has risks of damaging the phone firmware when done wrong.

You will have to use the Recovery mode on your phone to “Wipe the Device Cache”.

  • Push the power button on the side of your phone and hold it till you see the options to shut down.
  • Once the device is powered down, push the Power and any of the Volume buttons.
  • This will bring up the Recovery mode on your android phone.
  • On this page, you should be able to clear the device cache data. The option can be something like Wipe Device cache or Clear device data.
  • Once the cache deletion process is complete, the system will be rebooted easily.

Use An Alternative For The Contacts Application

If your problem is with the contacts application, you needn’t worry. You can always use a different application to manage your contacts. In most mobiles, you will have the Contacts app to save or edit contact information and make calls.

There are several applications that offer the same features as that of the standard contacts application. Look for the one that meets all your needs and download the application.

You will not be able to get the pre-installed Contacts utility out of your mobile. We recommend using the third-party contact management tool until the error message stops showing up on your android device.

Change The App Preferences Back To Default

The Application preferences on your device are what allow the installed apps to use the different aspects of the mobile. Only because of this component, the apps on your smartphone use the camera, location services, and other services.

When this feature is reset, all the applications will be revoked of their permissions, set the application configurations back to default, and enable the applications back again.

This is a slightly complicated procedure. You will have to figure this out in the Apps settings of your phone. Owing to the unique interfaces of the different mobiles, we are unable to provide you with definite steps on how to reset the application preferences.

  • Launch the phone settings window.
  • Go into the Apps settings.
  • Locate the option related to App Preferences.
Reset app preferences option in the app settings
  • In it, you should be able to find the option to reset it. Once the reset is complete, try dialing a friend to check if you are having trouble.

Log Out And Log Back Into Your Google Account

Somewhere up here, we mentioned a link between the contacts saved to an android phone and the Google account that connects the phone to several aspects of the internet.

A mistake in this connection could be responsible for the android acore process stopped issue to appear on your smartphone. Removing it from the phone and connecting it back should be sufficient to help fix this issue.

  • Go into the Settings window.
  • Find and tap on the Accounts settings.
Accounts settings in the MIUI settings
  • Locate the active or primary Google account. The target is to remove the account that your contacts have been backing up into. You can also remove all the accounts if you want to.
  • Once you go into the account settings, tap on the Remove or Remove account option
Remove account option for the Google account
  • When you notice that the account is out, restart your smartphone.
  • To add the account back, open any one of the Google Apps first. These include apps like Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Play Store, and more.
  • Tap the profile picture that is on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Touch the Add Account option.
  • In the next window, use your login credentials to log the account on your device.

Update To The Latest Android OS Version

Updating the OS on any device is very important. This action can get rid of the bugs that have been hindering the users and also bring in newly released features to it.

It is a great option for users with the Android.acore.process stopping issue to deal with this issue as this error can just be caused by a bug or glitch in the system.

When an android update is available, you will receive a notification. When interacted with, this notification can take you to the page where you can find specifications of the update and the option to download it.

Alternatively, you can also use the About phone section in the phone settings to check for android and UI updates and download them. Once the download process is complete, you are required to install the update by restarting your android hand-held.

Android version in the MIUI settings

The installation process can take quite some time to finish. When it is done, you could be looking at a newer appearance of the software that does not show the Android.acore.process keeps stopping error message.

Note: Android releases security updates once a month and patch updates come at irregular intervals. A newer android version is released to the users one time a year.

Perform A Factory Reset Of The Device

The final solution is to reset the device so that all the OS settings and other configurational changes made by the user or applications are set back to default. There is a high chance that the issue does not appear when all the settings have not been changed and the phone is practically brand new, firmware-wise.

The only setback of this process is that you will be losing all the information that is stored on your device. As suggested earlier, it is very important for you to make backups of the device’s contents.

Once you have the backups, we can get into resetting the device. Every android device has two ways to reset them. You can use the Recovery mode window or the mobile settings to do it.

If you are going with the Recovery mode method, use the below procedure –

  • Hold down the power button on the side of your phone until you see the option to turn it off.
  • Push the Power and any of the Volume buttons once the smartphone has been shut down.
  • This will put your Android phone into recovery mode. This screen will have the option for you to force a reset of your device.
  • Tap the button that says Factory Reset and wait for the resetting operation to end.

For users who opt to use the Settings, here you go –

  • Open your phone Settings window. This usually has an icon consisting of one or more graphic gear cogs.
  • Navigate to the Settings that contain information about your device. This is usually titled ‘About Device’, ‘Phone’ or ‘About Phone’.
  • The factory reset option should be available here.
The factory reset option
  • Tap on it and you will see a warning window. Confirm it and your device should be clear of everything in about a period of 10 minutes.

Once the OS has been reset on your phone, you will have to initialize the smartphone once again like you did, right after taking it out of the box.

The above are the solutions you can use on your android smartphone if you are experiencing the Android.Process.Acore stopping issue. If these steps do not fix it for you, contact your mobile brand’s support or take it to an authorized service unit for help.

Can the Fixes for Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android also Help with the “android.process.acore has stopped” Error?

Yes, the fixes for the screen overlay error on Android can also help with the “android.process.acore has stopped” error. By adjusting app permissions and disabling screen overlay settings, you can potentially resolve both issues. Be sure to follow the specific instructions to fix screen overlay error android and address the related error message.


Why Does My Phone Keep Saying Android Process Acore Keeps Stopping?

When an Android smartphone keeps displaying the Android Process Acore keeps stopping error dialog box, it means that there are a few glitches in the Contacts application or some form of problem with the contact information syncing process on the mobile You may experience technical difficulties while trying to use the dial pad or make a call.

What Is The Cause Of Unfortunately App Has Stopped?

An application can end abruptly on a mobile phone when:
– There is insufficient CPU memory
– There is no proper internet connection (for online access seeking applications)
– The application is being glitchy or showing signs of bugs
– It is being run on an incompatible device
– The app’s cache memory is corrupt or absent

What Is The Android Process Acore Has Stopped Error?

The Android.Process.Acore has stopped error is an Android-exclusive issue that appears when the cache memory of the Contacts application on the phone has become corrupt. Issues with the contacts being synced can also be responsible for this issue.

Why Does Android Process Media Stop?

The android.process.media operation stops on your android device when the download manager and the media storage units are faulty on the device. Clearing the cache data on your android mobile and for the associated apps can help remove ourselves from this digital predicament.