Learn The Best Ways To Add Mods To Minecraft

Mods open up an excellent side of gaming as they allow you to make significant changes to the way you enjoy it. You can acquire a nearly limitless material supply in practically any area with mods.

Especially in a highly addictive game like Minecraft, mods bring out the multiple possibilities of playing the game. In this guide, we tell you how to add mods to Minecraft.

add mods to minecraft

What Is A Mod?

A “mod” (short for “modification”) is an in-game feature that is created by players or developers rather than by the game’s actual producers. Mods are commonly found in PC games, while a few have made their way onto console games here and there. They are most commonly found in role-playing games (RPGs).

As indicated by the term, gamers must “modify” existing in-game content to make mods.

While this may be a limitation, mods can include anything from simple quality-of-life improvements to entirely new locations, animations, gameplay systems, enhanced graphics, and much more.

The scope of mods is primarily confined to any ideas you or any other players may have for improving the experience.

Because anyone with the necessary skills can create and share a mod, the quality of the mods can vary. Mods are also an excellent tool for budding developers to polish their talents while building a portfolio of their work.

Moreover, mods not only add a limitless amount of new content to a game but can also correct issues with it. 

Why Do You Need Minecraft Mods?

The more, the merrier. With mods, you can explore new terrains of the fun-filled game of Minecraft. Minecraft mods come in various shapes and sizes. They can:

  • Add new blocks, items, and mobs to your game (animals and other creatures)
  • Change the way that blocks, items, and creatures appear during gameplay. Give players additional skills and unique abilities throughout gameplay.
  • One can change landscapes and terrain, or one can add new terrain.
  • Allow for adjustments in the player’s speed.
  • Modify the graphics in Minecraft.
  • Add fantastic machines and other equipment to the game to make it even more exciting.

Before You Install Minecraft Mod

Firstly, a bit of warning. Before installing mods, learn how to install Minecraft mods. Also, you should determine whether they are safe or harmful to your computer. One can download mods with complete confidence.

Approved authors usually do not include malware or viruses in their downloads. The worst thing a mod could do is corrupt your saved games. Accordingly, installing mods after making significant progress in a game comes with a particular danger.

Now, let us consider some of the other technicalities:

  • Check if your device can manage the mods. 
  • You should have enough storage.
  • The version of Minecraft should match your mods.

Installing Forge on Your Minecraft Server

Almost all of the most recent Forge builds for every Minecraft version are accessible as a server type, including the most recent Forge produced for every Minecraft version.

It’s simple to set up and use:

  • Put an end to your server.
  • (Optional) Reset the server on your computer.
  • Set your Server Type to the Forge version that you choose. If you cannot locate your selected performance, check the section on manually installing Forge.
  • It is necessary to restart your server to install the most recent Forge version.

Adding Mods to a Minecraft Server

The quickest and most straightforward method of installing a mod on a Minecraft server

  • Gamers must make sure they have downloaded the essential connections for the downloaded mod. It is possible to find these relationships on the specific mod packs page by clicking on the “relations” tab.
  • It would be best if you now double-checked that their server has been configured as a Minecraft forge server before proceeding. Once the installer has been launched, you will want to navigate to the “Install server” option on the main menu. After that, a jar file should be generated, which may then be launched by double-clicking it.
  • Restarting the server should now complete the mod’s installation, assuming everything was completed correctly.
  • Following verification that the server’s port has been appropriately forwarded, you can now join the server and take advantage of the mod. 
  • Finally, you should ensure that the mod they are using is consistent with the edition of Forge for Minecraft that is presently being used on the server before continuing.

How to Add Mods Minecraft Forge

  • Check to see if Minecraft Forge has already been installed on your computer.
  • Download a Forge compliant mod.
Different installer links for various Minecraft game version on Forge
  • Open Minecraft and select ‘Mods’ from the main menu. Then select ‘Open Mods Folder’ from the drop-down menu.
After opening Minecraft, select Mods from the menu.
  • Place the mod you just downloaded (either a.jar or a.zip file) into the Mods folder on your computer.
Keep the Mod in the Mods folder in Minecraft
  • Relaunch Minecraft, and the mod you loaded should now appear in the list of available options!

How to Add Mods to Minecraft Java 

Forge Mod Installer for the Java Edition will be required to install mods. A mod management application that will assist you in installing mods in the Minecraft game.

  • Make sure to download the most recent version of Forge Mod Installer.
  • Execute the JAR file, which will launch a new window. Select Install Client from the drop-down menu, and then select OK.

Minecraft Mods on Windows 10

Find the mod in Forge keeping in mind the version of Minecraft that supports it.
  • You can get the recommended version of Forge from the official Forge website. Alternatively, you can use the most recent version of Forge, but be aware that it may contain problems that prevent you from using some mods.
Install Minecraft Mods from reputed and trustworthy sources.
  • Get them from an established source if you wish to install any mods. Not all mods, even those that work with Forge, are interoperable with all game versions. It’s essential to check if a given mod is compatible with your operating system before installing it.
  • In the Minecraft directory, create a folder called “mods.”
  • You can now place the downloaded mod in the Mods directory.
  • Activate your Forge account before you start Minecraft. Mods won’t correctly load if this isn’t the case.

How to Add Mods to Minecraft on Mac

  • Go to the Forge download page and click on it.
  • Select the Minecraft version for which you wish to install mods from the drop-down option on the left side of the screen.
  • Then, select ‘Download Recommended’ from the drop-down menu to download the installer.
  • Please navigate to the Downloads folder and double-click the Forge installer to launch it.
  • Select ‘Install Client’ from the drop-down menu and press OK.

Create a Mods Folder on the Macintosh

  • After opening Finder, navigate to the Library folder.
  • Create a mods folder in the Application Support folder, followed by Minecraft in the Minecraft folder.
  • Installing Mods on a Macintosh
  • Again, look to websites such as MinecraftMods, CurseForge, and others to obtain the mods you desire for your game. 

The following is the procedure to take to install modifications for Minecraft on a Mac:

  • Discover the mod on a modding website and download the suitable version for your Forge, the same version as your Forge.
  • Then navigate to the mods folder which you previously generated.
  • Drop the mod you got into the modifications folder by dragging and dropping it!
  • That’s all there is to it.

Make sure that the Forge version of Minecraft is selected every time you launch the game from your computer. The mods will not function if this is not the case. Additionally, you may activate or deactivate mods by selecting them from the mods option in the game’s main menu.

Minecraft Mods on iPhone or Android

Because they are not officially affiliated with a game, mods have an unusual connection with it, yet, they add to it in a meaningful and intriguing way. The following are the steps to take to download and install Minecraft mods on your Android or iOS device:

  • Take a look at either the Apple app store or the Google play store.
  • Type in “AddOns for Minecraft PE (MCPE)” to narrow your options in the results list.
Search for Addons for Minecraft PE in the play store.
  • Launch the App after the setup is finished.
  • Select “Copy to Minecraft” from the drop-down list after selecting the mod you want to copy into Minecraft.

Mods for Minecraft on Xbox One

  • Download the MC Addons application by going to the Microsoft Store and selecting it.
Search for Minecraft Addons in the Microsoft Store.
  • From the Xbox main menu, select the Microsoft Edge implementation to launch.
  • Navigate to mcpedl.com, one of the most significant websites for mods and addons for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and enter your username and password.
  • One can find addons by going to the “Mods” page and selecting “Addons.”
  • Select the appropriate addon from the drop-down menu and click on one of the download URLs provided under “Downloads.”
Go to the Mods page and select the Addons.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to download the mod, which will be stored in the “Downloads” folder on your Xbox by default, and then uninstall it.

Mods not working? Use Add-Ons 

You can use add-ons instead of modifications when mods don’t function. Add-ons let you customize the appearance and behavior of your game, allowing you to implement new gameplay concepts.

  • Add-ons have the power to alter the game’s parameters.
  • Modify the game’s visuals and gameplay to your heart’s content.
  • Change the appearance and behavior of mobs.
  • Change a chicken’s behavior (attack and explode).
  • It’s possible to alter a creeper’s blast radius or the material it’s wearing.

Minecraft Bedrock

Add-ons for the Minecraft Bedrock edition are pretty simple to install. One may accomplish them by following the methods outlined below:

  • Installing addons from third-party websites is not recommended.
  • The addons are typically downloaded as a ZIP or RAR archive.
  • Locate the ZIP file that you downloaded in the Downloads folder.
  • Double-click on it and navigate to the location where one will extract the files.
  • Launch the downloaded addon file from the extracted folder when removed.
  • Minecraft will now launch and automatically import the addon.

Minecraft Realms

Setting up addons for Minecraft Realms differs slightly depending on the platform utilized. The process is relatively straightforward, regardless of the medium used.

  • You must first download the appropriate addon file either from the Minecraft marketplace or another location on the internet before they can proceed with the installation.
  • You must now open the addon file they downloaded after completing the download process. A popup window should appear if everything has been done correctly, stating that the pack or world has been successfully imported into the game. Having successfully imported the specified addons into the game, it is now necessary to associate these items with a specific realm. 
  • To accomplish this, you must first browse to the resource pack or behavior pack tab in the realms settings. 
  • You can manage all of the active add-ons usually utilized in the realm via this menu. In addition, users can add a new addon to a domain using this option.

Minecraft on PS4

This is the correct spot if you want to play Minecraft on your PlayStation 4 with some mods installed. The following are the actions that you must do to obtain mods for your game: 

  • Make use of a secondary device while playing Minecraft. This might be your Windows 10 edition, Pocket Edition, or entirely.
  • Create a world with mods on a secondary Minecraft device and share it with others.
  • Join the rest of the world via your PlayStation 4.
  • Make use of Minecraft Realms.
  • It is possible to have a domain with a world that one can then move to other devices through realms.
  • One can obtain mods from the Minecraft store, which is the last method of receiving them.
  • Some maps and mods are available on the marketplace. On the other hand, these need mine coins and are not typically chosen over the other methods described above.
  • The use of this technology eliminates the requirement for a supplementary device.


Is Modding Minecraft Illegal?

Mods are not illegal for Minecraft. Even the developers of the game openly allow the changes. However, modding for money with copyrightable code is illegal.

How Can You Play A Modded World In Minecraft With Other Players?

Select the “Multiplayer” option. Click on “Add Server”. After feeling out the details, press “done,” and you will be taken back to the multiplayer menu. Now you will see the server previously listed.

Can You Add Mods To Minecraft After Creating A World?

Yes, however, if the mod contains its world generation (terrain, ores, and so on), you will have to travel to fresh chunks to witness the changes that have occurred.

Can You Add Mods To Minecraft Education Edition?

One can easily download mods for Minecraft Education Edition from the servers. Depending on the version of Minecraft you’ve chosen, the game will instantly select the appropriate mod.