4 Fixes For Error 0x80070005 Access Is Denied

Are you getting the windows update 0x80070005 error? Don’t find yourself lost. You can solve this, and it is very well under your command. All you need to do is follow this guide. It is hand-curated to help you diagnose and fix this error code.

This is your one-stop to fix the update installation that failed with error 0x80070005. Here, you will find the reasons for this error and how you can solve them. As a bonus, you will also get the solution for other 0x80070005 errors related to Office. We also cover the one with code 0x80070005 windows store error.

What Is Error Code 0x80070005?

The Error Code 0x80070005 is commonly known as the Access Denied Error. This is primarily related to the Windows Updates. But, it has appeared in other circumstances, as well. Usually, if you lack permissions and files to make the changes, the error pops up.

You can get this error while you’re installing the Updates, but it will get aborted. This can lead to corrupted system files, slow computers, and other arrays of problems. BSOD is also a common occurrence at that point.

If you face this error, then you will have to reinstall the Windows Updates. But, this guide also covers some other essential errors related to the same code. You might also not have enough storage, or run into the bad sectors, so be ready to fix that, as well.

What Causes Windows Update Error Code 0x80070005?

There are a couple of reasons for getting this error. It would depend on where and how you got the error. Here is a breakdown on each error code: 0x80070005 that you would get on Windows Computer: 

1. Windows Update Failed Error 0x80070005

The error may occur when you don’t have the necessary permissions to perform the update. You will have to access the Administrator account to gain the proper permission. But, you can also log into the account which would have these permissions. It depends on your account and computer’s security settings.

If you many any unwanted changes to the policy management, you could face this error.

2. Error Code 0x80070005 Windows Store

This error can take place without affecting the Windows Update Service. In other words, it would be working fine. But, your Windows Store will prevent updates or installation of apps. Often, the problem is related to the folder that has App data and such.

3. Microsoft 0x80070005 code for Office Activation

This is a Windows 8 or 0x80070005 windows 7 error. Another cause for this error could be when you try to use the product key. If you’re trying to activate Microsoft Office and get the error, you need permission. Another reason could be the corrupted Office files.

4. Error 0x80070005: Access Is Denied

This is one of the most annoying errors that you will come across. It takes place when you’re trying to make changes to the files and folders. From simple actions like renaming to moving the files or folder can cause this error.

This happens when you don’t have permission to make changes. It could be due to not having permission or a virus and malware attack. Almost anything can prompt this.

Solutions For 0x80070005 Update Error

  1. Fix The Windows Update Failed Error 0x80070005
  2. Fix 0x80070005 Windows 10 Store Error
  3. Fix Office Activation Win 10 Error 0x80070005
  4. Fix Access Denied 0x80070005 Error

1. Fix The Windows Update Failed Error 0x80070005

The first segment that we will cover is an error related to Windows Update. This error code 0x80070005 surfaces when your system fails to install the updates.

Windows 10 comes with automatic updates that help you get the essential ones. But, you can manually search, download, and install the updates, as well.

The Windows Updates update not only the OS but also other related applications. For instance, it will also update Microsoft Office. The updates are essential to keep your system safe and fix any bugs and glitches.

Solution 1: Gain Administrator Permissions

Gain Administrator Permissions

Only an Admin account has the permission to take chances to the PC and its system file. However, an administrator account comes with a lot of power, and you can give permission to any app or software.

You can set a password to access the admin account if you don’t want everyone to have control.

  • Restart your PC and log in with the Administrator account.
  • You can also go to the power option and log off. Then, log in as the Admin.
  • Once you’re logged in as Admin, go to the Start Menu and Control Panel.
  • Find the User Account option and open it.
  • There, you will see all the accounts available on your computer.
  • Select your User Account from the list and click on ‘Change The Account Type.’
  • If you have a password, it will ask for a password. Then change the account type to Admin or give it other permissions.
  • Then you can log out of the Admin account and log into the account that you use.

Now, try and reinstall the updates. Remember, if you don’t have access to the Admin account, you will need someone who does.

Solution 2: Scan For Any Harmful Content

Windows Security Scan

Malware and Virus often lead to errors where you can’t update Windows. You can use your Microsoft Windows Defender or a premium-grade antivirus. Make sure that these are up to date.

Windows Security App comes pre-installed in the latest Windows 10 platform. So, you can follow these steps:

  • First, go to the Search Bar in the Task Bar. Type Windows Security.
  • This will show you the App. Click on it to launch it. Then go to Virus & Threat protection.
  • Run a Scan according to your requirement. A full Scan would be wise. You can also click on Scan Options to run Microsoft Defender Offline Scan. It will shut down your PC and scan without booting the system.

If you have older Windows and don’t have Windows Security, you can download Microsoft Safety Scanner. It essentially works similarly.

Solution 3: Fix Any Network Error

Advanced security settings

The final cause for the 0x80070005 windows update error could be a network issue. This happens in a shared network resource if you’re trying to access a folder. Use the following steps to fix this issue:

  • First, find the shared folder that you want to access.
  • Right-click on it and select Properties.
  • Then go to the Security tab. Find the ‘Add’ button and click on Advanced.
  • Now, select ‘Find Now’ and then choose Everyone once the search completes.
  • Finally, click on OK and Apply to make sure that changes stay.

Close the Window and restart or try to access the folder now. Like this, anyone connected to the network will be able to access the folder.

2. Fix 0x80070005 Windows 10 Store Error

Fix 0x80070005 Windows 10 Store Error

There is a 0x80070005 Microsoft store error that could surface. It appears when you try to update apps through the Microsoft Store. You will get a message: ‘Something Happened, and this app couldn’t be installed. Please try again. Error Code: 0x80070005.’

This is the same kind of error but is limited to the Windows Store. Thus, it will need you to use different solutions.

  • Use the Run utility. Press Windows Key + R. Then Type C:/AccountName/AppData/Local. This will open the directory automatically.
  • If you have a different drive name instead of C, use that. In place of ‘AccountName,’ you will type the actual name of the account you have.
  • You can also navigate to the directory through File explorer.
  • Now, find the Packages Folder. Right-click on it and go to properties.
  • Now, you will have to change some permissions. First, change the permission to everyone and usernames as full control. Then click on the Advanced button.
  • A new window will pop up. Give users full control. If there isn’t full control, click on Add.
  • Click on ‘Select A principal’ and enter the Account name in Select User or Group Box. Then click on Check names.
  • Once done, you can give full control with the Basic Permissions Section.
  • Once you’re done, click OK and apply changes thoroughly on each Window. Don’t close any window in any other way.

Now, try to relaunch the Windows App Store. This should fix the error you were facing.

3. Fix Office Activation Win 10 Error 0x80070005

Run As Administrator

The error code 0x80070005 can also surface with Microsoft Office. It happens when you’re trying to activate the Office. You might get a message like ‘We’re Sorry. Something Went Wrong, And We Can’t Do This For You Right Now. Please Try Again Later. (0x80070005).’

Another error message could be: ‘Sorry, we ran into a problem while trying to install the product key. If this keeps happening, you should try repairing your office product.’ This error is standard for Windows 8 users.

Solution 1: Use The Administrator Permission

The first solution is to activate the Office by using Admin permissions. Next, you will have to close all the Office-related programs. You can use the Task Manager for this. Then, restart the PC. After that, follow with these steps:

  • After rebooting, go to the Start Menu. Press the Windows key and go to the upper-right corner. This will open the Charm Bar. Click Search.
  • Now, search for the Office programs you have. For example, Word and such. It will appear on the Search Result.
  • Right-click on the program and select ‘Run As Administrator.
  • Now follow through with the instructions to activate the Office.

You can use the same method and run the Office as Administrator in Windows 10. But, if you still get the error, move to the second solution.

Solution 2: Repair The Office

Maybe your Microsoft Office files are corrupted. So, you will have to run a repair sequence. Usually, this will help you solve the error. 

  • You will have to launch Control Panel. Then, use the Start Menu and use the Run utility, whichever you prefer.
  • Then go to the Programs and Programs and Features option.
  • Find the Office in the list and right-click on it. Click on Change. Don’t click on Remove/Uninstall option.
  • A new window will appear. Click on Quick Repair and carry on with the Repair.
  • This should fix the issue.

If your issue isn’t fixed even after the repair, you will have to reinstall Microsoft Office.

4. Fix Access Denied 0x80070005 Error

Fix Access Denied 0x80070005 Error

This fix will need a couple of solutions. Most of these are easy to follow through. You don’t have to worry too much about going in-depth for the solution.

Solution 1: Use The Admin Account

Once again, you can use the above-given steps to give your User Account admin permission. For this, you will have to first log into the Admin account. Then, change the permission of the user account you wish to solve the error for:

  • Log out of the current account and log into the Admin account. If it is password protected, you will have to provide the credentials.
  • Go to the Start Menu. Find Accounts, and select Family & Others.
  • Select your account and click on ‘Change Account Type.’ Then give it the Administrator account type permission. Click OK.

This should fix the error for that respective account quickly.

Solution 2: Use The System File Checker

If the above-given solution doesn’t work, you can check for corrupted system files. There can be several reasons for the corrupted files. Use the following instructions:

  • Run the Command Prompt. Make sure to run it as an admin. You can find CMD in the Search box or Run utility.
  • Type: sfc/scannow’ and press Enter.

This option will automatically start the SFC sequence. You might have to wait a while for it to fix any error. The PC will reboot. If it doesn’t reboot, do so manually. After restarting, rerun SFC to be double sure.

Solution 3: Use The Troubleshooter

Windows 10 comes with an array of fantastic troubleshooters. These troubleshooters can help you fix the issue immediately. Do the following:

  • Open the Control Panel. In the top-right corner, you will find a Search Box. Search for Troubleshooting. This will show you options in the control panel.
  • Now, click on it and select View All. Find the Troubleshooting for System maintenance.
  • Once you launch it, there will be an entire Wizard for you. Make sure to select ‘Try Troubleshooting As An Administrator.’

If this troubleshooter doesn’t work, try the Windows Update Troubleshooter. You can also try any other troubleshooter that is relevant to the error to fix the issue.

Conclusion – Microsoft Code 0x80070005

This marks the end to solving Windows Update 0x80070005 error. We have also covered the 0x80070005 Store error for Microsoft Store. It is common for Windows 10 version 1903 0x80070005.

The recent ones don’t have as many problems. But still, if you get the ‘Something unexpected happened 0x80070005 error’ you now have the complete solution.

Hopefully, you found answers to the questions and solutions to the problem. If you are still unsure, you might have to reinstall the entire Windows. Often, resetting to the previous version, or manually downloading the updates also works. As a final resort, you might have to reinstall the Windows, but that’s pretty much it.

FAQs – Fix Error 0x80070005

How Do I Fix Windows 10 0x80070005 Error Safely?

The best way to fix error 0x80070005 windows 10 is by using an Admin account. You will have to use the Administrator account and permission. Like that, you will never run into Microsoft 080070005 file error or anything else for that matter.
But, you will need the Admin credentials like the password to access it. So, if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to fix the problem for Windows 10 version 1903 0x8007005.

How To Recover Lost Data When 0x80070005 PC Drive Access Is Denied?

The best practice is to always back up your files. If your installation failed with error 0x80070005, this can lead to a lot of complications. It includes data loss. So, you might have to turn towards the third-party data recovery tool.
But, it is a better idea to always have a backup in form of a cloud or additional hard drive. Make sure to not create any unwanted partitions.

How Do I Fix Error 0x80070005: Access Is Denied For Xbox?

The same solution applies to Xbox code 0x80070005. Access is Denied means you don’t have permission for the 0x80070005 Xbox app on the account. So, you will have to find the account that has the permission.
All you need to do is log into the Admin account and give the other account, that faced this error, the permissions. With that, you can easily fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, you might have to reinstall the Xbox app and such. You can also reset your console.

What Is Xbox Error 0x80070005?

This 0x80070005 Xbox app error means that your Xbox Live Services aren’t working properly. Xbox code 0x80070005 means that you will have to reset your console. The same applies to 0x80070005 Xbox one. If it was for the Windows version, you would have a permission issue. Keep these solutions in mind when you try to fix the error.