Dropped AirPods In Washer? Expert EarBuds 101

One of the most expensive wireless earbuds and the most frequently sold-out Apple products in the market are Apple’s AirPods. They are known to be comfortable and have awesome sound quality. However, being such a small luxury, they often end up in a washing machine by being forgotten in the pockets of your clothes or bags.

Dropped AirPods In Washer? Expert EarBuds 101

But being such an expensive luxury, people often assume they can handle the immense pressure of the washer (given that they can survive a 10 feet fall) and are water-resistant. Let us check out if these assumptions have any standing or not in this articles which will help you when you have dropped your AirPods in washer by mistake.

Are Apple Airpods And Airpods Pro Waterproof?

First and foremost, let us clear the doubt once and for all. Water resistance and Waterproof aren’t the same things. Just because something says it is water-resistant does not mean it is waterproof. 

AirPods Gen1

When a device is marketed to be water-resistance, it means it can tolerate water to some extent. The water depth that the AirPods can be drowned in is limited. On the other hand, being waterproof means a device can fully tolerate water and will not be damaged even if submerged in water, irrespective of the depth.

You can check the water-resistance of any device, including your Apple Airpod or Airpod Pro, by checking their IPX (Ingress Protection) ratings. IPX ratings come between 0-8 and measure the item’s capability to protect itself against external contaminants such as water, dirt, sweat, dust, etc. Airpods have a higher IPX rating. 

AirPods Pro

Airpod Pro has an IPX4-rating. Hence they can handle human sweat and could survive slight splashes of water. Sadly, water resistance has a lifetime, and as your Airpods grow old, their water resistance lowers.

Taking Care Of Your Airpods


To increase the longevity of your AirPods, the way you use them makes a huge difference. Airpods aren’t the most durable devices and hence should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or liquids.


You can clear the AirPods with a very mild soap or 70% isopropyl alcohol but don’t use too much water. Use a wet cloth instead to wipe the surface. For mesh, use a dry cloth.


It’s best to put the AirPods in their charging case after use. Do not store in extreme environments.

What To Do If I drop my AirPods in Washer?

As said earlier, your Apple Airpods aren’t waterproof, so there is no way to tell how much damage they have gone through after coming out of the washer and dryer. Here are some quick tips and steps you can take if you accidentally put your Airpods or Airpod pro in water.

  1. Quick Tips
  2. Write Down The Serial Number
  3. Try Silica Gel For Wet Airpods
  4. Try the Local Apple Store

Quick Tips

  • After taking out the AirPods from the washing machine, clean them with a dry lint-free cloth. Any microfiber cloth will do. These clothes are much better at absorbing water/liquid.
  • After 12-24 hours, put your Airpods in their charging case. Please do not use them or put them in their case before 24 hours.
  • Once dried, store the AirPods in their charging case. Do Not use hair dryers or any other device that gives out compressed air or heat.
AirPods Pro in charging case
  • If the AirPods still aren’t dry, you can try Silica gel packs to pull out the moisture from them.
Silica Gel Particles

Write Down The Serial Number

As soon as you buy any tech gadget, make a habit of writing down its serial number. It is helpful for the company to provide the correct replacement.

Airpods have their serial number written under the changing case lid. You can find the serial number at this location in all Apple Airpod models.

You can also find this number on your iPhone by following this navigation: Settings -> General -> About -> AirPods -> Check the Serial Number.

The serial number is also available next to the barcode in the original packaging or receipt.

Try Silica Gel For Wet Airpods

Whether a bag of rice would work or not is debatable. However, here’s what we know will work as it has worked for most users. 

Silica gel packets are chemical desiccant or drying agents that are extremely helpful in removing any kind of moisture. 

Silica Gel Packet

These gel packets are usually shipped with the gadgets, but if you don’t have them lying around, you can get a pack of 50 silica gel packets from Amazon with prime shipping for just $10. Or, you can walk into your nearest Walmart or grocery shop and check if they are available.

Once you get a bunch of them, put your Airpods and Silica gels in a ziplock bag and leave for two days. Hopefully, they will dry off and start working.

Go To The Local Apple Store

After having used every tool at your disposal, your AirPods still don’t work, so you can go down to your nearest local Apple store and get yourself a new pair.

Apple Genius Bar


If your AirPods are under warranty, you can ask the store for a replacement if one of the three parts still works. However, if the warranty is over, you should consider buying a new set.

What About Airpods Pro?

Airpods Pro is Apple’s latest addition to AirPods. They are marketed as being sweat and water-resistant. Remember that doesn’t make them waterproof.

Airpods Pro (the ear pods, not the charging case) are resistant to sweat and splash but not when you put them in our laundry.

Some folks have reported that they were fortunate enough to find these AirPods working after being washed. But not all, so be careful.

Sign Up For AppleCare

AirPods Pro comes with access to Apple Care+, which will cost you $29 for each incident and $89 for out-of-warranty free. 

This extra care plan is beneficial as it can cover the AirPods’ replacement, which you would eventually have to do if you wash them.


Seeing your beloved AirPods getting washed in the laundry with your jeans can be horrifying. But do not panic. There are certain steps, such as drying them with a cloth or silica gel, that you can take to dry the AirPods.

In case the Airpods don’t revive, and if your AirPods are under warranty, the best action is to get a replacement from Apple Care+ or the Apple store. But if your warranty has expired, you should consider buying a new set as a replacement will be more expensive.