4 Best Ways to Add Apps to Samsung Smart TV

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What is a Smart TV?

A smart TV is one that has the ability to connect with internet services. This feature is inbuilt into your smart TV. Once configured, your TV gets connected to the internet on its own whenever it is powered on.

Additionally, your smart TV can also have free and paid streaming platforms configured so learn how to add apps to Samsung smart tv. You only need to update your account details and you are good to exercise all these features of your smart TV. This applies to Android TV and Vizio TV as well.

Identifying a Samsung Smart TV

Given the popularity and availability of smart TVs for every budget, they are sought by almost every household. Although, they have ever-evolving versions. Thus, you might be wondering if your Samsung TV is smart or not. Here’s how you can check it.

how to add apps to samsung smart tv

Using TV remote

Check for a home button or menu button on your TV’s remote and press it. You should be able to see options to navigate to OTT platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime or others.

Take a second hint from the network settings too. Check if your TV has options to connect to a Wi-Fi network or the Ethernet cable.

Without TV remote

Well, in this case, your TV manufacturer is the best confirmation platform. You can either call them up or visit the website to check the smart TV list.

Additionally, you can also search for the model number of your TV on the internet. The results should be able to clarify your question.

To this date, Samsung has produced more than 70 models and variants of Smart TVs. While the production began to surge in 2011, almost every model has emerged with a better version. And every one of them supports the basic concept of a Smart TV.

Minimum requirements to add apps to Samsung Smart TV

Samsung had introduced and installed Smart Hub in all its TV models categorized as smart. The idea is to create a single stop for content. A location where all the selected content can is available including photos, videos, and apps.

But, for it to work smoothly, you need to take care of 2 conditions:

  • Your Smart TV should have established either a wired or wireless connection.
  • Smart Hub must be active as well.
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Smart Hub

How to Add Apps to Samsung Smart TV?

Follow the steps below to add apps to your Samsung smart Tv.

  • Press the home button on the TV remote to open the Smart hub.
  • A list of apps will show up with an icon of ‘Apps’ as well. Navigate to this and select it to open a complete list of available apps.
Add Facebook Watch app
  • This section can include the pre-installed as well as the ones installed manually.
  • You can use the search icon tab to look for more apps in the Samsung app store. Use the remote to type in a name in the box in front of the magnifying glass icon.
  • Once you are able to find the app, navigate and click on the download button.
Open the Facebook App
  • Once the download is complete, open the app and enjoy its services.
  • You can also add the app to your home screen.
Add app to home

How to Add Samsung Apps to an older model

While the interface is different from the older models, every Samsung Smart TV has an inbuilt smart hub. Your older model can also use it by following the steps below:

Using the smart hub store

Under this, the steps to download and use the app are like what we have discussed above. Yet, the older versions may not support all the current apps.

From external sources

Under this, the app completes the download process using the internet. Later the installation can be done on your Samsung smart TV using a USB flash drive.

Know more about these steps in the coming sections and install apps on your Samsung smart TV step by step.

How to install 3rd party apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Can we Really Install 3rd party apps on Smart TV?

Yes, but you’ll have to change the default settings of your smart TV. To do so, you’ll need to update the security settings on the TV and allow the unknown resource options.

However, you should try this approach only with trusted resources to avail the necessary app files.

Once done, you should be able to install the files as per the steps in the next section.

Steps to Install 3rd party apps

Download the 3rd party app from its supported app store. You can also try the various web-based resources to get these third-party apps.

Once done, transfer the third-party app on a USB flash drive aka the pen drive, and connect it to your Samsung smart TV.

Now run the file and the installation should complete in a few minutes.

Once the installation is successful, the app’s icon will be visible on the home screen and you are good to use it.

How to Install APK files on Samsung Smart TVs?

Can we really install APK files on Smart TVs?

Yes, it is possible to install APK files on Samsung smart TVs. If the app is compatible with your device. This option will most likely work with the model manufactured before 2015 by Samsung.

If your smart TV meets this check, try out the steps below to install APK files on your TV.

Steps to Install APK files on Smart TVs?

  1. Make sure the option to install apps from ‘unknown resources’ is enabled in your smart TV’s settings. In some models, you may also need to enable the developer mode to smoothly install the desired app.
  2. Once you have the APK file ready with you, transfer it to a USB drive and connect it to your smart TV.
  3. Run this APK and the installation should happen on its own.
  4. Once it is complete, you should be able to use the app on your Samsung smart TV.

How do I allow downloads from unknown sources on my Samsung Smart TV?

The process to download the app from unknown sources is similar to what we have seen for APK and third-party files. The trick lies in allowing your Samsung smart TV to enable the acceptance of unknown resources.

If you are having trouble enabling this permission, we hope this set of steps will be useful.

  1. Open the TV settings using the remote and go to the security option. This may be available under personal or development settings as the configurations get updated with every new model.
  2. Under this, you should be able to spot the unknown sources option. This is set off as a default setting.
  3. Navigate using your remote and enable this option.
  4. Now, you have the control to install apps from unknown sources such as external files, APK files, and USB drives.
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Can we use streaming apps on Samsung smart TV?

Yes. You can use various streaming devices from verified partners which offer to stream such as Amazon firestick. Once you’ve established this connection, you can also use all the apps that are being offered by the streaming device and partner. If these apps are not provided by the app store itself.

How to manage Apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Once your required app completes installation on your smart TV, you may wish to customize the settings for a better experience. Some of the ways to manage your apps for better accessibility and user experience are given below.

Where to find installed apps on Samsung Smart TV?

The installed apps are available in the directional pad or the ribbon menu. To access it, press the home button and you’ll be taken to either of the menus as per your Samsung smart TV model.

You can navigate using the remote and open an app of your choice. You can also add your favorite apps to the home screen as well.

How to lock apps on Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, you can lock apps on your Samsung smart TV. To do so,

  • Press the home button and open the ‘Apps’ section to list all the apps at once.
  • Go to the settings menu and navigate to the app which you wish to lock. As you navigate, the apps get highlighted one by one and several options are listed in the drop-down menu.
  • Select the lock option and done.

How to move apps on the Samsung home screen?

If you wish to replace the position of the app on the home screen, follow the simple steps below.

  • Press the home button or the smart hub button and highlight the app you wish to move.
  • Press the down button on the remote to see the available options.
  • Select the move option and once again use the arrow keys to place it as per your choice.

How to set apps to automatic download on Samsung smart TV?

If you wish to enjoy the latest app features on your smart TV as well, then you can set the apps to auto-update using the steps below:

  • Press the home button on the remote and the app screen will open.
  • Navigate to the settings icon and open it.
  • You should be able to spot an auto-update feature. Toggle the option to ON.

And it is taken care of in the future. But, do note that auto-update will only come into effect when your TV is on and has a working internet connection as well.


What to do if an app is not working on Samsung Smart TV?

It may happen with the time that your Samsung smart TV is not responding well to the installed app.

But note that this happens with a lot of users and can be dealt with some of the options discussed below.

Cool boot

Also known as restarting your smart TV. As a fact, a simple reboot of the system enables the software to handle the functionalities better.

Update the system software

Just like your smartphone, your smart TV can also expect a software update. Do check the support menu and if there are any pending updates, install them at the earliest.

Re-install the app

If after any update or overtime, an app is not working properly with your smart TV, then you can consider updating it.

While some models allow an app update option, in the rest of them re-installing the app is the only way to do it. In both cases, the latest app will give you a smooth user experience.

Still, Facing Issues while adding apps to Samsung Smart TV?

If none of the sections have been able to address any of your issues then you should contact Samsung support at the earliest.

You can connect with them using any of the following means:

  1. Online support: Use online chat support on the website and also emails to share your problem.
  2. In-person support: You can reach out to any of the authorized service centers.
  3. Telephonic support: You can refer to the updated customer care number on the official website and get remote help as well.
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Challenge in working with external apps

Downloading and installing apps for smart TVs from unknown sources can be a challenging experience for some users. Due to the large variety of Samsung smart TV models, the configurations vary as well. Here are some tips to resolve these issues.

Restart your TV

As a common practice to fix the abnormal behavior of a machine, rebooting the system is one of the easiest solutions.

Enter pin

When trying to modify the default settings of the smart TV, certain models may ask for a pin. The default pin is set to 123456 in all Samsung TVs if needed at any point in time.

The app does not function properly

Even if you have installed the select apps on your smart TV, it is possible they behave differently from your expectations. This might happen due to an incompatible version of the app. Or that the smart TV itself requires completion of a prolonged update of its firmware.

Bonus Tips

How to re-install an App on Samsung TV?

To do so, you need to access the app menu from the home screen of your smart TV. Then, select Settings in the top right corner and highlight the app you wish to re-install.

Once you highlight an app, a drop-down will appear below it. It will have the re-install option listed as well. Navigate and press the option and the smart TV will follow the process on its own.

Now, all you need to do is wait until it gets completed in the next few minutes.

How to remove or delete an app on Samsung TV?

If you no longer use an app on your smart TV or facing memory issues, then you can follow the guide below and remove any such app.

  1. Once again, press the home button and open the apps section of your TV.
  2. Open the settings page and highlight the app you wish to remove.
  3. As the app gets highlighted, a drop-down also appears.
  4. Choose the delete option and wait until the process is completed by the TV.


Can I Add Any App To My Samsung Smart TV?

You can add any app there is available in the Samsung app store. Yet, you can also add apps from external resources if they are compatible with the model.

Can’t Find The App Store On My Samsung Smart TV?

To go to the app store, press the smart hub or home button from your TV’s remote. Locate the ‘apps’ button on the screen and again press the center or home button to reach the app store.

Does The Samsung Smart TV Have Disney Plus?

Yes, if your smart TV model is manufactured in or after 2016, then Disney+ will be available in the app store.

Can I Add My Own Apps To Samsung Smart TV?

Yes, you can add apps that are either available in the Samsung app store. Also, you can download and install apps from unknown sources if they are compatible with your TV’s model.

Why Will My Samsung TV Not Download Apps?

If your Samsung smart TV is not downloading apps, then it could be that it is not connected to the internet. There might be some issue with the internet network itself. It is also possible that your smart TV requires an update or a simple restart of the device can also make it download the app.

What If My Smart TV Doesn’t Have An App Store?

All smart TVs have an app store available with them, irrespective of their operating system. This is one of the reasons that they are categorized as smart TVs.

Can You Add Apps To Older Samsung Smart TVs? 

Yes, you can. Since every smart TV has an app store built in it, you can always add more from the store as well as the external resources.

Can I Add Apps From The Google Play Store To My Smart TV?

No, you can only add apps from the app store of the smart TV using your tv’s remote control.