20 Fixes For Amazon Firestick Keep Restarting Problem

Amazon firestick is a media streaming device that lets you allow stream videos, play music, and install apps on your TV. It’s built on the Android platform and converts your regular TV to smart TV.

It is mainly used to watch content through the internet. It has parental control feature, through which you can control mature content from children by using a PIN.

Amazon firestick is designed according to your choice so that you can enjoy your choice of entertainment.

But it is possible only when it is not creating any problem, like if amazon firestick keep restarting again and again, so you will not be able to enjoy the content. Still, it will be annoying and bothersome for you.

There are many possible reasons for this issue like it is not getting power supply properly, configuration issue or it may have an old version of windows.

amazon firestick keep restarting
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Why Does My Amazon Firestick Keep Rebooting?

Amazon firestick is undoubtedly one of the best media streaming devices because it allows you to access multiple streaming platforms from a single place.

Most of us use this Firestick to watch media content. But it ruins our entertainment when it has technical issues like restarting again and again.

If you face this issue, consider the following possibilities that can be a problem causing, such as checking power cables, damage to micro USB cable, not enough power supply, or malfunctioning hardware.

The most common issue is the lack of power supply to Amazon firestick, which causes it to restart. Ensure you have connected the USB cable directly to the outlet rather than your TV.

Troubleshooting Amazon Firestick Keep Restarting Problem

Following are the ways to troubleshoot if your Amazon firestick is restarting:

1. Factory Reset Your Firestick

If amazon firestick is restarting or working slowly, it needs a factory reset to work like new again. However, a factory reset will remove all apps, data, and settings.

Here is the step by step resetting procedure:

  • Press the home button.
  • Open settings
  • Select my Fire TV
  • Scroll down to factory default
  • Enter your PIN if asked, then click reset.

You will be notified about the factory settings, wait for some time to finish the procedure, and do not plug out the cable during the whole process.

Once your Amazon firestick is reset, it will automatically restart. Now check if the issue is fixed.

2 . Use a Brand New USB Cable If Firestick Keeps Restarting

If your Amazon firestick is restarting again and again. Check if the USB cable is working correctly, then exchange it with the original or brand new USB cable.

Orange colored brand new USB cable

3. Try a Different Firestick with a greater life span

The Amazon firestick may last one month, two months, or years, depending upon how it was kept together. Although, it is an electronic device and susceptible to fluctuations, power supply, and static discharges, which can cause variation in its life span.

So if your Amazon firestick is restarting, try another device with a greater lifespan.

4. Make Sure You’re Using Official Accessories 

It often happens in a family if All family members use Firestick, so there is a chance of official accessories being misplaced.

People used any other cable they had, which created problems in working Amazon firesticks. To protect your Firestick from this issue, make sure you use official and original accessories.

5. Plug The Power Adapter Directly Into a Power Outlet

Make sure you avoid using an extension to plug the Firestick as it will reduce the performance of Firestick. For better results and to increase the lifespan of the Firestick, plug the power adapter directly Into a power outlet.

White-colored power adaptor

6. Try Using a 2 Amp Power Adapter to avoid low battery issues

A 2-ampere charger for a 48-ampere battery will take 24 hours to charge from empty. Avoid using fast chargers as they don’t always work efficiently. To increase battery performance, try to use a 2 amp power adapter.

7. Keep Firestick Cool

Most of the time, the Firestick slows down working for two main reasons: overloading and the other is overheating.

To resolve this issue, turn off the device and leave it for some time to cool. Turn off notifications, switch off autoplay, and remove unused services if it doesn’t work.

I hope this will resolve the problem of your Firestick becoming hot or restarting.

8. Start in Safe Mode

Use an OTG cable to add a USB port to the hardware for Firestick. Follow these steps to get it done.

  • Start Firestick
  • Press these five keys Ctrl+Alt+Menu+i+print screen
  • Hold them until the home screen appears
  • Then start in safe mode.

9. Disable HDMI CEC

To disable HDMI CEC, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the menu
  • Select Settings
  • Select CEC, and turn it off.

It will prevent sound from being transmitted from HDMI to other devices.

10. Remove Other Devices or Extension Cords from Your TV’s HDMI Ports.

If your Amazon firestick is repeatedly restarting, try this hack and remove all other devices and extension cords from your TV’s HDMI ports. Then check whether your Firestick is working correctly or not.

11. Disconnect Any USB Extension Cables from the USB port

If your USB has more than one cable to connect to your PC, you need an extension. If your Firestick is getting troubled, remove the USB extension from the USB port to enhance the performance.

Visual demonstration of USB extension cables

12. Reboot Your Amazon Fire TV stick Using The Fire TV Remote

Turn on the TV, and wait for the screen to display Firestick. Press and hold the home button from the remote for a few seconds. Go to settings, select My Fire TV and reboot it.

13. Try a Different TV

Try a different TV for the same Firestick, and maybe it will work to minimize the problem of restarting of amazon firestick.

A man is holding TV remote in his hand with a lady sitting beside him and eating popcorn from a bowl of popcorn in her hand

14. Replace The Fire TV Remote Batteries If Firestick Keeps Restarting

If your Firestick is restarting, replace the fire TV remote battery to fix this issue.

15. Clear App Cache of All Installed Apps

Go to apps, select the option “Clear Cache,” and clear the cache of all installed apps. It will speed up the working of your Firestick and may fix the problem of restarting.

16. Format Your Device to factory defaults

Go to apps, settings Factory, and reset. Reset the device and then format your device to its factory defaults. Factored evolves fixes the problem of your Firestick restarting again and again.

17. Manage Installed Applications and remove extra applications

Go to settings, select application manager, and have three options: downloaded, running, etc. Check updates of installed apps, update them and uninstall different applications you are not using to increase the memory and to work faster for fireworks.

You may also save information on installed apps from your sign-in device. It will help the apps to interact easily when you are using a google search or google account.

18. Check if the HDMI Cable is Faulty

Cables are damaged upon heavy use, bending or coiling roughly. If your video quality gets affected, a damaged cable might be why.

The common signs of damaged cables are shooting stars, blurry pictures or no pictures, sound problems, color changes, and malfunctioning the remote.

19. Check the power supply and Change Faulty Adapter.

Unplug the AC adapter from both the wall outlet and computer. Check the cables if there is any damage or sign of overheating.

Check that the pin inside of the plug is broken or damaged. Replace it with the one working correctly.

A black colored broken power adaptor

20. Make Sure You’re Connected to Wi-Fi

If you are facing an amazon firestick restarting problem, make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi if you are going to fix this issue. Sometimes, there may be a technical issue that causes Wi-Fi to be inactive.

Open settings if Firestick on your TV, select network, select your Wi-Fi, and hit the play/pause button from your rote to check the network status. As the network details display, check your connection is active.

WiFi Signal Symbol

What If Your Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Blinking On and Off?

If your amazon firestick keeps on blinking, there must be a reason. If it is persistent, go for its fixation. Firesticks will blink if there is a problem with the video signal.

It includes issues in resolution, HDMI, and refresh rate. The Firestick will also blink if there is a problem with the remote connection

If problem is in resolution and refresh rate, find out resolution settings: settings > display settings > display > video resolution

Resolve matches your TV. In some cases, 720p 1080p settings will solve the issue. The refresh rate may be the main issue, which can be fixed at a lower value.

Mostly the problem is solved at 60Hz or 50Hz. Blinking the Firestick can also be due to the HDMI connection if not inserted correctly. 

Issues with Certain Applications

Amazon firestick may be restarting while launching specific applications. Such as launching or using Hulu, Netflix, or other streaming videos.

Restarting While Launching or Using Hulu, Netflix, and Other Streaming Sites for TV Shows

If Hulu or Netflix are crashing or giving streaming issues, restarting can troubleshoot streaming errors. Poor Wi-Fi connection can also create problems in streaming videos.

You can also solve this problem by reinstalling firestick Hulu, rebooting the router, and updating Hulu or Netflix. If streaming issues persist, contact their customer service.

A man and a lady sitting on sofa in front of TV screen displaying NETFLIX

Restarting While Launching or Using Spotify

Many people have faced this issue and got frustrated because as they started this app on Firestick, either system went into the sleeping mode or restarted.

For this, the solution is to reinstall or update its latest version, which is 0.1.2. 

What to Remember When Factory Resetting to resolve Firestick keeps Rebooting Issue?

Amazon firestick is pretty well in the running. But still, like other devices, it can have any technical issue which can be resolved.

Suppose you have tried many ways to solve the issue of rebooting the amazon firestick, but the problem is not solved. In that case, there is a possibility of corrupted software running in your system and needing to be removed for the proper function of Firestick.

For this purpose, you have to do a factory reset. But you must remember that a factory reset will erase all account settings, installed apps, and channels.

You need to set your Firestick again after resetting, select settings, and then choose factory settings to their defaults by resetting. Confirm it by selecting Reset. If it is still not working after reset, check the hardware, it may need service or replacement.

Wi-Fi Signals Management Tips

1. Check for Wi-Fi Interference

As we all are aware of the increasing rate of using wireless devices in our surroundings, that’s why wireless interference has become a concern. It is essential to know the cause of interference to reduce its effect on Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi technology goes for both 5.0GHz, and 2.4GHz bandwidth, and Bluetooth uses only 2.4GHz. These bandwidths are used in many offices and households. That’s why relocating these devices will reduce Wi-Fi signal interference. Some signs of interference are:

  • Intermittent wireless connection
  • Malfunctioning of Bluetooth connection 
  • Decrease in performance of one device when another is being used
  • Signal strength is decreased than normal 
  • Download and upload speed is down

2. Reset Your Router to restart signals 

Do not forget that your router is a computer with memory, both volatile and non-volatile. When the router is gone through VPN malware, malicious code is there in volatile memory. Reset or rebooting your router will clean it.

If signals are not there, some people reboot by unplugging the router for 30 seconds and plugin again. Some use the on and off button on the backside to turn the router off and then turn it on after a few seconds. Use these buttons when you are sure that they are on and off.

Black colored WiFi Router

3. Optimize Your Network

Amazon firesticks are inexpensive and portable devices. It is easy to stream videos, sports, and your favorite shows. If your amazon firestick slows down working, there are some tips and tricks to speed up and optimize the network.

Speed up your network by getting the latest version of the operating system. For this:

Open your Firestick> go to home menu > at the top of screen scroll right select settings > select device > check for system update > Firestick will automatically find update is available. 

Uninstall unnecessary apps to enhance your network speed. It will also optimize your network. Go to settings > select settings > apps > manage installed apps > select the app you want to uninstall > uninstall the app.

Another way to optimize the network is to restart your system. Go to settings > device > restart and confirm. Firestick will automatically reboot and will restart in a few seconds.

Another way to optimize your network and make progress even better is to clear the cache. It also plays a visible role in optimizing the network. 

4. Check Your Range

In amazon firestick, not in range means an error present between your router and Firestick that will indicate an error message.

Another reason for having low or no range is the loose or damaged HDMI port. The device setting may also create a problem if you have made any setting in it, and then you connect amazon firestick with the same HDMI.

You may receive no signal message. Defective amazon firestick may also cause no range.


If you are watching your favorite show and your amazon firestick keeps on restarting, again and again, it will ruin all your mood and time.

Amazon firestick is good in quality and does not give you hard times, but still, it is an electronic device that may have some issues.

If your amazon firestick is restarting, there may be various reasons causing it. This article will help you fix all such issues, and you may enjoy your screen time with no interruptions.