Top 9 Best Fixes for Android Messages Keeps Crashing Issue

Let’s discuss some Android app features before we drag ourselves to troubleshoot if Android messages keeps crashing. One of the great features of android is to download a vast number of apps and games available.

Millions of free apps are there in many categories. Many apps are just alternatives, used in place of many popular apps. Many quality apps are there that people widely use.

Android Messages Keeps Crashing

It is now very common for people to complain about “how to troubleshoot the problem of messages app crashing.”

When you meet this error, your app will stop working, and you will go to find the solutions from many forums and websites. But it’s not easy to apply solutions one by one to troubleshoot your messages app crashing.

We will assist you in saving your time and figuring out the issue that is causing the messaging app to crash. We will guide you about the reasons causing this issue and how you can fix this by using possible solutions.

If you are also bothered by the issue of messages app crashes, give it a read. It might solve your problem.

Does Your Messaging App Keep Freezing?

Android has diversity when we talk about both hardware and software. The bringing of options may cause a problem for web developers.

Those who code their apps to run different combinations of hardware and software. That results in different apps crashing or freezing.

Do you also face the issue of messages app keeps freezing or crashing? It is frustrating when you get the notification of messaging app crashing or, unfortunately, the messaging app has stopped.

There are possible causes which create this problem and make you annoyed. Let’s discuss why does it happen?

Messages app crashing

Why Does My Message App Keep Crashing?

There are multiple reasons for crashing or freezing the messages apps. Especially when considering a wide range of chipsets, custom skin, and screen resolution on an Android smartphone.

Low memory or weak chipset can be one of the reasons. Corrupted caches and data may also cause message app errors. Or it is also possible that your system needs software updates.

According to research, the Samsung galaxy series often crashes the SMS app. There can be the following reasons which create the issue of messages app crashing.

  • The software of your phone may be outdated.
  • Corrupted caches and data that need to be updated.
  • Firmware may have some problem that needs to be solved.
  • Other apps have crashed the default app.
  • There can be many unknown errors.

How to fix Android Messages keeps crashing.

There are various possible steps one can follow to troubleshoot messages app crashing. Give them a read, and they might be helpful for you.

Restart the app:

It happens sometimes. Restarting the app can fix many issues. Restarting the app will make your device able to work smoothly.

If the crashing of the messages app persists, then go to the next solution.

Check for errors:

This step will help you find an error in the system if present. If mobile makes a mistake, it might resolve that error by fixing it. It helps to troubleshoot the messages app crashes.

You can view data for crashes and apps not responding (ANR) errors using the Play Console.

  • Open Play console
  • Select an app icon
  • Quality > android vitals > crashes and ANRs
  • In the center of the screen, use the filter to help you diagnose the issue. Select a cluster to get more details of specific crashes or error
ANR & crashes

Reset network settings:

If your message app has a problem, you can troubleshoot it by trying to reset network settings. You may have switched to a new network, or something else is creating the problem.

You will clear all connections by resetting, and it will be started in fresh mode. To reset your network settings:

  • Go to the app’s settings
  • Then go to general management
general management
  • Select reset, then reset network settings

You will be asked to enter your pattern or passcode

  • To reset settings to confirm

Once it is done, try the messages app again. If it is still not working, try the next solution to troubleshoot the problem.

Screenshot of network resetting method

Clear app cache:

It helps apps to remember your previous activities for speed and convenience. But sometimes, this saving of data by old cache causes a crashing app.

And if data is exceeded too much, it can cause your entire phone to crash. Clear your cache data to run your phone smoothly.

Clearing messaging app’s cache will not clear your whole data, but it will delete only non-essential data, and it helps run your phone faster.

Use any optimization tool to clear the cache. It will clear your visible data and temporary app files. And quickly clear duplicate images and empty folders that take up unnecessary space and make your phone run slow.


Delete app data:

Deleting your phone’s data is a task when you have many apps installed on your phone. We have many apps on our smartphones that we use daily. It’s a burden to have massive data to delete.

When we use apps on our phones, they keep on storing data and occupy more space in the phone from internal storage and fill it faster.

So you should keep an eye on the storage and memory of your cellphone and keep clearing the data and cache of your smartphone to run it more quickly.

If you want to use an application again that is stopping, again and again, you have to remove it or clear the data and cache.

Clearing app data is a simple procedure that gives you much free space. And in this way, you can fix the issue of the messages app crashing.

For example, if you have downloaded many movies and forgot to delete them, what will happen eventually?

It will create problems in running apps on your smartphone. When you clear data, it does not only clear the cache but also reset the app, which will provide you with free storage. Follow the steps to clear app data:

  • Open the settings application in the device
  • Open apps menu
  • Select installed application
  • Find that application you want to clear app data of
  • Select it and tap storage
  • Select clear app data/clear storage
Messages storage

Perform soft reset

A soft reset is the easiest way to reset your phone. You have to turn off your device in soft reset and then turn it on.

In some smartphones, there is an option to reboot the phone by which it will turn off and then turn back on itself.

In old versions, only the power-off option is there, and you have to turn the phone on manually.

A soft reset will solve many simple problems in smartphones. Especially if your phone is on for an extended time and did not go through the power cycle by restarting it.

A soft reset is an essential step taken to solve simple problems of your smartphones and solve software problems.

When performing a soft reset, one should be aware of turning off the cell phone at least 10 seconds before turning it on.

A soft reset can solve the following issues:

  • Not receiving text or picture messages
  • Cannot make calls
  • Cannot receive calls
  • Not receiving emails
  • Audio issues
  • Incorrect setting
  • Incorrect time being displayed
  • Network related issues

It’s always good to switch off your phone for a few minutes, at least after a few days. It will help your cellphone to run effectively, smoothie, and nicely.

Refresh system cache:

When you use a browser or app, it will save information in its cache and cookies. If you keep clearing and refreshing them from time to time, it will fix many problems, like loading and formatting issues on sites.

In the chrome app:

  • On your android OS device, open chrome
  • Tap More at the top right and select settings
Chrome settings
  • Select history > Clear browsing data
  • At the time range, select all time to delete all history
  • Next, cookies and site data and cached images and files, check the boxes
  • Select Clear data
Clear browsing data

What happens if you clear cache and cookies:

  • Some settings on sites are deleted like if you were signed in, you would have to sign in again.
  • Some sites may run slowly because of content you have to load again, like images.
  • If you were signed in to chrome, you would stay signed in to Google, YouTube, etc.

Cookies are created by sites you visit, and they make your experience easier by saving data.

The caches remember parts of pages, and they open fast when you visit next time.

Observe the app while on Safe Mode:

Is something wrong? When your cell starts acting like crazy. Maybe it’s shady or creating problems due to some other reasons.

Keep restarting. Almost all android devices can be booted in safe mode to diagnose the issue.

Safe mode allows you to start up your phone without third-party applications.

Many apps are running in the background, so a clean boot will tell you whether faulty software is the cause of your problems.

Entering safe mode is easy, but different cell phones use other methods. Here we list the four most common methods. Method ‘A’ should solve the issue, but go for the next one if it doesn’t.

Method A: From the power-off menu

  • Hold the power button until a menu appears.
  • Hold power off for seconds.
  • When restart in safe mode appears, tap yes.

Method B: Holding power off and volume down

  • Turn off your phone completely.
  • Press and hold the power button with the volume down button.
  • Keep holding them until the manufacturer logo appears.

Method C: Holding volume down

  • Shut down your phone
  • Press and hold them until the manufacturer logo appears.
  • As it disappears, hold the volume down button.
  • Keep holding the volume down button until it finishes booting.

Method D: Holding volume up + volume down

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold the power button until the manufacturer logo appears.
  • Release the power button, then immediately. Press volume down + volume up together.
  • Keep holding them until the device boots up.

You were in safe mode when safe mode at the bottom left corner of the screen after booting up. You will stay in the same mode until you exit that mode.

Safe mode only disables third-party apps. But you can still send messages, make calls, and use the internet. You can also change device settings and uninstall programs.

If you still observe the problem is persisting, then there is a possibility that the issue lies in hardware or android itself. Back up your data and try a factory reset.

Factory reset

If none of the above solutions works, it is time to factory data reset your smartphone. This action will delete all data and lead your cellphone to its default settings. To apply this solution at last.

You must back up your data before going for a reset. To back up data of Android device:

  • Open settings
  • Select google
  • Go to back up
  • Turn on back up to your google drive or back up by googling one (different on different android devices)
  • Back up will start. It may take a few hours to complete the task. Assure that your internet connection is stable and your phone is connected to the charger.
Accounts and backup

Now you can factory reset your device. To factory reset your phone:

  • Select settings
  • Scroll down to the system
  • Tap reset
  • Go to factory reset and choose reset
General Management

Your phone will now restart and will erase all your data. If you lose your data while the resetting process, you can take help from a message extractor, it will provide a safer option to recover all your lost data.


This article has provided you with the possible solutions you can apply to troubleshoot the crashing of the messages app. You can try one by one of them.

If you want your device to perform in better mode, you should keep an eye on cache and data storage. Cleaning of cache every few days can make your device perform faster.

If it does not troubleshoot the messaging app crashing issue, go for the next solutions mentioned in the article. Hope it will help you in troubleshooting messages and app crashes.


How Do I Fix My Message Crash?

– Shut down and restart your phone.
– Update software.
– Tap fix system issues.
– Click the start button to continue fixing.
– Download the firmware package.
– As the firmware is downloaded, fix it Now.
– Get into download mode and repair the system.

How Do I Fix My Messaging App On My Android?

– Restart your android phone.
– Force stop message app.
– Disable third-party apps that were recently downloaded.
– Fix system issues with Droidkit.
– Clear cache and data of massage app.
– Factory reset.

What Is The Default Messaging App For Android?

Previously known as android messages. The messages app from google is the company’s official messages app for texting.
It is pre-installed in the Google Pixel series and select other phones, but another Android user can download it from google play.

Why Does My App Keep Closing When I Open It?

There are several factors involved in this issue, such as:
– The app needs to be updated if you still use an old version.
– Phone software may also have a problem.
– The cache is full, and it needs to be cleaned.
– It may have a problem with the phone’s network settings.
– Maybe the app is corrupted, and you need to reinstall it.