9 Best Among Us Discord Servers You Should Join

Among Us is one of those games that relies heavily on player participation. While text chat is available in the game, it is not as interactive as voice chat. Additionally, each game round revolves around a discussion thread to weed out the impostor.

among us discord

That’s why players are flocking to Discord servers, where they can mingle and make new friends, voice chat, join a match, share ideas, and more.

For any Among Us player, the ideal location to hang out is on a Discord server. So, if you’re seeking the greatest Among Us India Discord servers, go no further than the list below.

Best Among Us discord servers you need to join 

  1. Among Us
  2. Among Us Lobby
  3. Among Us Cafe
  4. Among Us Global
  5. Among Us LFG
  6. Among Us Community
  7. Among Us Indonesia
  8. Excavice LFG
  9. /r/AmongUs

1. Among Us


Among Us is the largest Discord server in the world, with over 480k users. You can access the community’s benefits, such as matching, giveaways, audio chat, and fan art.

Remember, though, that this official Discord server is not for everyone, especially beginners. The server may sometimes become nasty, and the moderators are forced to ban users left and right.

If someone tries to join your voice chat lobbies against your will, you can take down their raider ID and have them removed from the server or blocked.

Hundreds of Discord bots have been deployed to improve your experience because of the large group. To summarize, if you want a large Among Us community, you’ll have to work hard.

Even though it was launched more than two years ago, Among Us has quickly become one of the year’s most popular games. Even in the third quarter of the year, it was one of the most streamed games.

Crewmates must fulfill duties in a spacecraft while keeping a lookout for an impostor. Meanwhile, the imposter attempts to kill the crew members by sabotaging their progress.

Many Among Us gamers use discord servers, which allow them to communicate with their pals by voice, video, or text, enhancing the gaming experience.

2. Among Us Lobby 

 Among Us Lobby

This is a peaceful Among Us discord with plenty of lobbies for everyone, ranging from open lobbies hosted by anyone to verified crewmate lobbies hosted by our trusted staff. We also have a meme channel and other entertaining features.

The Among Us Lobby server is for users looking for an Among Us Lobby.

The server has over 50,000 users, so you can join and meet new people.

Using the server, you can connect with thousands of active players in the speech channels at any time.

To locate a lobby, browse to the “find players” category, select a channel, and the bot will place you in a party needing extra members.

Alternatively, go to the “looking-for-players” lobby and join one of the available lobbies.

3. Among Us Cafe

Among Us Cafe

Among Us, Café is a Discord server for the Among Us community, with over 170,000 users. On the channel, there are categories for matchmaking. Non-voice chat is referred to as “non-VC.”

Voice chat rooms are available on the “matchmaking-VC” channel. In these rooms, you can chat and play. Currently, the matchmaking category has 60 voice channels.

If you don’t want to use voice chat, you can join the matchmaking-non-VC group. The lobby code must be pasted into the “matchmaking-non-VC” channel.

You can join Among Us by copying and pasting the lobby code. This approach allows you to play Among Us in Discord with other people. The code can also be shared in the channel if you build an Among Us lobby.

4. Among Us Global

Among Us Global

Another Discord server with a sizable member base is Among Us Global. This Discord server with a large userbase is Among Us Global. It has over 139k members and a 4.4 rating, indicating that the server is mostly non-toxic.

You can do matchmaking and locate players to play Among Us here, just like in the official Innersloth discord server. You can even hold audio discussions while playing the game because you have dedicated speech channels.

One of the nicest aspects of Among Us Global is the abundance of prizes, including the premium edition of Among Us, a Steam copy of Among Us, and more. To summarise, if you want a wonderful time while playing Among Us and win free prizes, Among Us is the game for you.

More than 139k people use the server. It received a 4.4 rating. This indicates that the server is safe to use. You can also use this server to run matchmaking and locate players to play Among Us with, just like on other servers. It’s also possible to use voice channels. These can be used to communicate with other people.

One of Among Us Global’s biggest attractions is the abundance of giveaways. This is your chance to purchase the premium version of Among Us. Among Us Global is a terrific spot to hang out if you want to have a nice time while playing Among Us and earn free prizes.

5. Among Us LFG

Among Us LFG

On our list, this is one of the top Discord servers. As the server’s name implies, LFG stands for looking for Group.’ It’s also dedicated to players from the United States looking to join groups.

On the server right now, there are almost 175,000 players. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. There are moderators online most of the time. Some of them periodically ban users.

6. Among Us Community

Among Us Community

RxIN and LoW have built an Among Us Community Discord server for the community.

This is the perfect server for you if you want to hang around and converse with other gamers. You can also play with everyone on this server if you want to!

Because we’re a new server, we’re hoping that it will gradually expand and develop into an incredible hub for all of us Crewmates and Impostors!

7. Among Us Indonesia

Among Us Community

In Among Us Indonesia Community Server, you’ll discover a variety of useful tools and information, including: – Latest News (General, Games, Twitter, Reddit, Among Us)

– Sufficient server infrastructure

– In terms of dissonance, it is simple to comprehend for the layperson.

– Management that is approachable, proactive, and firm.

Crew, we’re excited to see you!

When you land on our plane, we will greet you.

8. Excavice LFG

Excavice LFG

The vast and pleasant Excavice LFG community allows members to meet people to play Among Us with. On the server, there are more than 65,000 gamers.

You can look for others to play Among Us with on the server by going to the “unlock-roles” channel. You can relax in the lobby once you’ve found someone. You could also join a lobby shared over the “join-match-here” channel. 

You must choose your role in the “unlock-roles” channel to locate others to play Among Us with on the server.

Then, in the lobbies, join a voice chat group.

Once you’ve entered the voice conversation, the owner should send the code to their Among Us lobby.

Alternatively, you can join a lobby that someone has shared by going to the “join-match-here” channel.

You may also post your Among Us code on the “lobby-codes” channel for others to join.

9. /r/AmongUs


It’s a dedicated Among Us subreddit. Over 46,000 people have joined. At any given time, around a fourth are active.

You must first choose your role using the “role-select” channel to gain access to the channels. After selecting a role, channels will appear in your left sidebar.

If you don’t pick a role, you won’t be able to use the server’s channels. On the server, there are several channels. You can invite individuals to a voice channel by providing the link to an empty one on the LFG channels.

It has approximately 46,000 members, and around a quarter of them are active at any moment.

You must first choose your role by reacting to color via the “role-select” channel to gain access to the channels.

When you’ve selected a role, the channels will show on the left sidebar.

You won’t be able to access the server’s channels unless you select a role.

There are numerous channels on the server, including general chat, memes, and LFG (searching for groups).

You can join an empty voice channel on the LFG channels and invite people to it by sharing the link.


These Best Discord Servers for Among Us allow you to interact with other users. The discord software makes it simple to communicate with other Among Us gamers. Join a chat by picking a server from the list above.

Were You Here? Discord servers are excellent for meeting new people and playing Among Us with them.

You can use the invite link to join one or more of the servers listed above and meet new people to play with.

You may also go to Discord and look for other Discord servers to join by going to the “Explore Public Servers” button.