45 Best AI Chatbot Platforms and Chatbots

“What did one shark say to the other while eating a clownfish?

This tastes funny.”

We don’t know if you do, but Google Assistant finds it fun to share jokes like the one above. Bringing up Siri or Google Assistant and asking them to tell us a joke may or may not give us something to laugh about, but it sure is fun.

These AI-based assistants cum user response-based interactive tools have helped all of us do something or know something when we did not want to put effort into it, just with our voice commands.

Also, have you ever used a website assistant or a chat window that usually offers customer support to you? They are very helpful when you have queries about the website or the products and services they offer.

All of us have seen them on popular shopping sites and websites that offer some form of service. There are several reasons why those multi-billion dollar empires use chatbots. These are the same reasons why you can use them on your application or website.

Best AI Chatbot Platforms And Chatbots

Even if you have considered these factors, there would definitely have been a dilemma where you have to choose an artificially intelligent AI chatbot for your brand. There are a lot of good AI chatbots for you to take the notch up for your company image.

We have everything you will need to know and understand when you are considering using a chatbot. We will help you choose what AI chatbot suits your needs and how to use them on your computer. Check this article out.

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What Does A Chatbot Do?

Pencil sketch of a Robot

Chatter Bots or Chatbots for short are applications that host two-way conversations between a user and an interface that provides responses to the user’s communications, with response-based or pre-saved responses. A chatbot is very similar to a voice-based assistant, which gives a vocal response, unlike a chatbot that texts the users back.

The entire point of tools or programs like these is because people like using applications that not only do the work of a professional but quicker. Since the chatbot responds and talks to other humans exactly how a person would. This makes the users more comfortable and they feel free to interact with a program that appears to be controlled by a person.

Why Do I Need A Chatbot?

We can think of four very valid reasons why any chatbot would help you both personally and business-wise. The first answer to the question above would be that it reduces human effort.

We do not consider this a valid reason as the alternatives to this action does not require much effort. Here’s how a business may be benefitted from the use of AI chatbots –

Save costs on manpower

Under normal circumstances, when a customer has a query or has to report a grievance they are directed to contact the customer care team. This is usually a toll-free number or a messenger window from where another trained professional would respond to your queries. This is where call centers come in.

However, when an AI chatbot is being employed, there is no need for using an individual to respond there. The chatbot does take over the duties of the human and performs them.

This means that when an AI chatbot is put to use, there is no need for a human to help the user, thereby cutting the expenses you make on hiring an individual.

This comes as a huge advantage as there could be a long waiting time for customer services that operate manually with human resources. If there are other customers talking to the support professional, users are generally asked to wait until the professional is free to help you with the query. This is not the case with AI chatbots.

The only disadvantage here is that some users may prefer the service provided by a human response over an automated answer. If the chatbot is confused by a query, there are chances that the user may not get no or irrelevant results.

Reading customer mannerisms

An AI-powered chatbot can help the employer record and look through the user responses. This is very valuable information that can be either positive feedback or a grievance of some kind.

With this kind of data, you can continue doing what the people like and rectify where there is a mistake with the business/platform. Since businesses are built out of customer satisfaction, it is important to attend to it.

Advanced chatbots can also track what the customer does on the website and analyze their behavior. This can help with the customer experience by showing them content or products that are relevant to what they are looking for.

Helping possible customers with their user experiences

The main reason an AI bot is put into use on your platform is to make things easier for customers. When someone using your platform has trouble finding what they want, they can use that AI chatbot to seek it out. The chatbot can not only show them the object but also provide more information and clear more queries they can have about the object.

Another plus point about this is that most AI chatbots are very simple to use. One just has to type in a question in the messenger window and you’ll immediately get a response. This offers easy access to different subjects and locations/directories on the platform.

Creating future business opportunities

A client who is impressed with your website AI is highly likely to return for more business. This can not only offer you more business but also invite more people to do business with you. You could be looking at big collaborations and an increase in the rate of your commodity/service marketability.

The account/profile that a customer creates to explore your platform and their searches are used to show more products/services related to the one they want. While some people find this annoying, there is a possibility that this feature has helped a lot of users find what they were looking for.

Rule-Based Chatbots Vs AI Chatbots Vs Button-Based Chatbots

While we are discussing the topic of chatbots, it is very important for the interested parties to understand that AI-based chatbots are not the only type of chatbots in use. There are two other different types of digital chatbots – Rule-based and Button-based.

Comparing the features of these different types of chatbots is very important before you choose one for your website or application. Either of these types can be the perfect addition to your business. This is exactly why you need to analyze these factors before making an investment in your chatbot.

The following is in no way a recommendation or a review of the different types of chatbots for your computer. The below is only for comparison for possible user reference in the future and general awareness about the existence of chatbot alternatives.

Rule-based Chatbots

Rule-based chatbots are generally efficient when a user tries to get information for their orders or applications.

Example of Rule-based bot

There are some factors that make this type of chatbot stand out from the rest –

  • Every rule-based chatbot is powered by the keywords, that are used by the customers while communicating with the bot.
  • The employers have to manually set rules for the bot to follow. There are platforms for allowing the rules to be set for utility.
  • These rules have to be set frequently by the employers so that the bot functions properly and meets a
  • There are a lot of limitations with the way the customer uses the words. They have to use specific ways to get their questions answered through the bot.

Button-based Chatbots

Button-based chatbots are not conversational, which means that the customers will not be able to communicate with the bots in the way they want. The bots will not let the users type their comments or queries on the platform. Instead, the users are provided with a number of options to choose from.

Example of a button-based bot

When a customer chooses an option, they are shown sub-options. If the queries get complicated, there are chances for the bot messenger to become conversational. This is a very basic bot and does not require much effort or resources for putting into use.

These bots can give answers to queries that were and assist visitors in navigating a website or online website. The only downside to these types of bots is that they quickly become instantly useless when dealing with complex requests containing several parameters. 

Comparing these three types of chatbots are very simple, on the basis of their behavior, interfaces put out for interaction, and the output. When it comes to choosing which to employ, it is up to how and where it is going to be used.

Choosing An AI Chatbot

It is impossible to rush while choosing elements as important as the chatbots for your tool. There are some factors that you have to check before you select the right chatbot for your platform. Here’s what you will possibly need in an AI Chatbot.

Easy-to-use Interface

When a visitor on your application, base interface, or website tries to seek help or connect with the chatbot installed on it, it is important that this user finds it easy to use. The results or answers they expect to their queries should be provided easily. 

They shouldn’t have to interact with the chatbot too much as it can frustrate the users and push them away from the chatbot and maybe your brand itself.


Irrelevant answers to the queries or the help sought by the user are not acceptable. When some form of help or information is required by the customer, it is the brand’s responsibility to offer the correct answers to them within the shortest possible period of time. 

When there are answers that do not help the customers with their doubts, they can move to a different market for the same product, unless there is a monopoly. 

Customer response recording and analysis

Since the chatbots we’ll be using require human interaction, there has to be a request and maybe responses from the customer to get their doubts clarified. 

Your chatbot can record what the person on the other side of the automated chat says. This information can then be used to make improvising changes to your platform. 

Split Testing (A/B) capabilities

A/B testing is a method used by chatbot developers to help those who employ their AI chatbots learn about and analyze the choices of the people who visit their platform and use the chatbot feature. This attribute can also be used to sort out the types of people who use your site and make suggestions for the user, based on their previous searches or actions on the websites.

User Customer Support

Once a connection with an AI chatbot is set up for your personal or professional use, there are chances that it can face issues at any point. The chatbot’s developers should be able to come up with solutions as soon as possible. Only then it can be used by your customers to seek help.

Also, it doesn’t look good on the brand when the platform has a chatbot on it but the customers are not able to use it. Users could be looking at an unprofessional platform where the chat support does not work, even though it is an option available for use.

Syncs with your Brand image

The chatbot must be able to connect with your brand and what it stands for. This is a very useful feature but can seldom be found in AI chatbots. If the chatbot you choose has the ability to adapt to your brand and what it needs for more reach, you chose great.

Links with essential units

Every platform that seeks recognition should have other pages or identities on different social media platforms. The AI chatbot should not only be able to connect with these platforms for extra reach but also provide access to relevant links that can save time for the users.

There are several brands that even bring up the products to the customer through their AI chatbot when they search for it. This may not be an absolute necessity but it is good to have features like this. Your social media handles may get extra exposure because of this feature.

Even the customer support contact will be known to the customer for more detailed conversations and queries about the brand and what you offer to them.

Ability to attract large demographics

The chatbot you choose should be relatable to every sect of users. People who visit your platform can differ in a lot of categories. The more your platform and the AI chatbot are attractive to all groups, the higher the users will be.

For instance, the AI chatbot you use must be convenient to use for a curious child and an inquiring adult. This factor is very important if you are trying to find an AI assistant or a chatbot for personal use.

Developing An AI Chatbot

In the case of chatbots, developing a chatbot does not actually mean writing code, including NLP and other necessary elements to create a chatbot yourself. This is a complicated process.

There are several excellent developers who have designed chatbots and even made platforms to add a chatbot to your site while letting you customize what it does.

Though with the necessary skill and knowledge, you can always make your own chatbot from scratch, we’d much rather recommend channeling this effort into a different section of your platform.

These above-mentioned chatbot development platforms let you set rules for your chatbot to function and place them on platforms where you need them to be.

If you are still interested in creating your own AI chatbot, this is the list of factors you will need to make it from square one –

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) units
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU) units
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG) units
  • User Interface layout
  • Data libraries
  • Cloud storage
  • Dialog/Conversation Manager

Setbacks to your AI Chatbot

The main point of an AI chatbot is to allow the user to interact with it so that it can show them the best results and also help the owner understand the customers. This will help the owner realize what has to be done and when it has to be done to improve their business numbers.

The most important factor input that goes into an AI chatbot is the communicated information that the users have. This could be in the form of queries, statements, or feedback, all of which is very valuable information. No matter how much help it could be for us, this is also where the most important setback lies.

Natural Language Processing or simply known as NLP technology has the ability to understand human language, derive meanings from it, and provide an appropriate response to it. This is the base for all AI-powered chatbots. NLP is a quite advanced technology but it is not human and there are several concepts that cannot be comprehended by the AI chatbot.

However, as intelligent as the chatbot may be, it is almost impossible for it to detect dialects and complicated meanings as keywords for its own reference. If you have a clear understanding of how the NLP and a chatbot work together, you should be able to figure out the algorithm for it.

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If you are using a voice assistant and not a chat-based helper, it can get even harder for you to deal with. As people, it is very easy for us to understand what people say and what they mean by it.

A virtual helper cannot do the same. It used to be very difficult for the AI to detect different accents, dialects, slang terminology, and mispronunciations.

There is no way for this issue to be fixed by the developer or the user as factors as the ones stated above cannot be oppressed or controlled. However, these are some elements that we can avoid using or use a standardized version of the following –


If you are not familiar with the meaning of a word, it is best that you avoid it altogether. It can show you results that are different from what you are expecting. It is also not a good idea to use an ambiguous choice of words while interacting with Artificial Intelligence of any form.

Wrong Spellings

Some AI overlook the spelling mistakes we can make while communicating with them. However, if you are trying to get results for something very specific, you may be required to use the correct spelling to receive the exact results.

Incorrect spellings do not mean that there will be no result for you; The chatbot AI might offer you something relevant or redirect you elsewhere.


If the subject you seek has an abbreviation or an acronym, it does not help when you use it. This is mostly because the acronyms could mean something else on the website or even on the World Wide Web (WWW).


Punctuations might be a factor that slightly affects your experience with the chatbot. But most AI chatbots should ignore either presence or absence of any punctuation marks. When there are extra or unnecessary punctuations, the NLP can have trouble trying to figure out the users’ requirements.

Native Terms

It is important that you use a language that the AI can understand to state your demands. Generally, the recommended language for you to use while texting or talking with the AI assistant/chatbot is English. Using words from other languages is something you can avoid unless the language is installed on your device.

Slurring of Words

This is an important factor to be taken into account when you are using a voice-based assistant. One has to be very clear while talking to the device’s microphone. Speaking with lisps or mispronouncing a word can get the word detected as a different word and thereby, show different answers to your query or give another response that is not what you wanted.

Popular Programming Languages To Help With Your AI Chatbot

Programming languages play a huge role while developing an AI chatbot. The chatbot developing application may not emphasize this and can have an easier-to-use interface. But for platforms that don’t, you may have to be well-versed in any of these computer languages –

  • Java
  • C++
  • Python

Python is very helpful for those who are new to the chatbot building field. However, more experienced chatbot developers will know that Java and C++ are much faster to use and are used at a professional level.

How many AI Chatbots do I need?

Every platform that supports chatbots on it allows any number of them; as much as the developer wants. The number of AI chatbots a platform needs is indefinite. Each type of business and the way they choose to approach customers and customer service can have different chatbot necessities.

Each page on the website can have a different chatbot in the form of a page gadget or an embedded element. The only limit that can stop you from using many chatbots is your financial budget.

Best-in-the-Biz AI Chatbots for your Professional & Personal Use

  1. Siri
  2. Google Assistant
  3. Google Meena
  4. Microsoft Bot Framework
  5. Facebook’s BlenderBot
  6. Domino’s Messenger Chatbot
  7. Rose
  8. ChatBot
  9. Nightbot
  10. Ada
  11. Replika
  12. Cleverbot
  13. Salesforce Einstein
  14. atSpoke
  15. LivePerson
  16. SAP Conversational AI
  17. Dasha AI
  18. SmartLoop
  19. CSML.dev
  20. Netomi
  21. Intercom
  22. Alexa For Business
  23. Drift
  24. Inbenta
  25. WP: Chatbot
  26. itsAlive
  27. SnatchBot
  28. Vergic
  29. Reply.ai
  30. Pandorabots
  31. IBM Watson Assistant
  32. Rul.ai
  33. x.ai
  34. Landbot
  35. Bold360
  36. HubSpot Chatbot Builder
  37. Boost.ai
  38. Botsify
  39. Zendesk Answer Bot
  40. Imperson
  41. Intercom
  42. Flow XO
  43. Amplify.ai
  44. ManyChat
  45. SurveySparrow

SoftwareTestTips’ AI Chatbot Recommendations

Note: The chatbots were chosen after meticulous research and testing. This is not in any way a promotion for any of the AI chatbots stated below and simple recommendations for AI chatbots that we think you’ll find helpful. This list of the bots or bot SDKs is arranged in no particular order.

Siri – Personal Assistant

iOS Siri

“Hey, Siri!” This is a phrase every iOS user is familiar with. Siri has to be one of the best AI chatbots cum mobile assistants to ever be used. Though Siri does not use the NLP feature, it is a very rudimentary interface. Siri, initially known as Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface, is a great option if you wish to put it to use for personal use.

Apple mobile device users generally use it to get information or access software on the iPhone or iPad. All of us have seen or used Siri with voice commands and even did silly things with this beloved voice assistant. People have even come up with creative ways to get jokes or math solutions from Siri.

However, this is where Siri’s functionalities end. It can only be used, incredibly well, for personal use. If you are looking for a chatbot for your business, skip five of the below-listed AI chatbots.

Google Assistant – Digital Assistant

Google Assistant in Android mobile

Google Assistant is the AI assistant that is available by default on every android device, except for Samsung which has Bixby also. Though this Google virtual assistant is powered by Artificial intelligence, it does not mean that this is a chatbot.

Users can chat with the AI and get auto-generated and relevant responses. But this can only be used for personal uses like making grocery lists for you and setting alarms on your android mobile.

It is also available in the form of consoles, dedicated solely to hosting this Google Assistant. These go by the name ‘Google Home’ and are available in a few variants to suit the user.

There are also other additional benefits to this AI helper. Users can link their smart devices and Android-based devices like smart TVs, smart fridges, and smart wearables. This way you can get all your information, thanks to the syncing feature by the Google Cloud.

If you are looking to use Google Assistant as an option for your business, it is not a good choice given the fact that this AI bot cannot be programmed to fit your needs. However, this is an excellent digital helper to assist you around your place and personal life.

Google Meena

Meena by Google is the chatbot that this software mogul has been developing. The features that this AI chatbot has to offer are not very different from those provided by other chatbot developers. The final output or beta test has not been released officially as of December 2021. But a few sneak peeks were made available for creating an interest in the prospective audience that requires AI chatbots.

An official paper has been released, in co-operation with Cornell University, by Google containing the following features and information –

  • Meena is an open-domain chatbot, meaning it can be used by anyone for free.
  • The structure of this chatbot is built with Transformer seq2seq architecture and tested end-to-end,
  • There are over two billion parameters set for this chatbot and around 300 GB of data was programmed exclusively for text input and output.

This chatbot is believed to rise among rule-based chatbots and eliminate the need for non-conversational chatbots and chatbots that do not permit multiple interactions.

Microsoft Bot Framework – Bot Builder

Microsoft also has a tool for developing bots and maintaining them. There are several features with this utility to make the bot that is perfect for your business website environment. Programming languages like C#, Java, Typescript, Python, and Javascript are available for use in this application.

This tool allows you to make bots and include features like NLP. Not only will you be able to make the bot answer questions posted by customers, but also create and set interfaces for the chatbots. There is also an emulator that is essential when it comes to testing any form of application. The bots made using this tool can be connected to other platforms like Facebook, Kik, Teams, Telegram, and even your mobile SMS text. Publishing the bot to the server or the target website is made easier with this tool’s attributes.

The Microsoft Bot Framework and the Azure Bot Service give you everything you need to develop, experiment, publish, and supervise AI bots in one place. The Bot Framework comes with a flexible and modular SDK for constructing bots, as well as AI-based tools, templates, and virtual services.

Facebook’s BlenderBot

Facebook claims its open-source creation, BlenderBot, to be “state-of-the-art”. This AI chatbot plays a very large role in the recently trending Facebook Metaverse. The developers of this AI have put their efforts towards creating a highly conversational bot, which means that this chatbot is trained to make conversation with the user better than most AI chatbots.

There are three key elements in BlenderBot, which are very important and unique to BlenderBot – use of Personality, Knowledge, and Empathy. An even advanced feature puts all these factors together to make one of the best artificially made “friends” to talk with.

Though the developer’s main target is to “achieve human-level intelligence”. Since this AI chatbot is quite new, the developers are experimenting with a lot of new builds for the bot. This tool has over 9 billion rules for it to function, which makes it even better than prevailing chatbots. Several reviews and tests state that using BlenderBot’s responses are close to that of a human’s.

Domino’s Messenger Chatbot

It is very common to call the nearest Domino’s franchise or use a food delivery application to order pizza. What is not usual and not popularly known is that your favorite Domino’s pizza can be ordered through a Facebook messenger chatbot. For this, you will need the Facebook Messenger application installed on your mobile or access to your Facebook profile on a computer.

To do this, a Domino’s customer has to be registered with a Pizza Profile, which can be done on a Domino’s website or with help from a franchise helper. Once this is done, you can use your profile to text Domino’s Facebook messenger bot your order. If you have a regular order, there is an Easy Order feature that orders it for you.

This chatbot is very helpful when it comes to ordering your pizza and nothing more. This is not a recommendation for your professional use but an example of a helpful chatbot and a bonus revelation that offers you another way to get pizza. Enjoy your pizza!

Rose – Virtual Concierge

Rose is an AI-powered chatbot that is personified as a feminine individual, who is employed as a concierge and customer-relations manager in the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Guests at the hotel are extremely surprised and delighted by the fact that an Artificially Intelligent chatbot is helping them make itineraries for their weekends in Sin City.

Getting into the technical aspects of the Rose chatbot, it is developed with a ChatScript that comprises a majority of IF/THEN rules. The developer has categorized the rules for the chatbot into topics. Each of these topics is assigned with a set of keywords that will direct the bot to respond based on the topic. These elements make Rose and her responses almost indistinguishable from that of a human concierge.

Rose is has been quite popular since she won the Loebner AI prize in 2015. The only limits to this bot and the programme script used to set functions to it are based solely around carrying out functions for a hotel.

When Rose is unable to provide an answer to a query or request, she directs the hotel guests to a person. In this case, she states that she has spilled wine on her dress, has to change, and will ask a person to contact them. No matter how creative it is, this is an implication that no matter how much artificially intelligent she is, Rose might have to turn to human aid in some cases.


Functioning of the Chatbot SDK

ChatBot is an AI chatbot development platform that allows users to create and customize their chatbots. This tool uses the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) element to make their chatbots. Once the chatbot is published from this framework it can be linked with your messaging applications or hosted on a domain.

This framework has several pre-designed templates for aspects like a discount, customer service, and even lead creation. This reduces a lot of work for those who choose this tool. Firms like HTC, Unilever, and Danone are some of the renowned firms that have hired this tool. The Drag and drop feature is a huge advantage as you use their Visual builder. The AI chatbot developer does not have to know much coding to use this application.

There are four plans for pricing if you wish to subscribe to the ChatBot tool –

  • Starter – $ 42/mo
  • Team – $ 126/mo
  • Business – $ 424/mo
  • Enterprise – Pricing has to be discussed with the firm. Generally done with an annual contract with a fixed price

There is also an option to get a free demo of this tool before you buy it.

Nightbot – Stream Chatbot

Nightbot dashboard

Nightbot is not your conventional chatbot. This is more of a management bot for your Twitch or YouTube stream’s chat. It can not only answer some questions put forth by your audience in media platforms but also provide new features to the viewers on the chat.

Viewers can use commands in the platform media player’s chat to get information when prompted with keywords. The streamer has to set up minor rules that can be accessed by some text commands. This tool is hosted entirely on a cloud, which means that both the streamer and the viewers do not have to download it.

Several streamers who use Nightbot have found the dashboard feature very useful as it offers them insights like most active viewers and stream time. Spammers are removed instantly along with the spammed message. This can later be reviewed after a thorough check of the chat logs kept by this chatbot.

The best part of Nightbot is that it is open-sourced and anyone can use it for free on their channel while streaming content.

Ada – Customer Service

Ada is an AI chatbot that focuses primarily on business firms with a wide-spanning customer demographic. These developers aim to provide personalized customer services with lesser hold durations. This tool has a very high customer query resolution rate and also has a simple interface that makes it easier for everyone to work with.

The efficient drag and drop feature in this framework makes it easy for the users to modify it to suit their needs without any pre-requisite coding knowledge. About a hundred languages are supported by this application. Inclusion of emojis and other media files are permitted along with the text, which makes the conversation even more interesting for some groups or users.

Ada has a few setbacks, one of which is that Ada can be used only for businesses that are huge enterprises requiring customer support solutions. Smaller businesses and startups may not find this tool very helpful, given their prices and interface.

The pricing is custom set for every customer on the basis of their scale and needs. Although, prospective subscribers can get a trial version before they buy it.

Replika – RolePlay AI Chatbot

Virtual companion in Replik.ai

Replika, the AI chatbot, is a digital friend for anyone who wishes to spend their time talking to a friend. Users are required to make an avatar for the AI they are going to be conversing with and give them attributes, that influence the answers. It is up to the user to look at the AI in the application as a friend or any other acquaintance, they’d like it to be.

Replika is developed with an AI that evolves with the user’s progress. The NLP and voice recognition features in this roleplaying chatbot make it even more interactive.

This is a mobile application that is available for both iOS and Android devices. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the iOS AppStore. This is also available as a website interface on the Replika website.

Cleverbot – Conversational Bot

Cleverbot bot in a Discord bot

Cleverbot is an online chatbot that you can talk with. This is slightly different from the other bots as this tool can pick up behavioral actions or statements from the users. This does not end here as these newly picked-up influences are displayed to other users.

Cleverbot is popular among Discord servers as it also comes in the form of a Discord plugin. With this bot, users can talk to it and expect witty or funny responses back. There are even commands to alter the behavior of the bot. For example, the CB swear command toggles the bot’s ability to turn curse phrases and vulgarity on and off.

The Cleverbot and the Cleverbot Discord plugin are both free to use and can be added to your servers easily when you are a server owner or a moderator with permissions. The responses could be quite slow and the developers might take it offline to make additional changes and bug fixes, frequently.

Salesforce Einstein – Lead Detection Bot

SalesForce Einstein is a sophisticated AI chatbot created by SalesForce, the software developer well-known for its Customer Relationships Management tools. This tool is built on SalesForce’s security architecture and therefore, syncs with other SalesForce products, quite easily. Familiarity with other SalesForce products and services might make this more relatable.

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This framework guides the customers to the products they are looking for and by doing so, they detect new sales leads. Both the employees and the customers who visit the application or website are benefitted from this conversational AI chatbot. Like most other platforms, it redirects a user to a customer care professional when it cannot understand the customer’s requirements.

If you are not a subscriber or owner of SalesForce products, it may not be quite useful to you. Only computer users are greatly benefitted by SalesForce Einstein, which means that the developers have to work on their interfaces for mobiles and tablets.

There are four pricing plans for the service cloud pack on SalesForce –

  • Essentials – $ 25
  • Professional – $ 75
  • Enterprise – $ 150
  • Unlimited – $ 300

A card-free trial version is also available for testing the application before you can buy it.

atSpoke – IT sector, Human Resources, And Business Enterprises

Okta atSpoke is an internal ticketing system with an AI hotline integrated. By surfacing knowledge base content, the AI responds to a range of questions from working personnel.

Employees can get updates directly through Slack, Google Drive, Confluence, and Microsoft Teams, which eliminates the need for manual or oral information supply. We prefer considering this tool an AI-powered database cum messenger.

There are several channels for the employees to use to get information and to communicate with other employees like chat, text messages, and emails. The workflow configuring and the report analysis game of atSpoke have been pointed out as a huge plus by some reviews.

The pricing for this tool is quite unclear but there are free trials available for every service they offer on their website. Sources say that this tool charges a recurring fee annually.

LivePerson – Conversational Cloud

The key feature of LivePerson is that it connects product consumers with companies and products that they might like, with the help of several message channels. User reviews state that the interface is quite simple to work with. The reports produced by this tool were claimed to be quite detailed and helpful with business management.

Like most other AI chatbots, LivePerson also lets the users link with popular platforms like WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, and even SMS text messages. The interface is so simple that chatbot developers do not require any coding knowledge to make a good bot with this framework. There is an analytics dashboard feature that offers real-time insights and leads for your application in the business.

This cloud is very popular as some of their clients are Virgin Atlantic, Home Depot, and Vodafone. This could be one of the reasons why their pricing is much higher than other chatbots, which offer the same services as LivePerson. The price is also customized for each client to meet their needs and a free trial version can be obtained from the LivePerson website.

SAP Conversational AI – Conversation Bot

Recast.ai became SAP Conversation AI after the German tech giant took over it in 2018. This is a bot builder that can be employed only by large enterprises. This bot is trustworthy keeping in mind that SAP has set milestones in the field of technical reporting and analysis and is also one of the best in the world.

Using this chatbot builder gives the developer access to SAP’s technology on reports and analysis. This framework prioritizes audience retention and revenue generation with SAP’s client experience automation.

Business tasks are easily carried out without much effort since you could be working with this very complex bot creator framework. Hewlett Packard (HP) and Rabobank are well-known users of this tool.

This tool is costlier than other chatbot builders and cannot be accommodated to provide services to firms that are not big enterprises. Another technical setback is that bots made using this platform require a long time to carry out complicated tasks set by the developers.

There is only one pricing plan and it costs $ 359 a month.

Dasha AI – Call Center Centric

Dasha AI playground window

Dasha is a conversational AI service that gives developers the tools they need to create AI systems that are more lively and highly conversational. These programs can be used to replace call center operators, provide conversational speech interfaces to mobile applications, and connect with IoT devices.

To build with Dasha, no prior knowledge of AI or machine learning is required; any developer with a fundamental understanding of JavaScript can work effortlessly with this framework.

The speech synthesis technique offered by this service is almost as good as that of a person. There is an infinite amount of conversation depth with this tool. Not only does this tool offer a good amount of licenses for all their tools for use.

The Dasha Playground Software Development Kit (SDK) allows adding the chatbot into the desired platform very easily, which is something important that you need while making and publishing the bot.

Dasha is free and has a website interface for users to write their code on. Intricate knowledge of TypeScript is required as this framework uses a slightly modified version of this programming language, known as the DashaScript.

SmartLoop – Client Retention

SmartLoop is an AI chatbot platform that uses its compelling conversational skills to create quality leads and boost client retention. It specializes in gathering information about the customer’s interests so that it can be used to hold their attention while having a conversation.

This feature invites existing customers to visit the platform again and offer more business to the developer. National Geographic, AOL, and Glamour magazine are users of the SmartLoop chatbot.

SmartLoop has been known to effectively provide AI-based marketing outcomes with a statistically high output, in comparison to other similar bots. Conversational AI, enabled by NLP technology, recognizes the interests of the client to maximize sales and revenue for both the business and the website. It concentrates mainly on one-to-one conversations with customers in order to increase engagement and make them feel valued by the company.

They have a “pay as you grow” pricing policy, which means that the developers have to pay more for using this platform as the number of customers increases. This can turn out to be very expensive if you have a very large business. There is also a free option with lesser features.

CSML.dev – Developers’ Assistant

The first open-source programming language and chatbot engine dedicated to creating strong and interoperable chatbots is the CSML.dev. CSML Studio is the easiest way to get started with CSML, providing everything you need to start constructing chatbots right in your browser. It’s used by hundreds of chatbot developers.

A lot of applications (50+ APIs) can be reached through with the final output of this SDK. With its flexible syntax and ability to connect to any third-party API, CSML makes it simple for developers to create and deploy chatbots. The analytics section brings in more information and feedback to improve your firm. There is a large number of customizable templates waiting to be put to use by you in the CSML.dev.

A free playground is also accessible for developers to try out the language without having to register. CSML has an open-source option but there are also other plans with more features, that are priced as follows –

  • Pro – $ 20 per month
  • Enterprise – $ 1500 per month

Netomi – Customer Support And Service

The AI platform from Netomi enables businesses to automatically resolve customer care problems via email, chat, message, and voice. Netomi is simple to set up and integrates with all major agent desk systems right out of the box.

Unlike most other chatbots, Netomi offers its services in several languages other than English. The analysis feature is so powerful that the developer gets instant reports of the bot’s performance and customer requirements or feedback. Netomi looks for sentimental statements in the customer’s conversation and tries to touch them. This way the conversation between the client and the bot feels more personal and lively.

Several channels can be linked through this platform irrespective of whether it is a social media platform, SMS window, or any other messenger application. Netomi not only offers AI chatbot builders to work on the business but also for streamers to help manage their chat and even for Travelling and Hospitability. WestJet, WB Games, 2K sports, and HP are among the list of famous clients of this tool.

Users who wish to use this framework are given three options for a subscription –

  • Drift – Free
  • Fresh Desk – Free
  • Zendesk Support Suite – $ 19 per month and billed annually

Intercom – Business Messaging

For message-based customer interactions, Intercom provides business messaging solutions with the help of AI chatbots. This program employs machine learning to automatically respond to up to 33% of questions. It creates a comfortable experience on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

This tool combines both personal and business information to build a casual and friendly relationship with the customers. Around 200 apps can be used to host the output while integrating. The machine learning feature is put to use here. Thereby, allowing one-third of the customer queries to be answered instantly without presetting rules or parameters. Perhaps this is why businesses like Shopify, Udemy, and Amazon web services use them.

The only disadvantage of the Intercom application is that there is no free version or trial for advanced variants of this tool, which are expensive. There are also affordable price plans provided by this developer –

  • Start tier – $ 59 per month
  • Grow tier – $ 119 per month
  • Accelerate tier – $499 per month
  • Scale tier – $ 999 per month

There are also additional plugins that are available for purchase and inclusion in this SDK.

Alexa For Business – Voice Commands

Amazon offers the greatest AI chatbot software, Alexa for Business, for voice assistants, having secured 70% of the market. IT departments can use Alexa for Business to construct customized skill sets to answer consumer inquiries. The production of these skills is a trend that has blown up in a duration of fewer than three years. Amazon has grown from 130 skills to over 100,000 skills.

By creating personalized Alexa skills, your consumers will be able to state their concerns, purchase or reorder items or services, and interact with other details by simply saying it out loud. Teams can link Alexa for Business with other integration tools like Salesforce, ServiceNow, or any other proprietary apps and services.

The best part of Alexa for Business is that your business can reach all the people on earth with a smart home assistant. The number of people who do is very large, counting up to a digit well above 75 million. To use this you’ll need to have a good idea about how Node.js, Python, and Java work. The API is under your complete control if you wish to edit, develop, manage, test, and publish these skills to your destination platform.

The pricing is simple and elegant. It also is quite unique from the subscriptions offered by other AI chatbot engines.

  • Shared devices – per device
  • Enrolled users – per user

It works by the pay-as-you-go format, where only the amount of resources in the number of devices you use have to be paid for.

Drift – Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing software from Drift employs a conversational AI platform to dramatically reduce the sales cycle and increase overall revenue. Over 6 billion interactions have been used to train the Drift AI chatbot. This conversational AI bot offers excellent customer service.

In a matter of seconds, drift’s custom-generated chatbots may engage clients with personalized interactions and replies. The Analytics dashboard tool provides an overview of client data, allowing you to swiftly qualify leads. It facilitates the real-time transfer of high-value customers to dedicated salespeople.

Grubhub, Skillsoft, and Github are some of the popular brands that Drift works with. Drift has a live demo feature for free, in case you are willing to buy it. If you think that this is a good option for your business, you will have to talk to the Drift team through their website’s Pricing page to get more information. The prices are usually custom set for each customer, on the basis of their requirements and target customers.

Inbenta – Virtual agent

Inbenta is an enterprise-level AI chatbot that uses natural language to provide accurate answers to inquiries. It is easier to set up Inbenta than other enterprise-level platforms that need the installation of plugins or programs. Natural language technologies developed in-house for more human-like discussions.

It works as a dialogue manager, allowing you to create bespoke talks. Webhook-based transactions with multichannel support are offered. The Inbenta interface allows users to design a personalized 3D avatar for their chatbot. 

It’s tough to find solid reviews for this chatbot since it is so new. Therefore, there are not many users who we can consult for or have provided with reviews or ratings of any form. Popular image sharing tool, Pinterest, and luxury vehicle manufacturer, BMW, are some of Inbenta’s most famous customers.

The pricing policy is not definite and the developer has to contact the Inbenta sales team for more information. There is also a schedulable demo version available for free on the Inbenta website.

WP: Chatbot – WordPress exclusive

WP-Chatbot is the most popular chatbot in the WordPress environment, providing live chat and Webchat features to an enormous number of websites. WP-Chatbot connects to a Facebook Business page and uses a native Messenger chat widget to support live and automated conversations on a WordPress site.

The installation method is simple and just requires one click. It’s one of the quickest methods to integrate live chat into a WordPress website. Users have a single inbox for all messages, whether they’re sent through Messenger or through webchat, which makes managing cross-platform customer interactions a breeze.

Minor details like availability of customization features, auto-generated personalized greetings, brand image enhancing, and quick integration with social media platforms, especially Facebook are some of the most interesting parts of the WordPress chatbot. It is mainly targeted towards offering its service for users with a WordPress subscription for website and web page publishing.

itsAlive – Automated Conversations

itsAlive is an AI chatbot solution that aims at constructing chatbots for making automated discussions as simple as possible. It was created and released in 2016, exclusively, for the Facebook Messenger app, which is still widely used throughout the world. Because the user interface is simple to use, creating a chatbot using this application is a breeze.

ItsAlive’s Recipe-style process makes it simple to design, scale, test, and manage your chatbot. The ability to send automatic messages once a consumer initiates a discussion is flawless and quick. Customers can utilize the fixed menu functionality to quickly go to their desired places or features on the itsAlive interface.

There are not many disadvantages to this tool, except for the fact that only the Facebook Messenger’s API allows the framework to be integrated as the chatbot made by this tool. Even though there is a major limitation about this framework, the prices are high. These are the price plans for itsAlive –

  • Free
  • Solo – $ 19 per month
  • Plus – $ 49 per month
  • Pro – $ 99 per month
  • Enterprise – Personalized service and prices

SnatchBot – Work teams and Finance

SnatchBot makes it easier to integrate an AI chatbot solution into your multichannel communications. It was created with security in mind for organizations and developers. This robust bot creation tool allows developers to create bespoke solutions to respond to a wide range of issues.

This user-friendly platform enables you to easily create intelligent chatbots. Because of its easy interface, creating a chatbot using this framework is straightforward even if you don’t have any coding or technical abilities. Snatchbot integrates with a variety of platforms, including Skype, Viber, and Line.

It has a lot of complex features, which makes it hard to understand, much less master this tool quite easily. Though there are several payment methods that an online service can be used to accept payments, Snatchbot does not have many. Irrespective of these negative factors about this framework, companies like Quiksilver, Whirlpool, and Walmart Labs are users of the SnatchBot tool.

There is one free trial plan and these priced plans are also available if you wish to get a SnatchBot subscription –

  • Pro – tiers varying from $ 30 to $ 999 a month
  • Enterprise plans can range from firm to firm, depending on the needs of each client

Vergic – Voice Commands

Vergic is an artificial intelligence chatbot that focuses on giving a positive customer experience. Businesses may use voice or text to build compelling consumer engagements. This is a digital engagement tool that is simple to incorporate. In comparison to other framework possibilities, Vergic is simple to set up and configure.

Skype, Slack, and Facebook Messenger are all compatible with web chat communication. For a hybrid chatbot strategy, integrate AI or BOT services. Support for digital voice through web call or callback is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are no free trials or framework variants for this tool. Brands like Citizen and Moderna are some of the firms that use Vergic for their business needs. There are three different subscriptions you can purchase for this tool –

  • Co-browsing – €35 per month
  • Advanced Chat – €50 per month
  • Digital Engagement – €70 per month

Reply.ai – Customer support

Reply.ai, now known as Kustomer, focuses on providing support to a high volume of customer inquiries while keeping the customer experience engaging and enjoyable. The availability of a dedicated and knowledgeable customer support team makes it a valid option to choose as a chatbot SDK. Advanced analytics and reporting for the enterprise level is a useful but additional feature that comes with this utility. 

The AI chatbot provides the specific answer to customer inquiries instead of providing the full article, which could be irrelevant. Integration with APIs like Zendesk and Khoros is a common feature that almost every chatbot builder offers. The special feature of Reply.ai is that it reduces support tickets by 40% with FAQ integration and custom add-ons.

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It focuses solely on decreasing the number of support tickets on the project and if this is not your concern, you may find it hard to work with this tool. The tutorials for this tool are not as detailed as they should be. So, the users will have to rely on YouTube tutorials or teach themselves about this framework’s functioning.

Honeywell is a popular software giant that uses this firm for use. There is a custom demo feature that should give you a pretty good idea of the interface and features. For a full-scale purchase, the contact team of Reply should be able to give you a definite value.

Pandorabots – Open Source

Pandorabots is an open-source platform where thousands of developers may create and publish chatbots. This open-source platform aids in the development of your own bot. It also gives you a lot of freedom when creating a chatbot and connecting it with the API output.

The Natural language bots utilized in Pandorabots are based entirely on Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML). Pandorabots provides access to an open-source library of chatbots, which helps cut down on the time it takes to create a new bot. You may test your bots in real-time using the Playground tool, which is a widely available function.

The UI for this program is not as easy as the other suggested ones to work with. If you are not familiar with defining input/output pairs for the AIML for this tool, it can be very difficult to work with. There is a free Sandbox version and also other three options for prospective users to buy –

  • Developer – $ 19 per month
  • Pro – $ 199
  • Enterprise – Custom priced to fit the business’ requirements

IBM Watson Assistant – Multi Compatibility bot

Watson Assistant is an AI bot created by IBM, one of the AI industry’s forerunners. It can design conversation interfaces that are compatible with a wide range of devices and applications. Websites, messaging, CRM, and mobile apps are just a few of the applications available. Watson’s Visual Dialog Editor provides a very simple interface, so no prior coding experience is necessary.

Watson uses past conversations and phone logs to figure out how to solve any problem. Many programs, like Facebook Messenger and Slack, may be easily integrated with this tool. Handoffs can be used to escalate conversations started by Watson chatbots to a trained human agent.

American Airlines, GM Financial, and BEHR are some of the brands that are powered by the IBM Watson Assistant. The main drawback of this utility is that it is quite outdated and is less likely to move flexibly and adapt to the latest technological environment. It’s quite elementary!

The Lite plan is free and can be downloaded from the website. There are two other paid plans which can be purchased in the same location –

  • Plus – $140 a month
  • Enterprise – customized prices based on each business requirements

Rul.ai – Business Bot

Rul.ai is a cutting-edge AI chatbot platform that rapidly and cost-effectively provides an engaging customer experience. It may be used in conjunction with other enterprise-level software. Advanced features such as context awareness and exception handling are available.

Rul.ai adheres to extremely tight security and data encryption guidelines. Rul.ai bots are capable of processing around 70% of client inquiries without the need for a human representative. When it comes to constructing AI chatbots, the end-to-end multichannel support with no coding required makes things easier.

It’s tough to discover favorable comments for a new chatbot on the internet. Tire manufacturer Michelin, Fidelity finances, and CVS health are some of Rul.ai’s biggest clients. The prices are made to fit each client unique and therefore, it goes for large-scale businesses without saying.

x.ai – Personal Assistant

x.ai has to be one of the finest personal assistant chatbots for scheduling meetings and following up with participants to confirm times. It’s as simple as CCing x.ai on an email once you’ve created an account. It syncs with your calendar and works with visitors to locate a convenient time.

Several very useful features of the x.ai personal assistant include a meeting scheduler cum tracker, instant-automated responder, integration with various digital cloud calendars like Google, Outlook.com, & Office 365, detailed analyzer cum reporting skills, and a simple interface.

Landbot – Codeless bot

Landbot is an AI chatbot that automates customer engagement on messaging platforms such as corporate websites, Whatsapp, and CRM software. LandBot is a strong webhook-based two-way interface with other popular utilities. This tool’s customer service is pleasant to work with and very convenient to utilize.

Users may create excellent chatbots in minutes without needing to know how to code. Landbot provides a variety of services, including customer service, lead qualification, and feedback collection. Other applications like MailChimp, Zapier, and Slack can simply integrate with the output bots.

In comparison to the web, the WhatsApp API output has restricted functionality. Integration with Google Sheets is only accessible in the Professional grade, which must be purchased. Uber, LG, and L’Oreal are some of the best clients of Landbot.

The price plans for Landbot are –

  • Sandbox – Free
  • Starter – €30 a month
  • Professional – €80 a month
  • Custom – Custom, as the name suggests

Bold360 – Solution Finding Bot

Natural language technology is used by Bold360 to assist customer interactions and solve problems more quickly across all business channels. Bold360 offers support for many communication methods. The natural language implies that the AI does not follow a script and can adapt to each consumer, providing them with a personalized experience.

Bold360 initiates chatbot discussions in over 40 languages via texts and applications. For routine questions, this application employs natural language, while complicated concerns are routed to human agents. The built-in dashboard keeps track of critical metrics that show you where you can improve.

For categorizing customer inquiries, there is no transaction history based on time. Despite the fact that the Bold360 SPK is relatively new, it can be sluggish to load CRM data at times. Vodafone, The North Face, and Timberland are some of the famous customers for this AI chatbot development platform.

The prices for purchase or subscription are set by the developers once you have provided them with details of your needs. A quotation can be received from the Bold360 website.

HubSpot – Live Conversational AI Chatbot

The builder platform from HubSpot helps you to grow live interactions and automate customer care, allowing your staff to focus on more complicated challenges. It’s an open-source alternative that comes in handy if you’re on a budget.

There are rapid bot templates that don’t require any coding knowledge and can be easily integrated into any API. HubSpot allows you to integrate with HubSpot’s free CRM to get important customer data. HubSpot, like any other chatbot, gives important information to clients, such as commonly asked inquiries.

Since HubSpot uses a rule-based algorithm and not a typical conversation AI it is technically not an AI chatbot. If you only want an AI chatbot and are not open to bending your idea of using one on your platform, you are looking at an excellent option. Did we mention that it is completely free?


Boost.ai is an AI chatbot platform that enables customer care representatives to automate their own requests without the need for coding or technical assistance. The application itself is relatively simple to set up and operate. The user interface is smooth and well-designed, making it easy for the user to understand how to use Boost.

With their chatbot builders, Boost makes it simple to automate customer care, sales, and support. With a Boost.ai membership, users may simply create and recreate complicated discussions without having to code. Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and a slew of other popular APIs are all compatible with this application.

Boost.ai can become more popular when newer templates are introduced into the interface to suit an even larger number of businesses. If developers find this interface convenient to work with, the word could get around the digital AI chatbot street about the Boost bot. Firms like Deloitte and Audi are clients of Boost.ai. Subscription costs are adjusted as per each business’ necessities.


Botsify makes it simple to automate client interactions and increase engagement by providing a natural experience that feels like chatting to a real person. The availability of pre-built templates makes it easier to swiftly develop a chatbot.

Botsify is noted for its ease of integration with websites and other APIs.

Users can create several chatbots that can be utilized for various workflows at the same time. Botsify provides customer service and collects information from customers through dialogues. Support is accessible in over 190 languages.

The user interface is not as user-friendly as other solutions. There are no free choices for this fantastic product, and there is only a 14-day trial period to see if it is right for you. Popular entities that have collaborated with Botsify are UNICEF, Shazam, and Jackson college. This tool has four subscription plans –

  • Personal – $ 40 per month
  • Professional – $ 125 per month
  • Business – $ 415 per month
  • Custom – personalized pricing

Zendesk Answer Bot – Desk Jobs

Zendesk Answer Bot works in tandem with your Zendesk support staff to quickly respond to incoming client inquiries. The Answer Bot searches your Zendesk Knowledge Base for relevant articles to offer customers the information they need quickly. You may add more technologies to your Zendesk chatbot or use the Zendesk Answer Bot on its own on your website, in mobile apps, or for internal teams on Slack.

Zendesk is multi-lingual and offers multi-channel integrity with APIS for emails, web forums, and messenger applications. Since this is one of the various digital solutions of Zendesk, this bot builder allows the developers to integrate the bot with several other Zendesk programs. Even then, this integration process is made very simple through the Zendesk platform.

Popular brands like Netflix, Uber, and Tesco are some of the clients of the Zendesk Answer Bot, that you might know about. The personal pricing plans are split into three types, higher the number of features in the subscription –

  • Suite Team – $ 49
  • Suite Growth – $ 79
  • Suite Professional – $ 99

There are free trials for each version of the suites. If you are looking to hire the Zendesk Answer bot for an enterprise, these are your price plans –

  • Suite Enterprise – $ 150
  • Additional Enterprise-ready plans – $ 215

All of the above-mentioned plans are charged monthly.

Imperson – Marketing & Customer care

Imperson is a chatbot platform powered by artificial intelligence that allows you to develop bots for marketing and customer care. It also accepts a variety of media formats, such as audio, video, and text. They intend to offer Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities in the near future. Imperson allows you to make bots for Slack, Kik, Twitter, Messenger, your website, and other platforms.

With the use of information like user profiles, support case history, prior purchases, customer goals, conversation history, and other considerations, their conversational engine is meant to build customized conversational flows. They also offer a dedicated customer success team that will guide you through the ideation, first implementation, and operation phases.

Imperson provides excellent customer service. There is extensive, in-depth instructional material available on how to master this interface. Bots created with this application may identify the conversation flow based on the context and history of the business and client relationship.

The prices for the Imperson framework are not available for this tool. If you are curious about this tool, you will have to contact the Imperson sales team.

Flow XO

Flow XO is a powerful automation platform for building intelligent chatbots for websites, applications, and social media. Over a hundred interfaces with different tools and platforms are accessible through Flow. This tool and its easy-to-use parts make it simple to create a complicated chatbot for numerous platforms without coding skills.

Flow XO, like any other SDK, captures client data by asking pertinent questions and evaluating their responses. Simple replies or relevant links are provided by Flow XO in response to common client inquiries. A key feature of this platform is the ability to initiate consumer payments for recommended items or services in the middle of a discussion.

With more sophisticated operations, the editor might get laggy. Building and maintaining a chatbot takes a significant amount of work. There is a free plan but if you wish to get upgrades, you can opt for these plans –

  • Team – €28
  • Company – €1061
  • Custom Contracts – Contact the sales team of Flow XO

There are also add-ons available for download in this tool, which can be purchased if you are looking for templates. Pairing these plugins with the Team plan can make this a very good tool to use.

Amplify.ai – Executive assistant

Amplify.ai is a chatbot that caters to businesses, providing personalized experiences across a variety of messaging channels. It’s simple to create and maintain a personal branded assistant with the Amplify tool. Through AdLingo, it provides conversation-based adverts.

This tool’s conversational interaction function uses Facebook’s “Click-to-Messenger” feature. You may make Branded Virtual Assistants that respond to text and media. This application supports integration with a variety of sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

There are very few internet comments concerning this product from subscribing consumers. Amplify.ai’s features are similar to those of other chatbot providers, making it just another chatbot creator. Change.org and Kohler are some of the well-known clients of theirs.

A 14-day trial period is offered for prospective subscribers and if you are willing to purchase a subscription, seek help from Amplify support.

ManyChat – DIY Messenger chatbot

ManyChat is a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, one of the most popular messaging programs in the world, and it’s a great way to establish stronger customer interactions. The user-friendly design of this program is simple to explore and understand. This bot-making tool may be used to administer many Facebook pages.

Through Facebook Messenger, the developer may generate leads, engage clients, and drive revenue. It works swiftly and smoothly. Shopify, Google Sheets, and Zapier are just a few of the prominent apps that it integrates with. ManyChat connects Facebook Messenger, SMS, and email services in a consistent way.

Customers who do not have a Facebook account are unable to interact with the business and this is also the same the other way around. This tool’s SMS and email integration are not accessible in all supported regions, geographically.

ManyChat has three pricing plans –

  • Free
  • Pro – $ 10 a month
  • Business – Price is unique to all business enterprises

SurveySparrow – Surveys & Research

SurveySparrow is a conversational survey development software platform. Customer satisfaction surveys (such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), or Customer Effort Score (CES)) and Employee Experience surveys are included in the platform, by default. In a chat-like experience, the conversational UI launches surveys to customers for more details about their business-related needs. 

 SurveySparrow comes with a variety of question variants and templates that are ready to be put to instant use. Through Zapier, Slack, Intercom, and Mailchimp interfaces, surveys may be incorporated on websites or other software platforms.

The pricing system for SurveySparrow is quite unique –

  • Business – Ranges from $ 99 to $ 299
  • Enterprise – Ranges from $ 499 to $ 749
  • Elite – custom set prices

Each variant has a free trial that can be taken for a test run through the website.

These are some of the best AI chatbots and chatbot builders that can be used to make a chatbot for your business or even personal use. If the information we provided for each bot is insufficient, check with the developer websites or the learning tutorials of the frameworks. Happy Developing!


What Is The Most Advanced AI I Can Talk To?

There is no determining which Artificially Intelligent element is the most advanced. However, the parameters/rules put to use in chatbots can be used as a statistical measure for this. In this case, Facebook’s BlenderBot is one of the most advanced conversational AI chatbots with over 9.4 billion parameters. This is closely followed by Google Meena with 2.6 billion parameters and 300+ GB of text data. 

What Is The AI You Can Talk To?

AI that you can talk to is categorized as conversational AI. These AI analyze your statement or query and provide an appropriate response by reading the keywords they detected. Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Hanson Labs’ Sophia are conversational AI.

What Is The Best Chat Bot App?

There are several chatbot applications that can suit your needs –
Cleverbot, Salesforce Einstein, atSpoke, LivePerson, SAP Conversational AI, Dasha AI, SmartLoop, CSML.dev, Netomi, Intercom, Alexa For Business, Drift, Inbenta. These are some of the chatbots that target business enhancements and customer service.
If you are looking for personal use chatbots, you can try –
Siri, Google Assistant, Replika, and other personal, virtual assistants.

How To Make An AI Chatbot?

The best way to make an AI chatbot is to use a third-party application or framework because it is easier to do so with all the features they provide. If you wish to do develop an AI chatbot manually, you need to have a detailed understanding of programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, and C++. You will find using pre-developed templates quicker and easier than writing the script manually.

How To Build AI Chatbot?

Building an Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbot is a complicated process. You can do it manually with the help of a programming language script or third-party developed frameworks. Using the templates in the bot builder tools are much easier and faster than writing a lengthy script, checking them for errors, and publishing it finally.