3 Best Methods: Add DApp Browser To Trust Wallet

It is not new news that Apple has blocked DApp Browsers on their devices, which makes it impossible to add them to a trust wallet for your crypto investments. If you are one of those who are affected by this and are looking for a way out, in spite of the inconveniences, you have come to the right place.  

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A DApp browser is really important when it comes to crypto wallets. If you are looking for how-to, this article will help you when you wish to add DApp browser to trust wallet for managing the cryptocurrencies you have purchased.

What does the Trust Wallet do?

Trust Wallet is a Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet that allows users to store their crypto tokens, especially the BEP2, ERC20, and ERC721. You can send, receive, and store bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other virtual property using this wallet as a vault for storing such assets.

Add DApp Browser To Trust Wallet

Users can get their calculated interest from their cryptocurrency investment through this application. Decentralized applications can be accessed easily through this platform. If there are available Decentralized Financial applications, you can also access them without much effort. For fun, users can also spend some time playing games related to blockchain technology. 

What does the DApp Browser do?

A DApp or a Decentralized Application browser is a web3 browser that will run any decentralized application on a device. The decentralized app, or DApp, is a fantastic platform that allows you to create a more secure relationship between a crypto-investing user and the application’s interface. 

DApp Browser

This software is a fantastic tool that allows you to connect to a DApp browser through your Ethereum network in one of the most easiest and secure fashions. Furthermore, the app features a beautiful UI that provides a pleasant experience while viewing the information on your phone. 

There are a couple of important terms that one has to understand in order to learn what the DApps browser actually does. They are – 


The Ethereum blockchain is not in possession or control of any individual or an organization. This is an open and decentralized platform that is available to the public. Only through this does the DApps browser run smoothly.


The Ethereum Virtual Machine is extremely secure and the interface has not registered any issues ever since it was introduced to the world. The application is most likely not to cause more issues in the future.

These may or may not apply to DApps browsers. So, all you have to do now is enable the DApp browser on your system and start using the trust wallet application.

What is a Pancake Swap Exchange? 

There is one other application/feature that we recommend that you know on the DApp browser. This is the Pancake Swap Exchange.

PancakeSwap Exchange is a Decentralized Exchange (DEXe) that can be used as an interface for traders with Android and iOS devices to buy, sell and store their tokens. The only downside of this application is that this tool does not support the usage of fiat money which is why it is important for the traders to enable the DApp browser on their Trust wallet to get complete access, easily. 

Why do I need to use a DApps Browser for Cryptocurrency Transactions?

The entire point of us making this article is to place an intangible emphasis on the necessity to use a centralized server for storing your crypto investments. We have mentioned the advantages that you can benefit from if you are using a DApps Browser for your crypto transactions below. Check them out – 

  • Transaction latencies are frequent in applications and browsers that run on centralized servers. DApps eliminate these delays and open up the pathways for instant transactions since they run on independent decentralized servers. 
  • DApps systems are much more reliable due to their decentralized servers. s and other forms of malware find it impossible for infecting or infiltrating the devices, thanks to the absence of hardware for hosting the crypto storage. 
  • One does not have to disclose their personal information or any financial details to make a transaction through a DApps browser; DApps is more secure and private than other possible methods. 
  • The best feature offered by DApps is that using it for any of the features it provides is completely free and does not cost you anything at any point. 

What are the possible negative outcomes or using a DApps Browser?

There are three inconveniences you can, possibly, face, if you are using a DApps browser for your crypto transactions or other relevant processing. For your reference, they are mentioned below – 

  • All platforms associated with DApps get irregular updates. This is because they have to be approved by the organization or entity that controls the DApps’ actions.
  • A large userbase and its expandability is a factor that you will need to look into before a user can expect to use all the available features.
  • Several DApps require it and so you will need to use a DApps browser if you are looking to use them.

Enabling a Trust Wallet Browser

Let’s get to the most important part of the article, enabling the Trust Wallet browser so that you can transfer your crypto to this. We have added all the steps you will need as, both, an Android and iOS mobile phone user.

Enabling the Trustwallet Browser on your iPhone

The DApp browser was removed from the Trust Wallet since this violated the redefined App Store guidelines of Apple. Some users found tweaks that allowed them to use this until the developers at Apple used the ban hammer on this feature. However, users can use a platform called WalletConnect to link the Trust Wallet and the Decentralized browser.

There are three ways for iPhone users to enable the TrustWallet DApps browser on their iPhone. Before you proceed, make sure that you have a secure connection to the internet on your device. 

  1. The PancakeSwap Exchange
  2. The UniSwap interface
  3. URL in the Safari browser

Method 1 – The PancakeSwap Exchange

  • Launch the Safari browser application on your iPhone. 
  • Use the address bar to type in its address and visit the Pancake Swap Exchange website. 
The PancakeSwap Exchange
  • Select the Connect button at the upper right corner of the website and tap the Wallet Connect option on the next page. 
  • Make sure that you are on the Mobile tab and here, you have to choose the Trust option. 
  • The mobile will show you a notification pop-up saying “PancakeSwap wants to connect to your wallet. ” When this appears, tap the Connect option. 

Once you make sure that the wallet has been connected to the network, check if your previous purchases are visible. If they are, it means that you are good to go. You can now start with trading your cryptocurrency.

Method 2 – The UniSwap interface

If you use the UniSwap platform, you can also use it instead of the Pancake Swap Exchange. The steps to do so are given below – 

The UniSwap interface
  • Tap the Connect Wallet option at the bottom part of the interactive interface. This should be located near the center of the screen.
  • Choose the Wallet Connect option from the list of options that appear for linking your wallet. 
  • From the list of crypto wallet applications that you have, choose the Trust wallet.
  • You will be shown a prompt pop-up, from which you have to choose Open and then, Connect.

Once your wallet and UniSwap are connected, you can start exchanging or making new crypto investments. You will have to make sure that the Trust Wallet is up and running for the connection to remain intact. 

Method 3 – URL in the Safari browser

The last method is the easiest of the three. One just has to open the Safari browser on their iPhone and execute this command, given below.


You just have to make sure that the HTTPs and the URLs are not affected by this input and you are good to go. It is also important to note that this step is not applicable to your android devices. 

Enabling the Trustwallet Browser on your Android Device

If you are an Android smartphone user, you will find the steps below helpful – 

  • Launch the Trust Wallet application on your android smartphone and go into the settings. This is option is available at the bottom right corner of the application’s main home page. 
  • Select the Preferences option and when the new page appears, choose the DApp browser option. 
  • Make sure that the Enable toggle switch is activated. Only then will the DApp browser be enabled on your Android device. 
  • Go back to the main page and now, open the DApp browser through the option available on the bar at the bottom of the page. 

What happens to the Crypto Assets in Trust Wallet’s DApps?

You do not have to be concerned if you are an existing Trust Wallet’s DApp browser user, who has communicated with or managed your virtual assets through this interface. The Trust Wallet is more like a portal to trading and holding users than it is a platform to access the digital property they own. Users can still manage all of their assets since they’re stored, securely, on the blockchain. 

Apple’s Stance towards DApps

The main reason you are here, visiting our page is, probably, because you can no longer use Trust Wallet’s DApps browser on your iPhone or any other iOS-related device. Thanks to Apple’s regulations, you can’t utilize the Trust Wallet’s outdated DApp browser. Apple might have disabled the system’s capability to host a DApp browser within the Trust Wallet to have a better grip over the application. 

Apple's Stance towards DApps

Apple has made no formal pronouncements as to why the technology-centric corporation is limiting or discontinuing its system’s compatibility for Decentralized Applications and Decentralized browsers. This may be so considering that DApps threaten a lot of tech corporations’ stronghold on app development regulation, like those of Apple Incorporated. 

We’re pretty confident that you, now, have everything that you will need to know about add DApp browser to Trust Wallet on iOS and Android smartphones. If you want more details or questions answered, you can visit the Trust Wallet website and talk to their customer support team. Happy investing!


How to add dapp browser to trust wallet on iphone?

There are three ways for a user to enable DApp browser to the Trust wallet on an iPhone – 
– The PancakeSwap Exchange
– The UniSwap interface
– URL in the Safari browser

How To Use Dapp Browser On Trust Wallet?

The methods to use DApp browser on Trust Wallet iOS app has been modified as it did not comply with Apple’s new AppStore guidelines. You will have to use this through a browser like Safari or Google Chrome. If not, the wallet has to be linked with an crypto exchange interface.

Where is dapp browser in trust wallet?

iOS users will not be able to find the DApp browser in the Trust Bitcoin Wallet as this was found to breach the new guidelines of Apple’s AppStore. If you are an android user, you should be able to find this feature, available for access, in the main menu. For the iOS app, you will have to use the safari browser to link your trust wallet to an exchange interface, in order to use the DApp browser. 

How to add dapp browser to trust wallet?

Android users do not have to add the DApp browser to their Trust wallet but if you are an iPhone user you can use either of these methods to add the DApp browser to their Trust Wallet – 
1. The PancakeSwap Exchange
2. The UniSwap interface
3. URL in the Safari browser – trust://browser_enable