ALM Graphs in Dashboard (Configuration) are not loading and throwing error

We are using ALM 11.52, recently a project was restored by editing the DBID.XML of a project. When users are trying to open the existing graphs of the project, the error window pops up with message as below..The given filter expression ‘abf055f8-3hb4-439f-836b-fd55b7fcca33’ is not supported. Parameter name: puid condition Because of this issue users are not able to extract any report and the progress is stuck.

To solve the problem delete the PUID parameter from the DBID.xml file and let ALM to generate a new project UID.

After that users should be able to access the graphs.

These are the steps to follow:
1. Remove the project from Site admin.
2. Browse to the project repository.
3. Edit the DBID.xml and delete the PROJECT_UID parameter.
4. Save the file.
5. Restore the project.
A new PUID would be generated.

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