Admin user has incorrect time, non-admin users show correct time

When logged in as ‘admin’ user the wrong time is displayed.

Regular users see correct Daylight Savings Time (DST).

For instance, the real time according to Daylight Savings Time right now is 5:27pm. If logged in as "admin" and run a report, current time as 4:27pm.

The admin user has been set to a different time zone.

To fix this Administrators can check the timezone of any user using the following query on the management database:

select * from USERS

In BSM 9.xx, you can change the timezone for any user by logging into BSM as your admin user and navigating to:

Admin->Platform->Users and Permissions->User Management

Once you click on a User in the left navigation pane, you should see a Time zone: setting in the General tab on the right:

Once you change the time zone of the user, this should be reflected in the query you are running in the BSM Management database:

select * from USERS

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