Steam: Your Account Does Not Meet the Requirements to Use

your account does not meet the requirements to use this feature

What is Steam?

Steam is a service that digitally disseminates video games and is developed by Valve. It is available in 28 languages & supported on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android. Steam is a cloud-based gaming library.

One of its most widespread features is the capability for users to use any computer to play games they purchase or download to their Steam accounts. It even permits users to store a vast collection of games without using too much computer memory.

Why is the message Your Account Does Not Meet Requirements occurring?  

 Steam users might obtain an error stating Your Account Does Not Meet the Requirements To Use The Feature. This statement conveys that if you want to use some features or services of Steam by spending the least amount of $5 in the Steam store. 

 It bans some accounts from accessing features that are important to protect the community from phishing, spamming, etc. Averse users usually use dummy accounts from which they have not bought any game or items.

So to make it more challenging for these spammers, Steam determined to restrict some community features until the account has spent $5 or more in Steam.

How Do I Gain Access to These Features?

The answer is forthright; you have to spend at least $5 on Steam. Yet, please preserve in mind that CD keys, gifts & retail purchases do not count towards discontinuing the limitations. Here are a few methods listed from which you can acquire access:

  • You need to add the peer of $5 into your Steam wallet.
  • Or add a Steam Wallet Card of $5 or more to your Steam account.
  • Purchase the games that are of the value of $5 or more.
  • Purchase a Steam gift that is equivalent to $5 or more. I could be helpful too.
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Please note that receiving any gift or promotional code does not count towards terminating the restrictions. All Steam purchases made are measured in USD. If your currency is not USD, Steam will change it by employing the latest exchange rate & add that payment in dollars to your bank account.

How to Fix Your Account Does Not Meet the Requirements to Use This Feature Error on Steam?

  1. Spend $5
  2. Ask your friend to send you a request

Spend $5

To take advantage of the applications, adversary users always try getting access to the application using fake accounts and do prohibited stuff behind the genuine users. Thus to cope with this, Steam asks all its users to pay an amount to get access to some parts of the Steam application. 

To get access, you will need to buy any game on Steam for at least $5 to remove those restrictions. And you can do it using the Steam Store. It is not only up to the game. You can also add the $5 to your wallet, or also you can buy a steam gift for $5 and get access to the restricted areas on Steam.

steam store

Ask your friend to send you a request

Another method to remove these restrictions is to ask one of your friends to send you a friend request. It will confirm that you are a legit user. And Steam will allow you to use the other features. 

But there is a condition for sending the friend request. And is only available to verified users. Okay! So, if you do not want to spend money. And also, get access, then ask one of your friends who has already verified their account on Steam. 

Using friend's code to get access

Which Features are Unavailable to Me?

We have listed all the characteristics which are not obtainable to a limited account:

Sending Friend Requests and Group Invites 

 In Steam, there is a procedure by which you can add people by their user ID or their full name. You can even add them in-game. There is another window available in the Steam client for friends by which you can notice when they were last online, what they were playing, and their existing game accomplishments. You can also play a game together by sending them a game invite.

 Also, the accounts which are not restricted can send you a friend request. This lacking is only at your end that you can not add any friends to your selection. Else you can ask them to add you or give your Steam ID to those you want to add.

Access to Groups 

 Plenty of games allow you to play with a full-fledged team of the people you know. If you have a limited account, you can not join preexisting groups. They bear to find you by your Steam ID or add you in if you are already a friend of theirs. 

Group Chats

 Here it gets very frustrating because you can not access group chats & read the conversation which is going on. It is a headache because in a team, there is always preceding planning before each gameplay & it is vital for every player to engage there.

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Voting on Items & Writing Reviews 

 To halt scamming on reviews & people annihilating ratings for literally no reason, Steam also restricted this feature so that limited account holders can’t write any reviews or vote for their favorite items. You can likewise advise this game by delivering a thumbs up so your companions can regard that.

Partaking in the Steam Market 

 The Steam demand is a digital marketplace for the Steam community to create in-game purchases of items. These can enclose skins, wallpapers, eternal items, etc. 

Posting Frequently in Steam Discussions

 Steam has also restricted the number of spans you can post in the Steam Discussions forum. Steam discussing is used for an assortment of objectives. It can be used to share mods, post problems, and partake in a general discussion regarding any topic.

In history, scammers used to make dummy accounts & tried to make Steam Discussions less efficient and effective by posting irrelevant posts and comments. It ushered the Steam management bearing away this feature from a limited account holder. Hence, there is a limit on how much you can post/comment in 24 hours.

Gaining Steam Profile Levels

 Steam has a system of ranking your profile with levels to award you benefits and more opportunities over time. As you level up, it better showcases you unclose for your profile. On every tenth level gain, one showcase from a maximum of sixteen showcases.

While getting started, it takes roughly 100XP to acquire the subsequent level. The amount needed to level up increases every 10th level. In a nutshell, you would require 200XP after Steam level 10. After Steam level 20, you would require 300 XP and so on.

 You can earn XP in different ways. Owning a limited account withdraws this feature from your account. No concern about how many games you play level won’t increase & will be stuck at level 0 until you spend $5 or more.

Access to the Steam Web API 

 As the title points out, limited account holders are bounded to access the Steam web API. Steam has an HTTP-based web API that is to access multiple Steamworks features. To developers, it is entirely helpful.

Using Browser & Mobile Chat 

 Steam has a mobile browser & chat. You can chat with your friends on the go, create groups, see your pal’s current activity or glimpse how long ago he was online. You will not be able to partake in chats from your mobile phone using the Steam application for iOS and Android.

Adding Public Artwork

 Add the artwork to your profile for showcasing or disseminating with your fellows. Harboring a limited account won’t allow you to accomplish this. Your artwork would not go public & can not gain a vote on, nor can your friends consider it. This characteristic is so vital

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for artists who have a tenderness for constructing pieces of art related to the games.

Actions That Will Not Grant Me Access to the Unlimited Account?

Some activities may NOT contribute to acquiring an unlimited account.

Triggering a Retail Game on Steam

 Starting a product on Steam through a CD key does not estimate eliminating a limited account. You need to spend precisely $5 on the Steam store to fix the problem.

Playing Free Demos

 Playing demos that are free to play also does not contribute towards elimination. You are playing a product that is free of cost & Steam does not consider this approach either.

Spending Funds Obtained by Items Sold

If you spend the money obtained after selling an item on the Steam market in the Steam store, it also won’t count as a valid purchase for the activation of the unlimited account. You may have acquired the item in-game & then sold it in the market; keeping this in mind, Steam has added this as a guideline.

Activating Promotional CD Keys

There are a lot of promotional techniques provided by manufacturers, such as upon acquisition of a specific item, you may be competent to redeem some funds in Steam. Steam has also limited this process and executed it in its guidelines so that it won’t count towards getting an unlimited account.


 If you want access to the other features of Steam. Then you will be required to have a verified account. So, if you wish to get access, ask one of your friends who has a verified account to send you a friend request. Or buy any gift or game from the Steam Store for $5.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a monthly fee for Steam?

You can sign up for Steam free of expense & you will not spend for using any feature of Steam.

I Received A Game As A Gift, Will I Gain Access To All The Features?

No, all games or items received as gifts or Steam trading are not eligible. You have to spend at least $5 & Steam ought to get that amount in a natural state for you to enjoy all the features available.

What Happens If My Purchase Is Refunded/Disputed/Charged Back?

If a bought amount returns to your bank, the payment will get deducted from your account’s worth only. If you dispute with your bank and the total value in your account goes below $5, not felt to achieve the key to a limitless account.

Is There Any Method For Me To Add Friends As A Limited User?

As a determined user, you don’t own the ownership to add friends on your own. Regardless, if your friend has a non-limited account & has disbursed $5 or more in the Steam store, he can send you a friend request & upon your authorization, you both will become friends.

Why Do I Have To Spend Money On Steam To Add Friends?

It is a safety feature that Steam has enforced to make sure you are a legit user.