Airpod Case Not Charging? 6 Best Ways To Fix It

Airpods are more than a set of Bluetooth earbuds. Along with the ease of wireless connectivity, you can use the same device for multiple tasks. This includes listening to music and attending calls with a hands-free experience.

But one day, your Airpods are not on their best behavior. Although, you plugged the Airpod case not charging. Yet, things are not working out.

We know how troublesome this can be, especially if you are having a long day. Let us help you to find the root cause of this behavior and fix the problem step by step.

Identify the issue

To be able to use your Airpods, you have to cross a 2 step ladder. Your Airpod case should be charged and it should be able to charge your Airpods. But you are experiencing issues with the first step itself.

Your Airpod charging case is itself not charging and hence, your Airpods are not getting charged either. It is important to this figure out so that you spend your time applying only the necessary fix.

airpod case not charging
Airpods case not charging issue

With this, let’s try and fix your Airpods case not charging issue.

How To Fix Your Airpod Case Not Charging

  1. Try Different Charging Scenarios
  2. Reset Your Airpods Case
  3. Clean the Charging Port
  4. Avoid Using Extensions
  5. Update Airpod Software
  6. Contact Apple Support

1. Try Different Charging Scenarios

To be able to pinpoint the exact problem, let’s break it down into different scenarios for charging the AirPods case.

Try A Different Socket or power outlet

The power socket is where the story begins. If this power source has gone faulty, no doubt you were surprised with a powerless Airpods case and Airpods.

While you can get this wall charger fixed, in the meanwhile try out a different power outlet to fix the problem.

Try A Different Charging Adapter

Failure of the charging adapter is one of the most common reasons that your Airpods case is not recharging its battery.

You can easily verify this by borrowing a different power adapter from your friends or family members.  Try this one and wait for at least 30 minutes. Now, check the battery status light of the Airpod charging case.

If the battery level has gone up, great, you’ve found the culprit. Else, let’s move to the next possible fix.

Apple multi-purpose charging cable to fix the Airpod case not charging issue.

Try A Different Cable

The next part to check is your charging cable. It is the duty of the cable to transfer power from the adapter to the case. However, if this link is broken, your Airpod case is not getting the power it needs.

Once again, you can try a different USB cable available with your known Airpod Pro or even Apple device users. But if it passes with flying colors, let’s try something different.

Try Wireless Charger

Well, you should try this trick only if you own AirPods Pro or the 2nd generation AirPods. The reason is that as of now only these models support wireless charging.

So, light up your wireless charging case at different locations on the charging mat. If the position is accepted by the mat, then the status light will blink on and off.

But if that doesn’t happen you need to change your wireless charging pad or the charging method.

Airpod Qi-compatible wireless charging pad to fix Airpod case not charging problem.

2. Reset Your Airpods Case

It appears your charging apparatus is working fine. Let’s try a new approach and reset your Airpods case. Here are the troubleshooting steps to do so:

  1. Locate the setup button on your Airpods case.
  2. Next, press and hold it for at least 15 seconds.
  3. Be patient until the amber light is shown and then white.
  4. Once this happens, your Airpods are reset to the default settings.
  5. Last, try charging your case for some time and check if this works.

And if this doesn’t work, let’s move on to the next possible solution.

Check Airpod case charging with status light blinking in Amber colour.

3. Clean the Charging Port

Another possible reason that your Airpod case is not charging can be the dirt in the charging port.

To be honest, due to the compact size of the case, it can easily fit in your jeans and pockets of different clothing as well. At times, you might forget them in the garden. In either and many other cases, the tiny dust particles enter the charging port of your device.

This may not seem a challenge at 1st.  But there are good chances that debris in the USB port will surprise you. While you can get professional help to get it cleaned. You can also try out careful cleaning with home-based tools such as a toothpick, a new toothbrush, or a plucker.

4. Avoid Using Extensions

By extensions, we are implying extension chords. Wondering, are you?

Well, there are extremely useful but there is a good possibility that your extension is facing performance issues. It might be that a minor short circuit has occurred in its wiring or some other.

If you generally use extensions to charge your iOS devices or Airpods Pro case, try using the wall socket this time. This will rule out if your charging case is at fault or the power source you were relying on.

5. Update Airpod Software

So far we have checked a majority of the hardware issues that might cause trouble with the Airpods charging case. Let’s check the software upgrades as well.

Factually, you should regularly check for the software updates on all your iOS devices. This applies to your Airpods firmware as well. Although, the chances of less, there’s no harm in trying this solution to fix your Airpods charging issue.

6. Contact Apple Support

Unfortunately, if none of the above methods has been able to solve your problem, then Apple will. After all, they know their products inside out.

You can reach out to Apple support via the website, app support, telephonic conversations, and also the Apple community. Or you can also visit your nearest Apple store to get the issue checked and fixed in person. The team will check both, software and hardware issues and update you on the same.

Apple welcomes all of its customers to give them the best available support. Additionally is available even if your device is out of warranty. 


What Do I Do If My AirPod Case Won’t Charge?

You can different charging ports or cables to charge your Airpod case. Additionally, you can check for different wall sockets or adapters. Otherwise, you can approach Apple support as well.

How Do I Know If My AirPods Case Is Charging?

When your plug your Airpod case into a power source, you’ll be able to see the status light change to amber. The light remains on for a while after charging is initiated.

Why Is My AirPod Case Not Charging?

It is possible that your Airpod case battery needs a replacement. Or else you need to check your charging apparatus. This includes your lightning cable, and port to ensure are all working fine.

How To Fix The Airpod Case Not Charging?

There are several ways to fix your Airpod case not charging issue. You can try out this guide to fix it step by step in minutes.

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