6 Best Ways To Add Music To Facebook Profile

Words and images can often fall short of defining our personalities. When this occurs, music comes to the rescue. If given the opportunity, there is always a song that appears so relatable that you may add music to your Facebook profile. Facebook, on the other hand, was alerted. You may now include your favorite songs on your Facebook page.

2 Best Way to add music to Facebook profile

Yes, you read that correctly. However, when someone views your profile, the music or songs will not automatically play. They will have to manually play the song in your profile’s music area. While you may add music to Facebook profile, you can also pin one to appear at the top of your profile.

Don’t you believe some music reflects your personality? Such tunes would perfectly represent your personality. The new Facebook tool that allows you to add music to Facebook profile not only displays your taste but also spices up your feed. 

The greatest thing is that adding music to a Facebook profile is a fairly simple procedure, and if you haven’t tried it yet, this post will be a solution. Let’s have a look at Facebook’s music feature. You will understand how to add music to Facebook profile and stories at the conclusion of this tutorial.

Why should you add Music to Facebook profile?

You may enhance the overall appearance of your feet by adding music to your Facebook page. Facebook has changed in a variety of ways throughout the years. The music element, which was only recently implemented, is also really nice. You may easily use it to make your profile appear more fascinating.

One thing to keep in mind is that everyone who visits your profile will not be able to hear the music instantly. They will have to actively press the button to start listening to your profile music.

Furthermore, the music feature is only accessible for Android and iOS devices. As a result, you will be unable to “add music to Facebook profile” using a desktop browser.

Where is the music feature on Facebook profile?

You might not even see the music area unless you visit your Facebook profile screen on a frequent basis. Scroll down to discover it next to the Photos and Life Events cards when you access your profile screen. To display the Music card on your profile, you may need to slide the cards.

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile

1. add music to Facebook profile

If you’re a Facebook fan, you’ve probably noticed the Music card under your name on your main page. But, if you haven’t already, simply follow these steps:

1. Scroll through your Facebook profile to see the images and life events. The Music card may be found there. Tap it to activate it.

go to music in profile

2. Tap the addition sign (+) on the right-hand side of the screen to add music to Facebook profile.

3. The song library will be accessible once you hit the plus symbol. Search for the music you want to add music to Facebook profile using the search bar.

select songs

4. Once you’ve found the music, touch on it to add music to Facebook profile. Return to your Music area; the music you just uploaded will be noted here.

Another interesting thing you can do here is to display your entire playlist instead of adding a single song. You can repeat these procedures to add music to Facebook profile. After you’ve finished, make sure to refresh your Facebook profile!

2. How can visitors listen to songs on your profile?

When a friend taps on the Music area of your profile, it displays the tracks you’ve contributed. Tapping on the song will play a 1-minute 30-second sample of the music.

Unfortunately, for profile visitors, a one-minute and thirty-second snippet of the complete song will be played. Visitors to the profile may also access the artist’s official Facebook page by touching on the three dots near the song. They may even add the same music to their Facebook playlist. You can listen to the entire song on Spotify, which Facebook recently added support for.

3. How to Pin your favorite Song on Facebook Music

As previously stated, you can pin a song to your profile. In addition to showing in the playlist in the music area, the pinned song will be shown immediately beneath your name and profile photo. If you’re acquainted with Twitter, this is similar to a pinned tweet. If you pin a song, it will appear under your name on your Facebook page, along with its image.

1. Go to your Facebook profile’s Music card to pin a song. When you tap on it, your playlist will be accessed.

tap on three dots and pin to profile

2. Scroll down until you locate the music you want to pin.

3. Once you’ve found this music, tap on the three dots on the right. Select the option that says Pin to profile from the menu.

select songs

4. Et voilà! Your favorite song will now be shown beneath your Profile Name.

We know that your musical tastes vary on a regular basis. As a result, you may always replace your pinned music by touching the three dots and selecting the replace option. If you want to delete your pinned music, go to the same menu and pick the unpin from the profile option.

By default, Facebook music privacy is always set to public, which means that any profile visitor may simply listen to your playlist. If you don’t like this feature, you may delete it by touching the three dots and selecting the Delete song from the profile option.

Replace a Pinned Song

Tap the three-dot symbol next to the pinned music to unpin or replace it. You may replace it with a new song from Facebook’s music collection by selecting Replace song, or you can unpin the pinned song entirely by tapping Unpin from the profile.

4. How to Add Music to Facebook Stories

Adding Facebook stories is a widespread practice. Good music, on the other hand, can help to spice up your tale. Follow these steps to add music to Facebook story:

1. On the Facebook app’s home screen, tap the Add to Story button. Then, at the top, touch on Music Card. To see all of the cards, you may need to swipe them.

tap on music button

2. You will be directed to the Facebook song library page. Here, you may search for and pick the music you wish to add. Tap the music to preview it before inserting it into your tale with the Add button.

select songs

3. On the next screen, Facebook will automatically play the song’s most popular section. By touching on the star above the slider, you may watch additional popular bits or the ones with lyrics. If you don’t like the auto-generated portions, use the scrollbar to change to a different section of the song. Done is the last step.

crop the songs

4. You’ll be sent to the story editing screen. The song card that was added to the tale may be found here. To cycle between different styles, tap on the card. To alter the color of the story backdrop, touch on the color choice at the top and choose your preferred color. You may also edit your tale using common elements like drawings, text, and stickers.

select done
select background

5. To add it to your tale, tap the Share to Story button.

5. You can add Music to Image from Gallery

Follow these steps:

1. As you typically would when generating stories on Facebook, capture a new tale or choose a picture or video from the gallery.

add sticker
select music

2. When you’re on the narrative editing screen, hit the sticker symbol and choose the Music sticker.

select songs
crops the song

3. You’ll be sent to the music library screen. Select the music of your choosing and click the Add button to insert it into the tale. Then, using the star or scrollbar, choose a section of the music. Tap Done to confirm.

song added to profile

4. Finally, choose Share to Tale to contribute to your story.

6. You can also Add a Song without an Image or Video

1. To do so, go to your Facebook home page and choose the music card by pressing on the Add to Story or Create a Story option.

2. The music library will now be accessed. Look for the music you wish to add and touch on it to add it.

3. You should now notice an icon in the center of your narrative. You may also modify the backdrop, add text, or additional stickers as desired. When you’re finished, tap Done in the top right corner.

Facebook music is an excellent method to show off your musical tastes on social networking. It also allows profile visitors to explore your profile in any way they see fit. Don’t forget to use the really fascinating feature you’ve discovered on Facebook.

How to remove a song from your profile?

To delete a song from your playlist, go to your profile’s Music section. Then, next to the music you wish to remove, hit the three-dot icon. Choose Delete music from your profile.


Music makes this world better, and we agree with that. Now that Facebook allows you to add a song to your profile, feel free to express yourself more freely because you never know who you might inspire simply by adding a relatable song to your profile.

Furthermore, you may select a song based on your mood and add it to your profile to represent your current mood. The Music section includes billions of music ready to be uploaded to your profile, which is a plus. Whatever type of music you enjoy or whose performer you choose, Facebook has it all.

Whether you’re trying to get your music out there, add some lovely atmosphere to your profile, or simply compile a playlist of your favorite songs, Facebook’s Music area is a simple way to make your profile stand out.

Now that you know how to add music to your Facebook page, try it yourself and add your favorite songs to your profile to wow everyone.


How do I put music on my Facebook status?

By tapping on the ad narrative option on your Facebook home screen, you may add music to Facebook profile status. Choose the music card and enter the song’s title. When you’re finished, click add!

How do you add music to a Facebook picture?

You may add music to a Facebook photo by posting it on your story and selecting music from the stickers option.

Can You Add Music On Facebook Profile Using PC?

Facebook desktop users cannot now add music to Facebook profile. They also cannot see the music that others post to their profile. This feature is currently only accessible on the mobile app.