4 Best Ways To Activate Facebook Dating | Step-By-Step Guide

Activate Facebook Dating

The modern-day age has led to a lot of relationships shifting online. The more and more we progress in setting up our persona online, the more online dating plays an active role in our lives. It seems like tech giant Meta has also caught on to the online dating trend with its dating service, Facebook Dating.

This article will tell you all you need to know about Facebook Dating, how to activate Facebook Dating, its best settings, how to use the feature, and more. So, let’s start without further ado.

What To Know About Facebook Dating?

Before you get started on this nifty service, there are just a few crucial things you need to be aware of. To successfully benefit from this exclusive built-in feature, you will need to know how to set up and activate Facebook dating account. 

A prerequisite to activating Facebook Dating is to have a Facebook account and be at least 18 years. 

In Which Countries Is Facebook Dating Available?

Considering the juggernaut of a company that Facebook is, it is not unrealistic to expect this service to gain traction fairly fast. However, as of now, this service is available only in a select number of countries. Other countries will have to wait for this service to roll out completely. 

Here are the countries where Facebook Dating is supported. 

  1. USA
  2. Canada
  3. Ecuador
  4. Chile
  5. Colombia
  6. Brazil
  7. Argentina
  8. Bolivia
  9. Guyana
  10. Laos
  11. Mexico
  12. Malaysia
  13. Peru
  14. Paraguay
  15. Singapore
  16. The Philippines
  17. Uruguay
  18. Thailand
  19. Vietnam
  20. Singapore
  21. Austria
  22. Belgium
  23. Bulgaria
  24. Cyprus
  25. Czech Republic
  26. Denmark
  27. Estonia
  28. Finland
  29. France
  30. Germany
  31. Greece
  32. Croatia
  33. Hungary
  34. Ireland
  35. Italy
  36. Lithuania
  37. Luxembourg
  38. Latvia
  39. Malta
  40. Netherlands
  41. Poland
  42. Portugal
  43. Romania
  44. Sweden
  45. Slovenia
  46. Slovakia
  47. Iceland
  48. Liechtenstein
  49. Norway
  50. Spain
  51. Switzerland
  52. And the United Kingdom.

According to sources, the Facebook dating feature will also be rolled out in other countries. 

How To Activate Facebook Dating? 

We live in an era where young, single individuals are exhausted and disoriented by the heavily saturated online dating scene. People have grown somewhat indifferent to what conventional online dating apps like Bumble and Tinder offer. 

Facebook’s unique dating experience seems exciting, and many people will want to get on the platform. 

You can activate your Facebook Dating account by following the given steps:  

  1. Remember that this service is available exclusively for mobile apps on Facebook. So this service cannot be availed by a PC or a web browser. 
  2. Go to Facebook on your smartphone.
  3. Press in the 3-bar menu on the top
Press in the 3-bar menu on the top
  1. In the given shortcuts, find ‘Dating.’ If it is not visible, scroll down and tap See More. You should be able to find the Dating option available there. 
  2. Tap on the Dating option 
Tap on the Dating option
  1. Tap on the Get Started button
  2. Proceed with the instructions provided. Facebook carries over most of the data from your Facebook profile. If you wish to alter some details, you are free to do so. Tap the Pencil to alter an item and the X to delete it from your profile.
Tap the Pencil to alter an item, and the X to delete it totally from your profile
  1. Follow the process to initialize your profile. You can display details like height, location preference, and more. 
  2. After you have ironed out all the details, tap on Confirm to set up your profile. 

How To Use Facebook Dating?

Now that your account is set up, you can use Facebook Dating. The service layout will not be alien to users of other dating apps such as Bumble. You can go to the Facebook Dating service from regular dating by tapping on the three-bar menu and choosing the Dating shortcut.

At the top of the screen, you can see three tabs. They are Profile, Liked You, and Matches. An icon with the Gear symbol is at the top right of the page. 

Here is what those individual tabs and icons signify. 

  1. Profile
  2. Liked You
  3. Matches
  4. Gear 
Profile, Liked You, and Matches

1. Profile

To personalize your dating profile, go to Profile. You may change the photographs, add an introductory note, modify your status, and add your interests and hobbies.

2. Liked You

To find out who has liked your profile, click on this button on your profile. From there, you can either like them back or ignore them. If both have liked each other, that individual gets on to the Matches list.

3. Matches

If both parties like one another, the person who liked will be highlighted on the page. To initiate a chat with that person, click on the picture, and current discussions appear on the screen’s bottom half.

4. Gear 

You can customize who you consider being your perfect match. You may choose the distance, gender, age, language, height, and other details.

The image of your ideal partner is in the middle of the screen. By clicking on the Heart icon, you can like the profile or dismiss it using the X. If you want more details before deciding, press the photo. 

Now all of the information, such as photographs, will be shown. Similar to other apps, you may press the buttons to like or hate or swipe right to like and left to dismiss.

There are various functions available in the More to Explore tab as well. These are: 

  1. Second Look

Click this icon to see the profiles that you have previously disliked. This one allows you to examine and like the profile you rejected previously. 

  1. Events In Common

Facebook lets you match with individuals through “Facebook Events” that you have marked up for. It will offer suitable pairings if both have been to the same occasion.

  1. Groups In Common

Facebook may link you with individuals who are of the same group as you on Facebook.

  1. Secret Crush

Tap on this button and add a friend you are interested in –nine people can be added at once. That individual will be informed of their hidden crush. If that individual also labels you, then your profile will be revealed.

How To Adjust The Facebook Dating Settings? 

You can modify a few settings to set the best match for you. The way you can change the settings of your Facebook Dating is:

  1. Go to the Gear icon 
  2. Go to the Ideal Match tab. Here you can set your standards for your ideal match. 
  3. You can also use the general tab to filter out better matches. You can control what all your account displays. Adding on, you can also connect your Instagram account from here.

How To Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile?

Online dating can tend to get draining. Alternatively, you might have found your match and don’t need the service. If, for any reason, you wish to delete your Facebook Dating profile, you can do so in a very convenient process: 

  1. Go to the Gear icon
  2. Tap the General button 
  3. Go to Delete Profile 
  4. You may or may not select a reason for the deletion of the profile. 
  5. It is important to know that once you delete your Facebook Dating profile, you will need to wait for a week to activate Facebook Dating. 

Pros & Cons Of Facebook Dating 

Following are the various pros and cons of Facebook Dating. 


  1. Lesser Notifications, More Discreet 

Facebook dating does not need the installation of a new app (if you already have the main Facebook app) and does not provide you with the push notifications that Bumble, Hinge, and other dating apps provide. Facebook dating is a little less obvious.

Some people may be drawn to this method (sort of like putting your toe in the water), but they may or may not be interested in getting to know people.

  1. Make Your Profile More Personalized And Interesting

When using the dating app, you’ll need to devote time to filling out your profile. This includes details such as your age, gender, and hobbies. You can skip this step if you use Facebook. As a result, you won’t have to devote as much effort to establishing a profile you’re proud of.

Your profile will become more personal and interesting when you utilize the app. This implies that prospective matches will immediately see the one they want to learn more about.

  1. Free Of Cost

While other popular dating apps demand extra charges to open more options for its users, Facebook has no such charges. Users can freely use their dating space and explore all available options without paying extra. This relief from blurred images of people that open only after a paid subscription. 

  1. A trusted Algorithm To Find Friends.

There’s no app better than Facebook to find new friends in your neighborhood. Facebook focuses on finding people within 100m of your range. It becomes easy to date locally and takes advantage of the trusted algorithm of Facebook.


  1. Bios That Are Missing Information

Like many other dating applications, Facebook dating is plagued by bad user profiles and descriptions. Facebook appears to have fewer necessary fields than most other popular dating applications (Bumble, Facebook, Tinder, etc.)

This can be aggravating, but it’s also likely to be short, given that Facebook’s primary focus is on expansion.

  1. Limited options

The disadvantages of internet dating include the difficulty of meeting people you genuinely want to meet. You’re more likely to encounter someone you don’t want to be in a relationship with. You may also come across false or scam profiles and those who aren’t searching for a serious relationship.

You’re also limited to viewing who’s local, which means you can miss out on some fantastic folks.

  1. Increased Chances Of Cheating

Besides that, one element of Facebook dating that, more than almost any other program, can enable cheating: the settings.

Accidentally, Facebook built a feature that allows users to avoid unpleasant conversations between friends and friends of friends. It also made it easy for people to build a dating profile while reducing the chances of running into people they knew.

  1. Older Crowd

The new generation does not see Facebook the same way older people do. Especially not as a dating app. This gap may make it tough to find people of your age and interest on Facebook. Moreover, the new generation invests their online dating time in more popular and new dating apps.


Hopefully, this article helps answer all questions about how to activate Facebook Dating. After going through this article, activating Facebook Dating, using it, modifying your profile, and setting your preferences should be no problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the star mean on Facebook Dating? 

A star next to a profile on your Facebook dating profile means that you have already liked that person’s profile. It indicates that you had liked the person before they sent you a connection message.

Is Facebook Dating free to use?

Facebook Dating is completely free to use. It is one of the few completely free dating apps. They do not have any premium or freemium features. Adding on, it has no overhead costs. 

Why is Facebook Dating Not Working/Showing up?

Your Facebook Dating might not be dating for a variety of reasons. It only works on the mobile App of Facebook. Make sure that Facebook Dating is available in your country. Try clearing your device cache if the problem persists.  

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