How to Add Google Calendar to Outlook

Google Calendar is a planning and schedule creation platform developed by Google. It is a free-to-use application that lets its users create, edit and cancel events. It reminds the users if they have any upcoming events on their schedule. The calendar is based on your timezone and thereby has the local holidays and events available in it. Everyone with a Google account can access Google Calendars for free. 

Add Google Calendar to Outlook

 Similarly, Outlook is the event and schedule planner platform that is developed by Microsoft. 

Google Calendar View

These two virtual calendars do not get along with each other and they can not be synced together. But there are alternate, unofficial methods that can bring the two calendars together. This is not syncing but you will get close enough to it. This page is all about how to “sync” your Google Calendars with your Outlook Calendars.

How To Sync Google Calendar With Microsoft Outlook

If you are a busy person with many different schedules, it is obviously very hard for you to look at your different schedules. Many schedules can be confusing and you might even miss out on any meetings or mix-up events. If there’s any circumstance where you have to compare both your calendars, you don’t have to worry. 

Because we have got your back. A lot of tools for syncing your calendar are available on the digital market but they would cost you. Why spend money on something that you can do for free? The android and iOS versions of Microsoft Outlook have the feature to sync its outlook calendar with the Google Calendar. But you can not add your Google calendar to Outlook in the PC version. 

Sync Google Calendar with Outlook

Syncing your Google Calendar to Outlook is quite simple and can be done in a couple of ways. You can either Subscribe to a Google Calendar in Outlook or Sync Google Calendar to Outlook using G-Suite Sync.

2 Ways to Sync Google Calendar with Outlook on Windows 

Add Gmail Calendar in Outlook

  1. Open Google Calendar and move the pointer above the calendar you want to add to Outlook. 
  2. The three-dots menu icon appears, next to the calendar. Click on it.
Calendars list
  1. In the pop-up menu list that appears, select Settings and Sharing.
Calendar settings and sharing
  1. The settings of the Calendar, you wish to sync with open.
Settings of the calendar

From the list of menus on the left, choose Integrate Calendar, from the options under the calendar you want to sync. 

calendar settings
  1. In the Integrate Calendar sub-menu, copy the link in the Secret address in iCal format. This link may be hidden. Turn on visibility, if needed. Copy this URL address. 
Secret iCal address
  1. Then, open Outlook. Switch to the calendar section. 
Calendar section
  1. In the Home tab’s Arrange section, select Open Calendar. A drop-down menu opens. Select from Internet, from the list.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, enter and paste the Secret Address in iCal URL that you copied from Google Calendar. 
New Internet Calendar Subscription

The result of this procedure is, in a way, syncing your Outlook Calendar and your Google account calendar. If you need to add multiple Google calendars, repeat the process as many times as you want. 

Syncing using G-Suite Sync

Google Suite, now known as Google Workspace, is a mix of business tools and cloud computing. Even if you had a Google account, you have to subscribe to get the Suite services. Google Calendars come with the G-Suite package so the users, with their Google accounts, can work with them. The following steps are for those who work with G-Suite and are trying to sync your calendars.

  1. You have to download the G-Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Ensure that Outlook is not running, when you install it. If you do not have a supported version of Microsoft Outlook, you’ll receive a warning/disclaimer.
GSuite Sync
  1. Log in to your Google account, which is connected to Google Calendar. 
  2. A pop-up appears, requesting your permission to access data. Then, you need to edit a few options provided by the software for your convenience. Enable Import data from an existing profile. This feature lets you add and import Microsoft Outlook information to Google Calendar. 
  3. Click Create Profile. Once these steps are done, your Google calendar will start syncing with the Microsoft Outlook calendar. 

How to sync Google Calendar with Outlook 2019

There are simple steps to synchronize both calendars. 

  1. Start the Google Calendar platform. You will see your Google Calendar on the homepage.
  2. On the left, you’ll see a list of calendars. Make the cursor hover over the calendar that you want to sync. 
  3. Click on the three vertically arranged dots that appear to the right of the calendar name. 
  4. In the settings, select the Integrate Calendar category.
  5. Copy the link in the Secret address in iCal format text box. 
  6. Open Outlook and shift to the calendar section. 
  7. In the home tab, select Open Calendar. Choose From the Internet.
  8. Paste the copied link and click okay. 

You will now see the Outlook-Google Calendar being displayed for your convenience. This is how to see multiple calendars together in Outlook 2019

How to sync your Google Calendar on 

An outlook is software while is a website. The steps to synchronize the online calendar with that of Google is similar to that of doing it through the software platform. 

  1. Locate the Secret URL address in the iCAl format and copy it. (Calendar options>Settings and Sharing>Integrate the Calendar)
  2. Log in to your outlook website profile and switch to the Calendar view. 
  3. Click Add Calendar. On the left side of the dialog box that opens, choose to Subscribe from Web. This feature lets you add calendars to your Outlook account.
Outlook calendar
  1. Paste the link you copied in the text box.
Subscribe from web
  1. Name the calendar and customize it the way you want it to be displayed. You can change the theme and charm of the calendar.
Calendar name

7. Click Import, when you are done. 

How to sync your Google Calendar on Outlook for Windows

  1. Open the Google Calendar site
  2. On the upper right part of the window, you will see the Settings cog icon. Tap it.
Google Calendar
  1. From the drop-down, select Settings.
Settings for calendar
  1. From the list of menus on the left, select Import and Export.
Import and Export
  1. Select Export. This action will download a .ics file in a compressed form. You’ll need an extraction tool to open this. Extract the compressed file.
  1. Launch Outlook for Windows. Click on the File menu and choose Open & Export. Select Open Calendar. This lets you add a new calendar
  2. Browse for the extracted files and select them. Click ok. Outlook will open both the calendars for you and you’ll be able to view them side by side.
Caledars view

How to sync your Google Calendar on Outlook for Mac

  1. Open the Outlook application for Mac. 
  2. In the toolbar on the upper part of the window, click on Outlook.
  3. In the drop-down, choose Preferences. Preferences is the Mac version of settings. 
  4. In the window that appears, click on Accounts. In the bottom left corner of the new window, click on the +. This lets you add a new email address. 
  5. Select New Account and then enter the Google Calendar account you wish to synchronize. You will need the email address and password. Press Continue, once you’re done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Syncing?

Sync is the short form of the term Synchronize. In the world of technology, syncing means when two devices, accounts or an account, and a device have the same information stored in them. Syncing is a form of backing up data from a device to a cloud account, usually. In android devices, when you turn sync on, the data goes to the Google Drive account associated with your Google email address. 

Why should I sync my calendars?

You can avoid confusion and save a lot of time by synchronizing your calendars. A single calendar allows you to keep track of all of your activities, making it less likely that your schedule will become disorganized than if you used many calendars, which may be devastating for your event planning abilities.

How to Sync Outlook with Google Calendar?

There are different ways to synchronize the Google calendar with that of Outlook. It depends on the type of platform you use – The outlook site or the Outlook application for windows. Most of these steps involve copying a special URL from one platform and pasting them on the other to view them together. 

Can I sync Google and Outlook calendars?

Neither Outlook nor G-Calendar allows you to sync these two calendars. However, there are a variety of unconventional approaches to seeing many calendars at once. Here, we mean that activities in both calendars will appear side by side.

Which is better: Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar?

Google and Microsoft are technology giants, who produce equally effective and efficient software. Of all their services, their calendars are noteworthy and user-friendly. Both these calendars have proven to be very useful. They offer the same services and function properly, with no known bugs. Check out user ratings, if you wish to compare them further.

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