6 Fixes For Adblock Not Working on YouTube

You’ve lately started viewing YouTube promotions while having AdBlock initiated. YouTube may be experimenting with some high-level ad-blocking software on you. It causes the “Adblock not working on youtube” issue to appear.

Several clients have confirmed logging out of YouTube accounts resolves issues with YouTube ads. Such as unblocked advertisements, and the skip button fading. Also, error messages appear in place of ads.

Users appear to be affected regardless of the adblocker (Adblock Plus) they’re using. It leads us to believe YouTube is testing some new, extremely aggressive techniques. I won’t be able to prepare much about it until they release it in full. It will enable us to know how they’re preparing through our ad blockers.

Why Is Adblock Not Working On YouTube?

adblock not working on youtube

Adblock is undoubtedly one of the most helpful browser extensions of all time. Its primary goal of preventing advertisements from interfering with your browsing experience. Some people think it’s the best thing ever, while others despise it (depending on the viewpoint). People began to discover, however, that Adblock was no longer working as well with YouTube.

Some speculate that Google is battling Adblock users because Google relies on advertisements to earn money. Even though it appears that the battle is lost, we may have some ideas for you to attempt.

Some Of The Important Adblockes In The Market

Some of the best ad-blockers to resolve the “Adblock not working on youtube” issue are:

  1. Adblock Plus
  2. AdBlock
  3. Poper Blocker
  4. Stands Fair AdBlocker
  5. uBlock Origin 

Methods To Fix Adblock Not Working On Youtube Issue?

  • Disable And Re-enable The Adblock Extension
  • Log Out Of Your Google Account
  • Update Youtube Ad Blockers Extension
  • Update Filter Lists Manually
  • Clearing Your Cache And Cookies
  • Why are Ads important?

1. Disable And Re-enable The Adblock Extension

Nothing works better than the tried-and-true procedure of turning off and on your Adblock Extension. On Adblock-enabled browsers, the new YouTube strategy has resulted in unskippable adverts.

Individuals who do not use Youtube Adblock just have to cope with skippable advertisements. Disabling Adblock for a brief amount of time and then re-enabling it later is an easy remedy to block ads on youtube.

Google Chrome Browser

  • Begin by opening the Google Chrome browser.
  • Select the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the window.
three vertical dots
  • Hover your cursor over the More Tools option in the resulting drop-down menu to open a sub-menu.
  • Select Extensions from the More Tools sub-menu.
more tools extensions
  • Finally, identify and disable your Adblock addon by clicking the toggle switch next to the Adblock icon.
remove/disable extension

Microsoft Edge

  • Open the Microsoft Edge. Now, select the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner. The dropdown menu will appear.
  • To remedy the problem, go to Extensions and look for the AdBlock Extension. Disable it.

Mozilla Firefox 

  • At the top-right, click the three horizontal bars.
  • From the settings menu, choose Add-ons. Alternatively, you can visit the Add-ons page in Firefox by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A on your keyboard.
  • Disable Adblock by clicking the enable-disable toggle switch in the Extensions section.

2. Log Out Of Your Google Account

The advertising appears to be linked to your Google account in some way. The advertising will appear based on information gathered from your surfing history. Try logging out and back into your Google account while browsing YouTube. It seems to have helped a lot of people in blocking ads.

  • To reach the YouTube homepage in your browser, click on the YouTube logo on any YouTube subdomain or video.
  • On the Screen (right side) navigation bar, click the arrow next to your account’s name.
  • To sign out of YouTube, go to the Options menu and select “Sign Out.”
sigh out from youtube app
  • When you return to YouTube, a Sign in button should appear in the top right corner of the browser window. To log back in, click on it and input your account credentials.

3. Update Youtube Ad Blockers Extension

Adblock’s failure to work on YouTube is likely due to a problem with a specific version of the plugin. The creators have most likely issued a new version that fixes the bug, and all you have to do now is upgrade.

All browser extensions are updated automatically by default. You can also manually update them through your browser’s extension store.

  • To go to the Extensions page of your web browser, follow the steps outlined previously.
  • Remove (or Uninstall) Adblock by clicking the Remove (or Uninstall) button next to it and confirm your decision if prompted.
  • Search for Adblock in your browser application’s plugin shop (Web Store for Google Chrome).
  • To install the extension to your browser, click the “Add to browser” or “Install” button.
adblocker plus add to chrome
  • After that, check whether Adblock is still not working with YouTube and if it isn’t, move on to the following method.

4. Update Filter Lists Manually

Fix Adblock not working on youtube by manually updating the filter list. You can still use the old filter lists, but they may become obsolete if YouTube’s structure changes. 

You must ensure that you receive updates regularly. You can constantly manually update the filter list by following the methods listed below. 

  • In the browser toolbar, click the AdBlock button. This button is usually found in the corner (upper right) of your browser window.
  • All you have to do is look for their logo. After clicking the AdBlock button, go to Options.
adblocker plus options
  • Go to the left navigation menu, select the “Advanced” and then “Filter Lists Tab.” Now is the time to upgrade.
filter list
  • Wait for all of the lists to update before checking to see if advertising is still visible on YouTube after restarting your computer.

5. Clearing Your Cache And Cookies

If none of the above clarifications work for the issue “Adblock not working on youtube.” Try to clear your browser cache and cookies which may hamper the Ad-blocker feature.

  • Open Chrome on your machine.
  • Click More More in the upper right corner.
  • Then select History from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Clear browsing data on the left. A box will appear on the screen.
  • Select how much history you wish to remove from the drop-down menu. Select All time to delete everything.
clear chrome history and cache
  • Check the boxes next to the information you want Chrome to erase, such as “browsing history.” Find out what kinds of browsing data you can remove.
  • Clear the data by clicking the Clear button.

6. Try Checking For Incompatible Extensions

The Last method to fix “Adblock not working on youtube.” Disable all of your extensions except AdBlock. If required, reload the page. If needed, rewind the video. If you don’t see any ads, one of the plugins you disabled is interfering with AdBlock somehow. 

Before you locate the one that causes adverts to show, re-enable each extension one by one. If you need to utilize one of these extensions, please inform the developers to fix the issue that is creating the conflict.

Why are Ads important?

Ads are the primary source of money for content creators such as YouTubers and blogs. Ads are little more than a minor annoyance for content users.

Your favorite creators get compensated based on the number of times an ad is clicked, the length of time it is seen, and other factors. YouTube is a free service that anyone can use.

It pays its platform’s producers ultimately through advertisements. To be honest, a few commercials now and then for the billions of free videos on YouTube is more than a fair trade.

You might find that adblockers are helpful. It’s possible to consume content without being bothered by advertisements. It results in your favorite creator earning far less money than they are entitled to.

YouTube’s ad policy has changed. The policy update aims to prohibit the use of ad blockers and block user accounts that employ them. While no such bans have been recorded as of yet, you should be on the lookout.

Consider restricting your use of ad blockers or eliminating them from your browsers. Try to show your support for your favorite YouTubers, blogs, and websites. Allow them to do what they enjoy in exchange for the valuable and entertaining information they contribute for free.


It becomes frustrating if an AdBlock user receives advertisements on their device. We hope that our solutions were successful in resolving the issue. If AdBlock plus/ AdBlock is not working on youtube, you should consider purchasing YouTube Premium.