Android Emergency Calls Only And No Service: 15 Best Fixes

There may be times when you come across a notification that says No Service or Emergency Calls Only. You cannot make calls, send texts, or even use your data during those times. 

Android Emergency Calls Only and No Service

Unless you use wi-fi, you will not be able to connect to the internet or any other network. This might get frustrating, especially when you need it the most. However, there are a few reasons why this happens. Either way, there are several ways to fix the android Emergency calls only and No Service issue. 

Why do I get Emergency Calls only and no service?

As mentioned earlier, there may be several reasons why you get No Service and Emergency Calls only on your phone. A majority of the times, when this happens, it is usually due to no network coverage in the area or place you are in. 

However, it could also be due to the faulty SIM card, which does not allow you to connect to a stable network. This usually happens if the SIM card is dirty or has scratches, which means it isn’t functioning properly. 

If the problem persists because of your SIM card, you can either fix it by cleaning the same or replacing it. However, you must remember that certain data are stored in the SIM card, so backing those up before replacing the same is necessary. 

How to fix Android Emergency Calls Only and No Service?

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Perform a factory reset
  3. Check the SIM card
  4. Switch on and off the airplane mode
  5. Select the carrier manually
  6. Fix or Clean your SIM card
  7. Perform a soft reset on the device
  8. Place an outbound call
  9. Replace your SIM card
  10. Change to GSM 
  11. Pay pending bills
  12. Check for the latest updates
  13. Recheck mobile network status
  14. Contact customer service
  15. Relocate

1. Restart your phone

Whether your SIM card is new, you can always restart your phone to fix this issue. A majority of the time, it easily fixes the issue since there are certain glitches within the system at times. 

This method is regarded as one of the easiest and most simple ones. If you cannot locate the restart button or option on your device, you can switch it off and on after some time.

After you switch it on again, you can check whether you can connect your phone to a stable network, and the Emergency Calls Only option has disappeared. 

2. Perform a Factory Reset

Even though this method will wipe all your data from the phone, you can still resort to it if you have backed up all your important data. This method is very helpful as it resets your entire device and switches back to the default settings. 

If you want to go through this method, you must back up all your data before performing the factory data reset. Once you back up everything else, you must go through your phone settings under General settings. 

You will have to select Factory data to reset, and this option will reset your entire system, which includes your network settings as well. This might help you resolve the No Service and Emergency Calls errors only. 

3. Check the SIM Card

Check your SIM card is very integral as some fault in the hardware might also lead to this issue. Due to this reason, you can switch off your device and take off your SIM card and check whether it is correctly installed in the phone or not. 

Apart from that, you can also check whether your SIM card is the only one not functioning in a particular location. If you are at a place where the network is unstable, there are chances that your SIM card is not faulty. However, if you are, you need to check the placement of your SIM card in your phone. 

4. Switch On and Off the Airplane Mode

Another easy and simple method of resolving this issue is switching on and disabling the airplane mode. Turning on the airplane will deactivate all cell reception and broadcasts as well. 

Hence, once you switch it on and off, there are chances that you will be connected to a stable network again. You can navigate through the phone settings and toggle the airplane mode button. 

Switch On and Off the Airplane Mode

After you do this, you can check whether the issue has been resolved or not. You can try other methods if you can still not connect to the network. 

5. Select the carrier manually

There are chances that your network gets disconnected when the settings change automatically. Even though this rarely happens, you can go through the manufacturer’s website to check the operating system and instructions. 

You can follow these steps to select the carrier manually

  • Go to your phone Settings. 
  • Select Wireless and Networks. 
  • Click on Mobile Networks and Network Operators after that. 

You will find two options, Seach Networks and Select automatically. Select the Search networks so that you can choose the carrier manually. Once you do this, you can check if the error message of Emergency Calls Only is still there or not. 

6. Fix or Clean your SIM Card

As mentioned in the method mentioned above, there may be times when your SIM card is either installed improperly or might have something faulty, leading you to face this issue. Hence, one of the quickest ways to address this issue is by checking the SIM card. 

Take out your SIM card from your phone and check whether there is any debris or dirt, especially in the connectors. You can clean your SIM card with the help of a dry small cloth and try to remove any visible dirt. 

 Fix or Clean your SIM Card

Make sure that you do not spill anything on it or use anything wet on it. Once you clean your SIM card, you can install it on your phone and check the network settings again. 

7. Perform a Soft Reset on your Device

One of the easiest ways to perform a soft reset on your device is by removing the battery. However, new models of Android devices have inbuilt batteries that cannot be resolved. If you have a phone with a removable battery, performing a soft reset is very easy. 

You can switch off your phone, remove the battery, and wait for a few seconds. After that, you can insert it and switch on the device. Most of the time, this method also helps in resolving the issue of No Service on your phone. 

8. Place an Outbound Call

Sometimes, your network may go back to normal after you have tried to place a call. Even though this method may not seem as promising, you can try placing an outbound call, and this might help you resolve the issue even though the signal says “No Service.” 

9. Replace your SIM Card

Sometimes, when you have switched to a different phone or due to other issues, there might have been certain defects on your SIM card. This usually happens when you have to cut your SIM card, which leads to a faulty one. 

Due to these reasons, you may keep coming across the issue of Emergency Calls Only and No Service. Even though dust and dirt can be cleaned, if the main receptors are damaged, it would be best to replace the SIM card together. 

However, you must also remember that you must back up all your data and contacts stored in your SIM card before you replace it. You can also import those data into the phone itself so that it isn’t lost once you take off the sim card. 

10. Change to GSM

Even though switching to GSM or 2G might not seem favorable in this day and age. However, if the network is relatively weak, there are chances that your phone will restore reception if you switch to GSM. 

Your current signal may not be able to connect to 3G or 4G networks, and due to the weak connections, GSM might seem more favorable. You can change it to GSM by following these steps.

  • Go to phone Settings and select Mobile Networks. 
  • Click on Network Mode and select GSM Only or 2G. 
change to GSM

The steps might differ depending on the devices and models; for others, you can follow these steps.

  • Go to Settings and Click on Data Usage. 
  • Select the Menu icon and click on Cellular Networks. 
  • Click on Preferred Network Type and select GSM Only. 

11. Pay Pending Bills

Whether you have been using Pre-paid or Postpaid plans, you might want to check if your balance has enough credit or not. The provider usually blocks connection and other network settings if your bill is overdue for a long time. 

If you have already paid, you can try other methods to resolve the issue or even contact the customer service of your network provider. 

12. Check the latest Updates

You can check for the latest Android updates and ensure that your software is updated regularly. There may be times when your software has several bugs or glitches which lead to similar network issues

13. Recheck Mobile Network Status

You need to check whether your place or area has good reception. In case there is a technical issue or bad weather, you may come across this issue. This would mean that there is no problem with your SIM card, then you can connect to a wi-fi network if there is important work. 

Other factors apart from a faulty SIM card can be why you face this issue. 

14. Contact Customer Service

If none of the methods mentioned above is working, you can resort to contacting the customer service of your network provider. They may either ask you for your IMEI number or switch your SIM card if necessary. 

If you have already paid your bills, you can mention the same to them so that there are no cases of your number or SIM being flagged. 

15. Relocate

As mentioned earlier, you may be in a place with no network coverage or poor reception. Hence, before you resort to any methods, you should consider relocating to a different place or area and check whether the issue remains or changes slightly. 


Resolving the issue of Emergency Calls Only and No Service is relatively easy. Checking with the service provider or the replacement SIM card can help resolve this issue. 

Apart from this, you can just fix or clean your SIM card and see whether it works. The wireless carrier on your android smartphone can be switched to GSM Only mode in case the network is slightly unstable. 

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