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10 Best PC Cleaner Tools for Windows

Best PC Cleaner Tools for Windows

The PC Cleaner is a very essential and most-needed application for the computer system. As its name suggests, it enables users to remove all junk files from the system. Usually, the junk files stored in the computer system degrades the performance and speed of the system. Additionally, many other features are offered by this PC cleaner tool. So, users always choose the best PC cleaner for their systems. 

Importance of PC Cleaner Tool

The PC cleaner tool also assists users in creating storage space in the computer. For example, consider whether a user needs to install any new application or update an existing one. But, many times, the user may face the situation of having less storage space. The PC cleaner tool can handle this situation by removing the unwanted junk files from the system. 

Naturally, the computer system stores file in large numbers. These files consume a lot of space in the system and create cache files, like browser cache, system cache files, etc. This may result in low speed and performance of the PC. The PC cleaner tool deletes and removes all caches files from the system and enhances the performance and speed. As the PC cleaner tool boosts the performance and makes it run faster without consuming more memory, it is also called a PC optimizer.

Factors to consider while selecting the PC cleaner

Users should consider certain factors or features offered by the cleaning tool before selecting it. Several free PC cleaning software tools are available online. Users might get confused in choosing the best tool among all others. Some devices may harm the system and can create viruses. So, before selecting the PC cleaner tool, take into account the following points:

This article can find the ten best PC cleaner software tools and their features and characteristics. Below is the list of the best cleaning tools for Windows operating systems:

  1. iolo System Mechanic
  2. Advanced SystemCare
  3. Advanced System Optimizer
  4. CCleaner
  5. PC TuneUp Maestro
  6. Ashampoo
  7. Microsoft Total PC Cleaner
  8. Norton Utilities Premium
  9. AVG PC TuneUp
  10. Razer Cortex

Let us have a detailed flash at each of these software tools so that you can get an idea of choosing the best PC cleaner software tool. 

Best PC Cleaner Software Tools

iolo System Mechanic:

iolo System Mechanic is one of the commonly used PC cleaning software tools. Since the last 20 years, this software tool has enhanced computer systems’ performance and speed. It has repaired more than 80 million PCs, and users have great trust and faith in it. This software tool is best suited for the smooth and clean running of high-quality games, editing, and streaming applications. 


The iolo System Mechanic tool is compatible to run on Microsoft Windows XP and later variants. It comes with two editions, iolo System Mechanic and iolo System Mechanic Pro. The first one costs $49.95 per year, and the second one costs $69.95 per year. 

Advanced SystemCare:

Advanced SystemCare is a popular and all-in-one cleaning software tool for Microsoft Windows systems. It is one of the safest means of cleaning PCs. Apart from cleaning, it also incorporates many other features. This software device has a straightforward and clean user interface. It performs quick scans for cleaning the PCs. Also, security is quite impressive and powerful. 


There are three distinct editions of the Advanced SystemCare software tool, Free, Pro, and Ultimate. The Free edition is open-source. The Pro version requires a subscription of $19.99 per year. Lastly, the Ultimate edition charges $29.99 per year. 

Advanced System Optimizer:

Advanced System Optimizer, earlier referred to as Advanced Vista Optimizer, is a cleaning software tool specially developed for Windows systems. As its name indicates, it is an optimizer tool that boosts the system’s execution and speed. This software tool is highly rich in features and has a user-friendly platform. It is compatible to install on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP systems. 



CCleaner is a robust and sturdy cleaning and optimization software tool. This tool is compatible to work with Microsoft Windows 7 and upper versions, macOS Mountain Lion and later, and Android lollipop systems. It has a straightforward user console and is easy to use. The CCleaner software tool has more revolutionary characteristics in it. 


The CCleaner software tool is available freely for the Windows system. But, MacBook users need to pay an amount of $19.95. 

PC TuneUp Maestro:

PC TuneUp Maestro is one of the fully-featured applications for cleaning computer systems. It is an open-source application. Multiple excellent and revolutionary features are encompassed in this device that enhances the system’s performance and speed. Additionally, it has many other parts of disk fragmentation, optimization, etc. 



One of the well-known and highly characterized PC cleaning tool is the Ashampoo WinOptimizer. It is one of the best cleaning tools for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Users can gain high-quality system performance and increase the speed of their systems. It is a highly-secure software tool and has eyecatching features in it. 


Microsoft Total PC Cleaner:

One of the powerful and open-source PC cleaner software devices is the Microsoft Total PC Cleaner. It is compatible to work with Xbox, and Microsoft Windows 10 and higher versions. Microsoft Total PC Cleaner cleans the system from junk and multiple types of cache files. The great advantage of using this cleaning device is it has all features like other cleaning tools available freely. 


Norton Utilities Premium:

Norton Utilities Premium is another all-in-one cleaning software tool for Microsoft Windows operating systems. It has high-quality features in it and is a very well-known tool used extensively. This software device supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 versions. Users can effectively and automatically free up space from their PCs. 


Users can keep their PCs healthy, strong, and faster through this cleaning software device. Norton Utilities Premium tool requires a subscription of $19.99 per year. 

AVG PC TuneUp:

Another best cleaning software tool for Microsoft Windows operating systems is the AVG PC TuneUp. It supports Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP systems. There are 18 full versions of the TuneUp utilities. Users of this device have responded positively and loved its features. System performance and speed are improved through this device. Apart from cleaning parts, it also performs many other activities that enhance the PC’s overall performance.


Razer Cortex:

Razer Cortex is an open-source PC cleaning software tool. This device is specially designed for providing better performance for gamers. Any high-quality game can run smoothly and hassle-free on the system. Razer Cortex is compatible to work with Microsoft Windows 10, 8, and 9 operating systems. Along with the game boosting feature, it also has optimization and cleaning tools. 



The PC cleaning tool is essential to improve the performance and speed of the computer. We have the top best ten PC cleaning software tools, along with their traits. All of these software tools have advanced characteristics and has intuitive interfaces. Tools like Advanced SystemCare, Advanced System Optimizer, AVG TuneUp, and Razer Cortex are open-source tools. The remaining software tools require subscription plans. All of these cleaning software tools also has optimization features. 

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