Best Ways To Access the Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2

With Facebook rebranding its parent company to Meta, people are only pegged to one question: How to enter the Metaverse? Virtual Reality is thriving, and Meta has become a sensational part. While some people are enthusiastic about this concept, others only want to know it. 

Access the Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2

And then some people are looking for a ticket to access this world. Suppose you have an Oculus Quest 2, then you are not far from landing there and living the wonder yourself. Keep reading this guide to understand how to enter the Metaverse with Oculus Quest 2. 

How to Access the Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2

Breaking free from the real world and living your life the way you want is a fascinating idea. And when you have a concept like Metaverse making it come true, you can only give in.

There are a handful of things to know before you learn how to access Metaverse. Let us start with understanding what this term is all about, and then we will learn how to live it. 

What is the Metaverse, and How Does it Work?

Apart from being a buzzword today, Metaverse is a composition of different technologies, namely – virtual, augmented, and physical reality. It fogs the difference between your real-life and online interactions. 

Sounds interesting, right? This hybrid of technologies is a virtual world where you can create your avatar and replicate yourself on a digital platform. It drives you to a completely new virtual world where you have money, assets, a neighborhood, and more.

The Oculus Quest 2 is the virtual reality headset that makes a perfect companion for those who want to play games and transport to immersive experiences in VR without taking a hand from a PC or phone. It is sleek, comprehensive, and powerful enough to give you the experience to remember.

There is a world of popular apps and games available on the Oculus Quest 2 platform. So, if you are using it to transport to the Metaverse experience, you are doing it right.

Different Ways to Access the Metaverse

The sound-good part about exploring the Metaverse is that you have some ways to enter its realm. No, there is not any specific Metaverse application dedicated to the concept. But thankfully, it exists in different ways across multiple platforms, making it possible for you to experience the digital universe.

Using your avatar, several games and apps let you give in to the arena, play, and socialize. If you’d like to enter the Metaverse and lose yourself for a while, you will need to install at least one such app or game on your Quest 2.

Things You’ll Need to Access Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2

Now that you are ready to take it to the Metaverse with Oculus Quest 2, let us start with what you need to make the most of this experience. Before you finally hit the gate and start with your play, you have to ensure you have the things required to access the Metaverse using Oculus Quest 2.

Take a look at the list of things below and check each off to ensure an uninterrupted journey:

Oculus Quest 2

If you want to experience the Metaverse and make the most of it, you need an Oculus Quest 2 headset. Know that VR has the capabilities to give the immersive experience you are looking for. 

It ultimately powers Quest 2 to take you on an unforgettable journey. Moreover, it would help if you made sure that the battery life of your Oculus Quest 2 is at its fullest or is, at least, at a decent percentage, as running it for long hours will drain the battery, and you will end up getting disappointed. 

A Metaverse App or Game

There is not a single app that is dedicated to the Metaverse. You will find many interesting apps and games that can pave the way for you to live the experience. There are many popular apps and games with the flavor of the Metaverse concept, and they enable you to explore it. 

In this article, you will find a list of a handful of the applications and games to experience Metaverse. 

Internet Connection or Wi-Fi

Yes, you will need the internet connection to take off. It is the must-have item to cross off the list as the strong internet is what you will play your game on. 

So, just a gentle reminder: make sure that the Internet or Wi-Fi is active on your Oculus Quest 2 headset all the time as you traverse the Metaverse experience.

Steps to Enter the Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2

Now that you have covered the essentials to experience Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2, you are almost there. If you have downloaded the game or app, you must put on your Quest 2 headset and launch it.

Once done, follow the below-mentioned steps to access the Metaverse with your Oculus Quest 2.

  • Put on your Quest 2 headset, and turn on the power.
  • Choose the App Drawer option from the Universal Menu. You can use either controller to do that. The list of installed apps will appear after that.
  • Now select the app which you have installed. Hit the trigger on any controller to make the selection.
  • Wait while your game or app opens up.

Great! Now your preferred app or game will open up, and you will be able to navigate the Metaverse experience and lose yourself in it.

5 Best Metaverse Games and Apps to Try

This is one last thing to check before you head to the steps to enter the Metaverse on Oculus Quest 2. We have listed below the 5 most popular games and apps that can help you experience Metaverse. 

If you are a gaming fanatic, you may already know some of these games. Note that not all of these games might be accessible, depending on your location. But you can check them out and see which one wins your preference. 

1. Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds, a social app by Meta, is one of the most popular experiences that can get you and your friends to gather at some place and do many things together.

Users in Horizon Worlds can log in as avatars and do various activities such as socializing with each other, traveling to different places, playing a multitude of games, etc. 

This app even lets you drop into the escape room. You can relax there and live in the moment. Available for free, it is a fantastic platform to turn everything you imagine into a reality. Horizon Worlds is only accessible in countries like the U.S. and Canada on Oculus Quest 2 for users above 18. 

Horizon Worlds

2. Horizon Venues

Horizon Venues will give you a slightly different pinch of Metaverse. This one is thoughtfully devised to entertain you with real-life online events. Using your Oculus Quest 2, you can attend various events and concerts from the comfort of your couch.

Thankfully, when it comes to the type of event this game offers, there’s a galore of categories to explore – from music events and sports to comedy shows and meditation sessions, you can even host your show. 

You can get this game for free and start slow-dancing through Metaverse. This game might also not be available to you, depending on where you live.

 Horizon Venues

3. Rec Room

Rec Room takes you to an experience that is studded with compelling graphics. In this app, like other games mentioned on the list, you can put on the guise of your avatar and roam around exploring fun things to do. You can indulge in entertainment with other people or make it your me-time. 

Rec Room is slightly different from other options in its approach, which is more into gaming. It hosts a wide range of games for Oculus Quest 2 users. 

This boosts the fun if you are willing to experience Metaverse while playing. You need to add this experience to your Oculus account and start playing. And yes, it is available for free.

Rec Room

4. AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR is yet another amazing Metaverse-like experience to try if finding an escape in Metaverse is what you are looking for. Microsoft owns this app. It is a social experience app that lets you and your friends join across a grand amalgamation of ‘worlds’ and enjoy together. 

You can create your custom avatar and connect with people across the globe. AltspaceVR has a slew of different experiences and communities for you to explore. You will find an assortment of different experiences such as comedy sessions, meditation, LGBTQ+ meetups, and more to explore. 

This game is a must-try option for a Metaverse-like experience, and it is available for free.


5. VRChat

VRChat hit the world long before the Oculus Quest 2 and has garnered immense popularity worldwide. Available for free, it is one of the best experiences to try to taste the concept of Metaverse. VRChat lets you customize your avatar and switch between the worlds. 

The best part is that you will find an arena of custom worlds ranging across different locations to choose from. So, you could be sitting at your favorite street café and dancing to your favorite music at home in the next moment. 

If you don’t want to create your avatar, you can pick one from various pre-created options. On top of everything, this game lets your friends meet you’re cross-platform, even without VR headsets.


Explore the Metaverse with Your Oculus Quest 2

There are all sorts of speculations about the concept of the Metaverse. While some people believe that it will take the world by storm, others debate claiming that it does not serve any purpose. But that’s in the future, and only time will tell where and how it goes. 

Now that you know how to get into the Metaverse with Oculus Quest 2, it is only a matter of time it takes to download your preferred game, and you will be ready. We hope your time in another world with your Quest 2 is worthwhile.