12 Fixes For Android Phone Not Ringing

Is your android phone not ringing? There can be many reasons behind that. It could be an audible issue or something to do with network and phone settings. Hence, we will get right into the reasons and their solutions. 

This guide will help you diagnose and solve the problem through every possible issue. You will learn whether it was a physical or software glitch or something along those lines. With that being said, let’s begin: 

How To Fix An Android Phone Not Ringing?

  1. Check For Bluetooth Connection
  2. Check For The Silent Mode Or Vibration Mode
  3. Check For The Airplane Mode
  4. See If You Have Do Not Disturb On
  5. Check The Ring Volume For Incoming Calls
  6. Check The Notification Volume Settings
  7. Do You Have Call Forwarding Or Voicemails On? 
  8. Try Different Phone Ringtones 
  9. Restart Your Android Device
  10. Factory Reset Your Mobile
  11. Possible System Glitches
  12. Potential Hardware Problem

1. Check For Bluetooth Connection

Do you have a Bluetooth device you often use with your android phone? That could be why you cannot listen to the ring. 

  • If the connected device has a power button, you could use it to power it off. It will help you check if that was the issue.
Check For Bluetooth Connection
  • You can also slide down to open the phone’s control panel (quick shortcuts). You will see the Bluetooth option.
Turn off Bluetooth from the control panel
  • If it is lit up, it means Bluetooth is turned on. Tap on it to turn it off.
  • You can also go to Phone’s settings, search for Bluetooth and toggle it from there.
  • This will disconnect all the devices connected to the phone. 
this disconnects all the devices connected to the phone
  • Next, you can check if you can listen to the ringtone now.

Remember that headphones connected via cable can also lead to similar issues. That’s because the phone has a headphone mode. So, make sure to disconnect any physically connected device, as well.

2. Check For The Silent Mode Or Vibration Mode

There’s a good possibility that you have activated Vibration or Silent mode.

In vibration mode, the phone doesn’t produce any sound. It only has vibrations to catch attention. And in silent mode, most phones won’t vibrate or produce sound.

So, you won’t hear any ring or notification sound in these modes. It is a good idea to check for them.

  • In most phones, it is more of a sound profile. So, you will see the Mute > Sound > Vibrate in the same option.
Check For The Vibration Mode
  • This applies to most Samsung Phones and others that follow the suite. You can tap on whichever profile is visible by sliding down the control panel. It will switch profiles one after another.
  • In some phones, the silent mode is separate. So you will have to tap on it to activate/deactivate it. The same applies to a separate vibration setting.
Check For The Silent Mode

3. Check For The Airplane Mode

This one is also the same diagnosis as the above two options. If your phone has Airplane mode active, it won’t receive calls at all. You won’t be connected to the internet. There will be no network service.

This could be the reason you’re not getting Android phone rings. So:

  • Once again, slide downwards to open the system toolkit. On some phones, you might have to slide upwards.
slide downwards to open the system toolkit
  • Either way, you will see an Airplane icon on one of the options. That is the Airplane mode.
  • If it is glowing, let’s say, blue, as in the default Samsung Galaxy, you might want to tap on it.
Check For The Airplane Mode
  • Make sure that it is not active. So, toggle it off.

4. See If You Have Do Not Disturb On

Another profile option, same as sound or airplane mode, is the DND mode. The Do Not Disturb mode is customizable on most devices. But, they all share a similar purpose.

They are there to hide notifications, call notifications, and even the rings that you hear. If you have DND mode active, you won’t hear anything.

So, following the same guidelines above, DND mode is available as a quick shortcut. It should be alongside Airplane, Sound Profile, and such.

If you can’t find it, then:

  • Open the Phone’s settings app.
open settings
  • Go to the search option at the top.
  • Type Do Not Disturb.
See If You Have Do Not Disturb On
  • It will show you the result.
  • You can then go in there to customize the DND profile or toggle it on/off.
Turn Off Do Not Disturb if On

5. Check The Ring Volume For Incoming Calls

If none of these solutions work, your ring volume could be turned down. How do you fix that?

  • Press the Volume Up or Volume Down button on your phone.
  • This will show you the current sound profile and volume of the phone.
Check The Ring Volume For Incoming Calls
  • You can tap on the speaker or bell icon in the volume controller to change the sound profile.
  • Similarly, if you press volume up, it will increase the volume. Do that if you see that the volume bar is too low.
  • You can also open the mixer. Most phones will be the three dots on top or bottom of the volume bar. In other phones, it will look like an equalizer icon or a mixer.
  • Just tap on it, and it will open a wide range of sound controls. You can go ahead and adjust the volume.
adjust the volume
  • Make sure to have the ring volume to the top.
  • If this step confuses you, you can try the next step on the list.

6. Check The Notification Volume Settings

Yes, even the notification could have an impact. In some models, there isn’t a separate ringtone setup, but all of it is in notifications. So make sure to: 

  • Once again, open the settings menu of your phone.
  • You will see the Sound Option. It will have everything listed, like Ringtone Volume, Media Volume, etc.
Check The Notification Volume Settings
  • Make sure that the ringtone volume is turned up and not down.
  • You can also scroll down to change the phone ringtone and customize it.
Change the phone ringtone and customize it
  • In some phones, the setting is alongside notifications. So, you can also check that out. See if you have settings for calls separately.

7. Do You Have Call Forwarding Or Voicemails On?

Maybe you have a voicemail or call forwarding active. These features quickly transfer the call to a different device or number. This could be the reason for your android phone not ringing. So, give these steps a try: 

  • Open the Phone App. It is the app with a Phone icon on it.
  • Then click on the dots in the top-right corner to open the Menu.
  • Then go to Settings.
Do You Have Call Forwarding Or Voicemails On
  • You will see the Voicemail service in the list. Click on it.
  • Then see if you have set it up. If not, then fine.
Change Voicemail settings
  • Return to Phone settings. See if you have a call forwarding option.
  • Check if it is toggled.
  • If you can’t find Call Forwarding, you can go to Phone’s settings and check once.

8. Try Different Phone Ringtones

You have already tried browsing the ringtones and changing them in the above steps. We have decided to list this suggestion separately so you won’t be confused.

It is a viable option for you to change the default ringtone: 

  • Go to the Phone’s settings.
  • Then go to Sound.
Try Different Phone Ringtones
  • Scroll to Phone Ringtone.
  • Go ahead and tap on it to select different ones.
select different ones and try them
  • You might also want to make sure that if you’re using a third-party app for ringtone, then it should be available.
  • In some cases, the third-party ringtones won’t work. This is especially true for iPhone users.

9. Restart Your Android Device

It could be a software glitch if none of the solutions worked so far. So, it is a good idea to try and restart the phone once:

  • Tap and hold the power button (Side button).
Long press your power button
  • Select the restart option. If there isn’t any restart option, click on the Power Off option.
  • If there is a restart option, the phone will restart automatically. If there was a power button, restart your phone after 30 seconds.
Restart Your Android Device
  • See if this solves the issue.
  • You can press the Volume Up / Down and Power buttons together on some phones for a soft reboot. So you can try that, as well.

10. Factory Reset Your Mobile

If none of the solutions worked so far, it could be a malware or virus issue. For that, you can try using the phone’s built-in scanner. You could even buy and use premium security.

If you don’t want to do that, then resetting the phone is the best option:

  • Go to Settings once again.
  • Use the Search bar to find the Reset option.
  • If you don’t have a search bar: Go to Settings > System > Reset Options.
Factory Reset Your Mobile
  • There, you will find different reset options. It would help if you tried them before you Erase All Data.
Erase everything
  • If none of them work, then continue with Factory Reset.

Remember to make a backup before you reset your phone. Because you will end up losing your data. 

11. Possible System Glitches

There are many times when there’s no problem with the phone. You might have weak network performance. You can check the status bar to see if you’re getting any signal towers. 

Possible System Glitches

You could also contact your service carriers. Find their customer support number if the network issue persists. Most of the other options given above should fix the problem. If this is not the case, it could be a hardware issue.

12. Potential Hardware Problem

Did your phone recently fall in the water or come in contact with sweat, moisture, or sprinkles? If your phone doesn’t have good IPX ratings, it can lead to issues.

Physical damage could also lead to speakers not working correctly. These hardware issues can easily make the ringtones inaudible.

Potential Hardware Problem

This could be the reason. If you have changed network carriers, updated your phone’s software, and even reset it, try this:

Visit the service center of the phone’s manufacturer or brand. They should be able to help you out.

Conclusion – Android Phone Not Ringing

This marks the end of the guide. But remember, these solutions are for the phone’s issue. If any third-party app, like Skype or Discord, is having a problem, check their settings.

Usually, they might have notifications off or their settings configured. Either way, we hope you found a solution for your Android phone not ringing.

So next time anyone calls, we hope you will find the audible. Now you can go ahead and help anyone with a similar issue.

FAQs – Android Phone Not Ringing

Can You Use A Third-Party Ringtone On An Android Smartphone?

Most android smartphones support a feature to set custom ringtones. You can download music or songs and use them as ringtones. But, some apps may not work well with the Android OS.
This applies to unauthenticated or privacy-oriented platforms. So, ensure you have rights to the ringtones you use. 

How To Change iPhone Ringer Volume?

You can change the iPhone ringer volume by using the side button. There are volume control buttons in it. But, if you can’t do it, you can enter the settings. Remember that the iPhone has several features, like attention awareness.
They can quickly reduce the ringtone volume when you use the iPhone. So, keep those in mind when you make changes. 

How To Repair Phone Speakers?

A phone’s speaker isn’t as easy as it used to be. It would help if you didn’t try to repair it by yourself. It is better to take it to the service center. If it is in warranty, you can cut many costs for it. But, if it is not in warranty, you can take it to a repair shop. They can help you get budget-friendly services without any problem. 

Can Safe Mode Fix Samsung Phone Ring?

The Safe Mode is difficult to access on Samsung phones. A safe mode is mostly better on PCs and Windows. So, it won’t exactly fix your issues. It is better to try different solutions than try the safe mode. It will not give you the results that you expect.