Add/Install a concurrent license key with WlmAdmin

The WlmAdmin utility can be used to add a concurrent license key to an existing license server with the following procedure:

1) Launch WlmAdmin.

2) Open the WlMAdmin utilitiy.

3) Expand the tree view nodes and locate the machine with the License Server where you want to install the concurrent license.



If you do not see your License Server, you can select "Defined Servers" in the tree. Go to Edit -> Defined Server List. In the "Server" field, enter your License Server machine’s full network name (case-sensitive) or IP address, and click <Add>. Click <OK>. The License Server machine should now be listed.

If you add your server name or your ip and the machine isn’t show in the tree, probably it means that the you have to install or reinstall license server on this machine.

4) Right-click on the machine.

5) Select Add Feature -> From a String in the pop-up menu.

6) Select the "Add feature to server’s file" checkbox.

If you do not set this checkbox, the license code will not be permanently added to the license server machine.

7) Paste the license key code into the "License code" edit field.

8) Click <Add>.

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