How to fix “A Network Change Was Detected” Error

Have you experienced a smooth internet connection and were binge-watching your favorite action movie or reading a blog on a website and the very next moment you are interrupted with “A network change was detected”.

Annoying. Isn’t it?

Recently with the very new update of Windows 10, users are experiencing an error stating “A network change was detected”.

The answerable reason being, the internet connection jumping off to another when a certain webpage is opened or content is downloaded.

This swap of internet connectivity swirls the browser resulting in a disrupted data flow.

Below I have tried to cover points that will most probably help you restore your glitch-free connectivity back.

Solutions to fix “A Network Change Was Detected” Error

Start with reloading the pages

It is not important that the error message you are receiving has some major cause behind it and you can test this with your reload/refresh button in the top left corner beside the URL box.

This is the snappiest option to get back on track. This action reports the browser to reload the session. Hence fixing your issue in a matter of a minute.

Reopening the web browser

The cleanest way to force the issue to surrender is by reopening/restarting your web browser. Just click the ‘X’ button over the top extreme corner of the page and reopen the web browser. In most cases, connectivity issues fix themselves.

If you still see the “connection was interrupted” message. Continue the later options.

Restart the computer

Another easier option is to restart your computer to clear the glitches and promote proper function. Try restarting and then reopening the web pages.

Computer scanning

Computer scanning helps fish out internal issues. Therefore scan your computer to drag serious issues out and fix them accordingly. The change was detected err issue is primarily resolved by deep scanning. This draws the existing bugs to notice. DNS caches are also permanently deleted.

Now, let us move to some more practical options.

Fix The DNS setting through Command prompt:

The DNS system is your window to the web. Fixing a few bugs in DNS might resolve the issue.

Steps involved:

  • Press Window key+R to open the Run command.
  • Write CMD and click Ctrl+Shift+Enter keys.
  • This will lead to the command prompt in admin mode.

Type —–> ipconfig/flushdns in the Command Prompt (admin window)

  • Run netsh winsock reset.
  • The popup window will display “Successfully reset the winset Catalog” thereof restart your computer to sense if “Connection was interrupted” message is still visible.

Open your web browser and connect. If the issues continue, move to the next step to resolve detected err network change.

Reset TCP/IP

  • Press Window key + R and follow Run Command
  • Open cmd and press Ctrl+Enter+shift
  • When the command prompt is displayed with admin, right-click the mouse and run these configurations 
netish int ip set dns
netish winsock reset

This will reset the connectivity. Reboot your system and the “connection was interrupted” problem would have probably been fixed.

Update the Network Driver card

Network Card Drivers are the key ingredient behind the recipe of internet connectivity. An outdated Network card could possibly cause the internet connection to show a “err network connection changed” message

Mainly the persisting connectivity issue is observed in Chrome. But, if you get to notice the same background saying “ A change in network is detected” in all the browsers then the problem might be in your outdated or poor Network Driver card.

There are many third-party applications available online, but I would recommend DriverFix. DriverFix scans for outdated versions of drivers on the PC. In most cases, a change in adapter settings may work fine but won’t suffice in the long run.

It promotes a fast scanning system with automatic downloads. This means you don’t have to manually record and check if the version is outdated or a new download has to be made. It works in the background which inculcates regular updates and notifications. It fixes the bugs related to DNS settings too.

Even though you can directly install the drivers to your computer, DriverFix enables a protective shield against your PC and fights internal damage which a wrong driver version won’t.

This is the main step involving, to fix network connectivity issues.

Below listed is the process to help you download DriverFix and update the network Driver card.

  • Click the link
  • Press the download button
  • Install and launch the software that you will find on your PC
  • Scan for the drivers.
  • Look for the outdated versions and download the missing device drivers.
  • Click the Update your Drivers Now button when the scan is completed to start the download.
  • Run the appearing on-screen windows prompts to install each driver.

Choose Google’s Public DNS

Google Public DNS is a Domain naming system, offering a secure and fast web page delivery. 

You can shift to Google’s Public DNS by following the points described below.

  • Window key + X
  • Click network connection and change adapter options.
  • Open the Network Connection window and find your current connection.
  • With a right-click, choose properties
  • Choose Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select properties
  • Select the existing DNS server and change the server to
  • Click okay and save.

As already stated, the underlying reason for the connectivity issue will not necessarily require tremendous technical complications.

Therefore I have listed some easier ways to tackle the error.

Delete unwanted network

A list of networks could possibly result in distracting the PC and making it connect to different sources hence resulting in error messages. The most reliable way to fix is to remove/forget all the networks you don’t require. 

Move to Settings——> Network & Internet——-> Manage known networks.

Now, remove all the unknown and unwanted connections.

Reboot your wireless device

Sometimes, the pertaining error messages could be due to your low-speed broadband connection. Remove the pins from the wall socket and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Connect the device back to the socket and wait for the network. 

Then restart your computer and use the high-speed internet.

Update your web browser

An older version of the web browsing application often results in minor and major errors. Resulting in flickering connectivity sometimes. 

Updating the version leads to bug fixing and security patches. Therefore go and look if your browser is updater or not.

Clear the browsing data and caches

This is the most essential element when you are trying to fix browser related errors. 

Clear the browsing data for a smoother experience.

Remove/uninstall VPN software

VPN software is currently on fire, with respect to their ability to screen away our privacy. But, sometimes they could turn bitter to the internet connection and cause errors, Especially in Google Chrome. Hence, resulting in a fluctuating connection.

Google Chrome interface is very sensitive, therefore your poor VPN software can tangle with its security patches.

The best and handy option being, uninstall your basic VPN program and install a reputed software like Private internet access, formulated by Kape technologies.

Private Internet Access is inculcated with hundreds and thousands of servers and unlimited bandwidth. For an added security it also supports P2P and wi-fi security.

The tool is easy to use with lesser complications involved. The interface is user friendly and a reliable source for complete protection while surfing the Internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is err_network_changed?

Where did you see this message? Oh, wait probably several times if you are using google chrome browser. Err network change prevents you from accessing the internet in chrome. If you are getting this error then start with fixing network configurations through DNS settings or network adapter through DriverFix. A pertaining network connectivity error message, means your network connections are messed.

What is causing err_network_changed error?

We can list numerous reasons for this error but let’s focus on the solution instead. As it affects your network it definitely requires urgent attention. This is the time you might want to scan for malware or update your drivers. How? Scroll up, we have already mentioned it in our guide.  

Why do I keep getting err_network_changed? 

Well, this error kind of pops up occasionally. The best we can advise is to clear the cache data on your chrome browser. If that doesn’t work Google’s Public DNS will surely fix the bugs relating to further problems in network adapters.
With super processing inventions come minor glitches and errors. This network connectivity error is easy to fix. We have tried to include all the points which can help you discover the problem and its fix. 
A change in network connectivity often blocks productivity and causes major havoc if you are a working professional which includes visiting webs. Therefore we have provided everything from quick fixes to deep scans. Predominantly the problem in network connectivity is presented due to underlying outdated or absent network adapter cards.
Also due to malicious VPN software which might be blocking Google Chrome to connect. We have also induced a list of tools we happen to use. Which might help your PC to work without errors and network disruption.

Are the Fixes for “A Network Change Was Detected” Error also Applicable to Unusual Traffic Detection?

Yes, the fixes for “A Network Change Was Detected” error can also be applicable to unusual traffic detection. Implementing the unusual traffic detection fixes can help in identifying and resolving any network changes or irregularities that may be causing the error to occur.

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