AirPods Pro Keeps Disconnecting: 12 Easy Fixes

Purchasing new accessories for your iPhone is always an exciting moment. However, these accessories don’t come for cheap! If you’re investing a significant part of your savings on a new electronic device, you’d want it to last long.

However, these are electronic devices! One such device that faces a vast range of issues despite being popular is Apple’s AirPods Pro.

Since its debut in 2019, AirPods Pro has become more popular. They are not flawless, despite their astounding sales figures. AirPods Pro’s disconnection concerns have been an issue for its customers.

Are you on phone calls or enjoying your favorite music from the car Bluetooth? Does your AirPods Pro keep unplugging? If so, we sympathize! However, there’s nothing to worry about.

Read on as we discuss the reasons behind this issue and top fixes to try out if your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting

Let’s start without any further ado. 

Why Don’t Your AirPods Pro Stay Connected?

The new Apple AirPods Pro is a nice upgrade from the original Apple AirPods Pro and the classic wireless earphones. However, that doesn’t imply they don’t have their own set of issues. Your AirPods Pro could lose connection with your iPhone for various reasons. More quickly than others!

Here are some reasons why your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting.

  • Incompatibility With Bluetooth

AirPods Pro is subject to Bluetooth disturbance, much like any other portable wireless earbuds.

The functionality of your AirPods Pro may be hampered by equipment that uses the same Bluetooth frequency. Disconnection is one of the problems this leads to.

For instance, Bluetooth noise may occur if you’re close to a Wi-Fi network. The router communicates with other networked devices using the same 2.4GHz frequency.

  • Incorrect Setup

Your AirPods Pro might not keep steady connectivity if your smartphone isn’t set up with the proper parameters.

It’s a good idea to check the Bluetooth programs to ensure there are no abnormalities so that your AirPods Pro remain connected to any device you pair them with.

Using your AirPods Pro with an Android device could also be a problem. Although they can theoretically connect, it isn’t as easy as it is when utilizing AirPods Pro with Apple devices. Some settings adjustments are required, and certain functionality might not be accessible.

  • iOS Version Problem

You can run into bugs or problems that have already been addressed in a subsequent release of iOS if your iOS version is outdated. Connectivity problems with your AirPods Pro and iPhone may be one of these mistakes.

Develop a habit of updating your gadgets to function adequately with the most recent fixes to ensure this doesn’t become a concern.

  • Hardware Issue

In some situations, the AirPods Pro circuitry may be the source of the issue.

There is a potential that the internal components of your AirPods Pro may be defective and malfunction occasionally if they have sustained physical damage in the process.

Since AirPods Pro is intended to be handheld devices, there’s little question that you’ll take them anywhere you go.

You would like to take the highest quality of care of them. Getting them a protected case to reside in is a terrific method to ensure that nothing terrible happens to them. You can also avoid this issue by routinely cleaning your AirPods Pro. By doing this, damages from collected dirt or wax accumulation are avoided.

  • Battery Life
Battery Life

Your AirPods Pro require a full charge to operate correctly because they are wireless.

Your AirPods Pro will immediately detach from any associated device when they run out of juice. Sometimes, this can also happen randomly if the battery is almost depleted. It is advised that you keep them in power; as a result to prevent doubtful performance.

  • Faulty Bluetooth Models

Apple AirPods Pro operates well with Bluetooth 5.0 devices. The AirPods Pro are compelled to degrade its connectivity to suit your audio system if your Windows PC or other gadgets utilize an older Bluetooth version. This indicates that the AirPods Pro’s distance and connectivity efficiency will fall short of their potential.

  • Firmware Problems
Firmware Problems

With the most recent firmware 6.8.8 upgrade, there have been numerous reports of the problem. 

Many audio problems include but are not limited to AirPods Pro closing down after about 30 to 45 minutes of music-only recording; AirPods Pro connecting after about 10 seconds in calls; and transitioning from streaming music to calls causes disruption, according to a few users.

The 1st generation AirPods Pro has this firmware problem to deal with. However, the AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Pro have already been updated to version 3E751. 

This resolves the devices’ disconnection problems. Consider installing the most recent software on your AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods Pro if you have them.

Simple steps to accomplish this are as follows:

  1. Select Bluetooth under iOS Settings.
  2. In the list of devices, look for your AirPods Pro.
  3. Click the “I” next to them.
  4. You can see what firmware update your AirPods Pro currently has on the following page. You already have the most recent firmware if it is version 3E751. If not, turn on Wi-Fi while you attach your AirPods Pro to your iPhone, and the upgrade should begin downloading.

Let’s explore the top solutions if your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting from your iOS gadget. 

Identifying and repairing the disconnection issue with your AirPods Pro is generally simple and takes only a few minutes.

You can try any of the numerous fixes below to prevent your AirPods Pro from disconnecting. 

Recommend starting with the top-level solution and making your way through it before making significant changes to your settings.

12 Fixes To Try If Your AirPods Pro Keep Disconnecting

  1. Check Your Audio Device Settings
  2. Assess The Battery Life Of Your AirPods Pro
  3. Check If Bluetooth Is On
  4. Put AirPods Pro Back In The Case And Take Them Out Again
  5. Reset Your AirPods Pro 
  6. Disable Automatic Ear Detection
  7. Tweak Your Device’s Audio Settings If Your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting
  8. Disable Power Management
  9. Change The Settings In Utilize Services App
  10. Uninstall Bluetooth Devices
  11. Check The AirPods Pro Microphone
  12. Reset Your iPhone

Let’s understand each of these methods below. 

1. Check Your Audio Device Settings

For your AirPods Pro to function, it must be set as the output audio device. Though this should happen automatically, sometimes, it doesn’t. And that’s why your AirPods Pro would keep disconnecting

While playing music on your iPhone or iPad, tap on the AirPlay icon below the track. And select your AirPods from the available options. 

Tap on the AirPlay icon below the track. And select your AirPods from the available options.

Note: If you want to change the audio source when you’re on the call, tap on the speaker icon.

2. Assess The Battery Life Of Your AirPods Pro

It would help if you first determined how much battery life your AirPods Pro still has. Your AirPods Pro must have an excellent battery to attach to (and retain access to) your device.

Using iOS to check the AirPods Pro’s battery. 

  • Open the lid of the AirPods Pro case while holding them near your phone.
  • The amount of battery life left will appear on your screen after a short while.

Examining the AirPods Pro battery on a Mac.

If there isn’t one already, add one by selecting “Show Bluetooth in the toolbar” in Settings App > Bluetooth.

3. Check If Bluetooth Is On

Check If Bluetooth Is On

You must turn your Bluetooth on for your device to link to your AirPods Pro and maintain that connectivity.

Turn your Bluetooth off when you have trouble syncing to your AirPods Pro. This ensures that your AirPods Pro—the closest device—is the first to pair.

On iPhone and iPad, follow these steps to turn on Bluetooth.

  • Settings and Select on your iPhone.
  • Open Bluetooth. 
  • Tap the switch on the screen to turn Bluetooth on. 
  • Alternatively, you can say, “Hey Siri, turn on Bluetooth.”

On a PC, follow these steps to turn on Bluetooth.

  • Go to Settings by right-clicking on the Start button.
  • On devices, turn Bluetooth on by toggling the switch.

4. Put AirPods Pro Back In The Case And Take Them Out Again.

Your AirPods Pro will sometimes not reconnect automatically after disconnecting. In this case, simply put the AirPods Pro back in their case. Doing this charges, the device stops any connection to another device and prevents it from connecting while charging. 

After around 5 seconds, remove them from the case. The AirPods Pro should connect again to your device. 

5. Reset Your AirPods Pro 

Over time, consistent usage of your AirPods Pro can give rise to issues such as the inability to connect to devices, not charging, etc. Even if they connect, you’ll encounter the AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting quite often. 

A simple option you can consider is simply resetting the AirPods Pro to their factory settings. 

  • Put the AirPods Pro in their case.
  • Hold the button at the back of the case for 20 seconds after opening it. 
  • The light indicator should start flashing from white to amber. The flashing amber light signifies that your AirPods Pro has been successfully reset. 

6. Disable Automatic Ear Detection

Disable Automatic Ear Detection

Your AirPods Pro has a sensor that determines when they are in use and when not. However, due to some issues, the sensor might make an error about whether or not they are in your ear. This gives rise to AirPods Pro’s disconnection problem even while they are in your ear. 

A minute shift in the AirPods Pro position could lead to them disconnecting. This is caused by the Automatic Ear Detection getting triggered. 

Hence, turning off Automatic Ear Detection could also perhaps rectify this issue. 

To turn off Automatic Ear Detection, follow the mentioned steps. 

  • Make sure that the case of your AirPods Pro is open. 
  • Tap on the information button denoted by ‘i’ that appears next to your AirPods Pro in your list of devices.
  • Toggle the Automatic Ear Detection feature off from the given menu. 

7. Tweak Your Device’s Audio Settings If Your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting

If, even after following the fixes discussed so far, your AirPods Pro still gets disconnected, perhaps the issue lies with the audio settings of your device. 

Different devices have different audio settings. 

If AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting on Mac, follow these steps. 

  • Open System Preferences on your Mac. 
  • Click sound, then go to output. 
  • Ensure that the selected output device is, in fact, your AirPods Pro. 

If AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting on iPhone/iPad, follow these steps.  

  • Under the Settings tab of your device, go to Bluetooth.
  • Tap the ‘I’ icon next to your AirPods Pro. 
  • Forget the device. 
  • Restart your device and again reconnect your AirPods Pro. 

If your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting from the Apple Watch, follow these steps. 

  • Turn off both your Apple Watch and iPhone.
  • Turn both devices on. 
  • Once you turn on both devices, connect your AirPods Pro to your Apple Watch. 
  • Check for performance issues.

If your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting on Windows PC, follow these steps. 

  • Unlike your other devices, there could be plenty of reasons why your PC is not working in tandem with the AirPods Pro. You can rectify them by: 

8. Disable Power Management 

If you use your AirPods Pro with a Windows computer, you might have observed that when a song is paused, your AirPods Pro occasionally disconnects to conserve battery. This is because they believe the connected device has been disconnected. To change this, you have to alter some settings. 

  • Go to the Device Manager through the Star Button.
  • Click on View, and make sure that the option ‘Devices by type’ is selected. 
  • Expand the Human Interface Devices section, and you will find two entries: “<Name> AirPods Pro Audio/Video Remote Control HID” and “<Name> AirPods Pro Hands-Free Call Control HID.”
  • For both individual options, right-click and select properties. 
  • From there, go to Power Management. Uncheck the ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option, then click ‘OK.’
  • If the AirPods Pro does not appear in the list of devices, go to View in the taskbar and enable “Show Hidden Devices.”

9. Change The Settings In Utilize Services App

You can rectify your issue by enabling your Bluetooth devices manually to automatically on the Windows Services app. 

  • Go to the ‘Services’ app by searching for it in the Windows search bar. 
  • In the opened window, scroll down until you see ‘Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service’ and ‘Bluetooth Support Service. ‘
  • Select Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service and toggle the startup type to automatic. Proceed with the same steps for Bluetooth Support Service. 
  • After making these changes, restart your device. This should rectify the problem. 

10. Uninstall Bluetooth Devices

You may now hard reset your Bluetooth by deleting the devices if your AirPods Pro doesn’t show up in the Human Interface Devices list and it’s already set to “Automatic” under services, yet they continue to behave strangely. 

By doing this, all the issues will be eliminated, and you should be able to maintain your connection for longer.

  • Go to your Device Manager. 
  • Click on Bluetooth. 
  • Uninstall all devices one by one till they disappear.
  • Restart your PC after uninstalling all devices. Restarting your device should reinstall the Bluetooth drivers without any hitch. 

11. Check The AirPods Pro Microphone

There is a mic built into each of your AirPods Pro. Modify your AirPods Pro options to “let just one mic operate” at any particular time if you find that they are continually disconnecting while you’re on the phone.

  • Open the device’s “Settings.” 
Open the device's "Settings."
  • Then, tap on “Bluetooth” on your Apple device. 
Tap on "Bluetooth" on your Apple device
  • You’ll see an “i” icon next to the name of your AirPods Pro under “My Devices.”
You'll see an "i" icon next to the name of your AirPods Pro under "My Devices."
  • Tap on “Microphone” after that.
  • Choose “Always Left AirPod” or “Always Right AirPod” once you’ve completed this.

12. Reset Your iPhone

You can reset your iPhone if nothing discussed so far works for you. 

By doing so, your AirPods Pro will reconnect to your device and won’t disconnect. Follow these steps to reset your iPhone.  

  • Go to Settings.
Go to Settings.
  • Tap on General.
Tap on General.
  • Select Transfer or Reset iPhone. 
Select Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Tap on Reset. 
Tap on Reset.
  • Choose an option: Reset All Settings or Reset Network Settings.
Choose an option: Reset All Settings or Reset Network Settings.
  • Select the option above on the next screen to complete the process. 
Select the aforesaid option once again on the next screen to complete the process.

So, these were the simple solutions to try out if your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting

Tips to Keep Your AirPods Pro In Good Condition

Have you ever wondered how to keep your beloved AirPods Pro brand new and in good condition, irrespective of how much you use it? If yes, read on. 

Perform Regular Cleaning

A redesigned in-ear layout is included with the AirPods Pro. These pliable silicone points, available in 3 sizes, fit snugly in your ears to facilitate sound isolation. This implies that they will inevitably become more solid than any other earbud.

Your AirPods Pro will accumulate earwax, dust, grime, lint, and other debris if you use them nearly daily. In addition to being unsightly and unsanitary, it can be hazardous if germs get a hold of it. You must always maintain these in-ear tips hygienically to avoid issues like disconnection.

How To Clean Your AirPods Pro At Home?

You’ll require a few materials for this project. You might need to visit the store to pick up each item listed here, even though they are all useful to have on hand for other purposes. You’ll require

  • Isopropyl alcohol (70% or 90% pure).
  • Swabs of cotton.
  • A dry cloth or paper napkins.
  • A gentle toothbrush that is just used to cleanse.
  • Blu-tack-like adhesive putty
  • Warm water and liquid hand soap.

Cleaning the AirPods Pro

  • Set a tissue napkin down on the counter, clear a little area on the counter, and fill a bowl with water and hand soap. 
  • Collect your AirPods Pro Pro once you’ve set out your belongings.
  • When you have them in your hands, remove the sleeves and submerge those tiny pieces of silicone rubber in soapy water.

Cleaning The Charging Case

  • Wash the area of your AirPods Pro Pro charging case with a gentle, dry, lint-free fabric to dust it. 
  • If necessary, you can use isopropyl alcohol to wet the towel and remove any dirt gently. 
  • Avoid getting fluids on the metallization or the charger ports. 
  • Consider purchasing a silicone guard or skin to maintain your case spotlessly.


So, here you go. These were among the amazing AirPods Pro hacks that can help you if your AirPods Pro keeps disconnecting

Using your expensive devices carefully is essential that every owner must know. Know how you can take care of your device and its parts before purchasing them. Usually, such devices take care of themselves. However, that doesn’t mean you can carelessly handle it and expect it to last you a lifetime.

You must also avoid using wireless webcams, phones, and household appliances. These solutions will typically be effective in fixing the problem. You should seek assistance from Official Apple Support if the issue still irritates you.

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