How To Fix The American Megatrends Screen that Appears On Startup

American Megatrends International Basic Input/Output System (AMIBIOS) or American Megatrends AMIBIOS is one of the most popular BIOS globally by the American Megatrends company.

However, sometimes users face an issue where this AMIBIOS screen appears and requests users to perform specific actions such as BIOS setup. The screen then goes away by pressing Alt+F2.

Before we further fix the issue, let us understand the basics of AMIBIOS.

American Megatrends BIOS Introduction

The software/firmware known as the BIOS or Basic Input/Output System is the first program to load when we boot the PC.

It checks all the components inside our computer, such as memory, drivers, graphics, keyboard ports, etc., and then loads the OS.

The AMIBIOS screen you get is the Power On Self Test (POST).

The POST screen searches for missing/damaged components of your tablet, computer, or laptop. It then generates a short beep noise to show that your machine has passed the test. It then starts loading your OS using AMIBIOS information.

If the Power On Self Test (POST) detects a problem with your hardware, it will beep, and the number of beeps and the screen message can help you understand where the underlying problem occurred.

#BeepScreen MessagePotential Issue
1 BeepDRAM RefreshAn issue with memory or mother-board
2 BeepsMemory ParityAn issue with memory or mother-board
3 BeepsBase 64k RAMAn issue with memory or mother-board
4 BeepsMotherboard System TimerIssue with mother-board
5 BeepsProcessor issueAn issue with the Processor (CPU)
6 BeepsGate A20 Keyboard Controller FailureAn issue with the Keyboard or mother-board
7 BeepsProcess Except InterruptAn issue with the Processor (CPU) or mother-board
8 BeepsDisplay Memory Read WriteAn issue with Video (Graphics) Card
9 BeepsROM BIOS ChecksumAn issue with BIOS Chip or mother-board
10 BeepsCMOS Shutdown Read/WriteIssue with mother-board
11 BeepsCache Memory Test FailureIssue with mother-board

What is the American Megatrends Screen That Appears On Startup?

American Megatrends Screen - CMOS battery Motherboard

The AMIBIOS is the boot screen that can be accessed when a user presses specific keys, usually function keys, press F1-F12.

However, if this screen comes up without any key press or input, you might have a hardware problem.

The AMIBIOS screen typically comes up with two menu options, asking users to Press F1 to continue or press F2 to go into the AMIBIOS setup.

1. Error: SMART status Bad, Backup and Replace

If your AMIBIOS screen displays “Error: SMART status Bad, Backup and Replace,” then it means that your HDD or hard disk is dying and needs to be backed up and replaced. 

If you want to keep your OS and other important files, you can do this by reflecting the image of the old drive onto the new one.

2. American Megatrends screen showing no error message

Sometimes the AMIBIOS black screen shows no error message and requires you to enter the UEFI by pressing F2 and then boots the OS.

The issue can be due to the battery or the memory stick not being inserted correctly.

Option #1: Clear CMOS battery

If the issue is related to the battery, you can refer to the mother-board manual and try clearing the CMOS. We have listed the steps that you can follow if you have an Asus board:

Step 1. Unplug the computer from the socket.

Step 2. Remove the cell from the computer.

Step 3. Change the jumper position and wait for a minute.

Step 4. Change the jumper back to its original position.

Step 5. Put the cell back in.

If you do not want to do this yourself, you can take the computer to a repair shop and accept support from a technician to clear the cell.

Option #2. Reinsert memory stick

If the memory stick isn’t inserted correctly, remove the memory stick again and replant it correctly. 

Now, unplug everything that is not needed for the computer to advance beyond the American Megatrends screen, such as the fixed storage. Check and see if the problem persists.

Option #3. Dead CMOS battery

If the problem isn’t resolved by clearing the cell, it’s most likely that the cell in your PC is dead.

Step 1. To fix this problem, you must buy a new cell, say CR2032 button-style cell, from your local hardware or electronics store. The model of the battery should support the PC and motherboard.

Step 2. Search the old cell on the mother-board. The cell would be of silver color and circular.

Step 3. Remove the old dead battery and replace it with the new one.

Step 4. Start your PC and navigate into the AMIBIOS/UEFI. Select the “Save Changes and Exit” option.

American Megatrends BIOS Update

American Megatrends website

If none of the given fixes work for you, you can update your AMIBIOS to the latest version to enhance the performance, support, and stability of the software/firmware. The AMIBIOS update is a little complicated, but it will help you fix your AMIBIOS.

Before you move forward with updating your AMIBIOS, you must identify whether the motherboard of your PC is AMI approved or not.

If the motherboard is AMI approved, then below the © American Megatrends Inc. line, you can search a list of characters and numbers.

Identify if you can see something similar to AMIS875-P. The number S875 defines the series of the AMI mother-board.

If you cannot find the AMI reference number, your PC does not have an AMI-approved mother-board. In this case, refer to your computer manufacturer’s website to identify the motherboard.

After identifying the motherboard, download the AMI Firmware Update Tool.

You can follow these steps to update the AMIBIOS:

Step 1. Unzip the downloaded AMIBIOS Update Utility.

Step 2. Open the AMIBIOS parent folder. Depending on your system, 32-bit or 64-bit, go inside the subfolder.

Step 3. Search the AFUWIN folder and left-click on the AFUWIN.exe file.

Step 4. Click OK on the popup dialog box asking you to close all other programs.

Step 5. The AMIBIOS Flash Utility (AFUWIN) window will open.

Step 6. Press the Open button and search for the ROM file you downloaded from your motherboard manufacturer’s website.

Step 7. Click on the Flash button and navigate to the Process tab that shows the AMIBIOS update action process.

Step 8. Once this process is completed, exit the flash utility and restart your computer.


The AMIBIOS screen is essential for the PC to boot and load the operating system after the initial “Power On Self Test,” Hence, it cannot be removed.

We hope the above fixes could help you resolve the AMIBIOS error screen. You can also try to open up the PC and unplug everything from the PC using the hit and trial method. This will identify the port causing the problem.