Ajax TruClient Advantages

Ajax TruClient Advantages

Ajax TruClient protocol was introduced to LoadRunner in version 11. This protocol is alternative solution in the level of Ajax Click & Script protocol, for applications that works under FireFox and scripting fails in Ajax Click & Script.

Ajax Truclient advantages:

Robust support for different Ajax control (such as slider, calendar, accordion etc.).

Works on any framework. For example GWT, YUI, jQuery, ZX Ajax ExtJS etc.

Does not require correlations.

Rich and visual UI.

Works in the browser – developing the script interactively with the application, view added steps while recording and ability to check and improve identification.

Insight into client behavior using multiple transactions based on different events such as network complete, DOM loaded, document loaded etc.

What is the challenge of Ajax TruClient:

The protocol works only on FireFox.

Protocol’s performance:

No real comparison to other protocols.

Ajax TruClient performance is application specific as the footprint is determined by the application client footprint defined by loaded JAvaScript, DOM etc.

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  1. hi, it might be stupid question but im still fighting with it and can’t find solution.
    can you point me to Ajax TrueClient documentation? info about it in VuGen is rather none.
    yeah, uncle google can help a lot. but also can show nothing appropriate or just sh*ty.



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